Ministries of the Church

UNITED METHODIST MEN - The UMM meets on the last Sunday of each month at 8:00am. They enjoy breakfast, fellowship and planning. They work on local projects and support those in need. If you are interested, just ask and we will be happy to help you get connected!

UNITED METHODIST WOMEN - The UMW meets monthly in peoples homes and is a warm small group for women to study, socialize and also help in world missions. If you are interested, just ask and we will be happy to help you get connected!

PRAYERFUL SEEKERS - The Prayerful Seekers meet on Wednesdays from 10-1pm. It is primarily made up of senior folks from our church as well as our sister church Smith's Chapel in Quinby. We alternate locations between churches on a monthly basis. Even months we meet at Quinby, odd numbered months at Painter. We usually meet for bible study for an hour with Pastor Becky McGee, and then socialize around the table playing UNO and then have lunch. Bring a sandwich and a bible, the church supplies the rest.

 WEDNESDAY NIGHT BIBLE STUDY - We meet in the classroom off of the sanctuary from 7-8pm. We work hard to start on time and end on time so as to be good stewards of people's time. We usually work through books of the bible. Some of our studies have been on Malachi, 1st John, and Ephesians. Pastor Becky McGee usues a "low threat" teaching style which means no one is singled out to read out loud or answer a question. Bring your favorite study bible. Questions? Feel free to call Pastor Becky McGee

 OTHER ACTIVITIES: Vacation Bible School - July Picnics and Ice Cream Socials Quarterly Song and Prayer Services Fall Festival - October Son-Fest - June

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