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Prophetic Words to the Philippines

Video Prophecy for the Philippines by Cindy Jacobs

Lupang Hinirang, Duyan ka ng magiting...
(Chosen Land, You are the cradle of the brave...)

On October 27, 2001 prophet to the nations Cindy Jacobs delivered a very encouraging prophecy about the Philippines. To see that prophecy click here
Much has happened since then. She again prophesied about the Philippines last August. I found this posted in my church's website. I am posting it here because I want all Filipinos here and abroad to read it.

(Courtesy of Intercessors for the Philippines)


You know I love you Philippines. I want you to pray, the next two years, the Lord is showing me, are going to be extremely significant for the Philippines. You're kind of on the cusp of re-civilization, I want to say that, either you're gonna go into greatness, it's going to transform the nation, or I see that there's gonna be some troubled times. So PRAY, PRAY, PRAY! I know you're already praying, but this is the time God is gonna pull down the SPIRIT OF CORRUPTION, and God is going to release the Spirit of truth and righteousness into this nation, because 'Righteousness exalts a nation.'

The Lord is giving MANY PROMISES for the Philippines. I mean the Philippines is going to be ONE OF THE WEALTHIEST NATIONS on the earth. You know I prophesied that there'll be oil found off the coasts of the Philippines, and there's much more to be found, there's gold, the treasures of darkness are there. I remember prophesying in Baguio City that there's going to be treasures of darkness, and it has not been found, they were saved for the Body of Christ. And remember, they found this treasure, the Japanese had buried them on the ground after World War II. That was a sign. What does God mean to do? The SPIRIT OF POVERTY will be broken. I want to say to you, mothers will be able to feed their children, there is going to be a system put in place.


Even in Mindanao, you know, I've prophesied over Mindanao, and I want to say to you again Mindanao, 'Arise, you are the blue-flamed warriors that I talked about, warriors of fire, warriors that God is going to bring with HOLINESS,' and it's gonna happen. I just see literally THOUSANDS OF MISSIONARIES going out of Mindanao, thousands, thousands. I mean to Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Bangladesh, even to India, Central Asia -- Kyrgystan, Kazakhstan. The Lord says, 'I'm a just God,' those places where darkness has tried to grip, where it seems there's been so much desolation, so much poverty, so much sorrow. The Lord says, "I, the Lion of Judah, am going to rise in those darkest places, and bring justice, and the people who were set in darkness will see a great light. But not only see a great light, but be LIGHT-BEARERS to the ends of the earth," says the Lord.

(In view of fighting going on in Mindanao right now) I did not know there was fighting going on in Mindanao right now. I want to say, "Where sin abounds, grace much more abounds." You might say like Jeremiah thought in the Book of Lamentations, "God, You've abandoned us, where are You?" But the Lord says, "Do not lose hope and do not lose heart, because the Lord says 'Mindanao will be transformed. '" Satan is making a last great stand. Satan has come down

with great wrath because he knows his time is short in Mindanao. So RISE UP, even though, you know, it's terrible, and everywhere you look around is devastation, "Out of this darkness is going to come a TRANSFORMATION MOVEMENT that will be shown and modeled around the world," says the Lord.


You know, the Lord shows me, over the Philippines there is a PRINCIPALITY OF CORRUPTION, and this corruption has been so systemic, and so deep, and this principality thinks it controls the Philippines. But the Lord is showing me that there will be a NATIONAL FAST, praying -- everyone, the north, the south, the east and the west, the whole church, not part of the church, STANDING UP and FASTING and PRAYING. There should not be a day that there isn't fasting going on for the Philippines.
And I am calling you, wherever you are, whoever is hearing my voice, whatever pastor is hearing my voice, whatever youth movement, the Lord is saying, 'LOVE YOUR NATION.' This is a strategic nation. Fast for the elections coming up, cry out to God, that in the next election God is gonna move in a massive way, the spirit of corruption will be broken.
Listen, the last time I was in the Philippines, I prophesied that the fear of the Lord was going to come to the Philippines, and those who tried to participate in corruption, I feared for their lives. After that, two of them died. God isn't just saying these things. He means them. You get your life right, and you have the fear of the Lord in your life. If you tried to corrupt, corrupt God's nation, it's gonna be Acts 5 days of Ananias and Sapphira.


God is getting ready to move and march throughout the land. He's gonna pull down one and He's gonna set up the other. No longer will His words be delayed over the Philippines. If you stand and pray and you believe, God, the Lion of Judah, is going to arise and shake His mane over the nation, and He's going to roar out of Zion, and the darkness will be dispelled, says the Lord. Wow!


Please forward this prophecy over the Philippines of Dr. Jonathan David to all your friends, enemies and begin to usher this in your prayer, preach to all you know and declare until it come into reality because there is someone who believe like you!

Prophecy over the Philippines
by: Dr. Jonathan David

Let us continuously declare these WORDS for the Philippines!

1. God will redefine covenant relationships with stature.
2. Resource the next generation with legacy.
3. God will refresh the masses with a hope of a greater future and a destiny.
4. God is restoring leaders who believe in greater possibilities.
5. Renewal of core values of righteousness. Joy and peace.
6. The reformation of the church with accurate patterns and redefined assignments.
7. Reviving the economy. Equal distribution by merits. People will return with skills and money and technology. God will cause us to receive a fortune miraculously.


7 major things that will happen in the Philippines

70YRS of captivity will be over ! 70x7=490yrs

1. God is going to redefine covenant relationships with stature-walk with the right people in every aspect even in business.

2. He's going to resource the next generation with legacy 35 and below the group that will spearhead a lot of things in the future. Isaiah 59

treat them as champions of the future!

3. God is going to refresh the message-the message of hope. *Fil.are becoming hopeless its only prophecy that will give them hope through the church.

4. God is going to raise up competent leaders-new type of leaders will be raised up.Not bound in the 4 walls of the church.

5. God will revive the economy of equal distribution.
Resources are gonna come as the new era will arise!
God is gonna clean up the system.
Vision: certificates from heaven
connect well with the store house to be protected

6.The renewal of core values of peace, righteousness and joy in the Holy Ghost.

7.The reformation of the church with accurate patterns of assignment.

Signs :

1. Before the end of this year there is something sovereign that will happen in your church.

*miracles even in the storms,earthquakes etc.angelic beings sent to protect the people

2.Corruption will be exposed !

There will be a chain reaction.

when God deals with the wicked will put fear of God in the church, He will come to the church to His house
August 23, 2009 at 8:00am


Vision and Prophecy for the Philippines
Dr Jonathan David

February 4,2006
James Donovan

I see in the spirit a supernatural manifestations of the power and anointing of God being manifest with signs and wonders. The Lord is saying I had heard the cries of My faithful ones who draw nigh unto Me and resist satan. Who hunger for Me and My presence. A people who press into Me intimately in praise and worship and seek my face, I shall come and heal your land. Prepare your hearts for Me My people for I am going to speak clearly marching orders to fulfill your call and destiny to rise up and stand up despite the feiry darts of the enemy. And be a river of Life flowing for Me and My glory. I am raising up My bride to press into Me the bridegroom.

I am releasing waves of My anointing in the Philipines in Dipolog City which will pour out through out the Philipines. I am raising up the five fold ministry in a greater measure to prepare the saints for a mighty harvest of souls for My Glory!!!!!!!!!! The hand of God is upon the Nation of the Philipines, the time is now I am going to flood that Nation with waves of glory of My presence.

So arise and shine for Me for you shall be My light bearers, through letting My spirit guide and direct you. There shall be a renewal of minds and mind sets. I shall release a fresh fire of My Holy Spirit, bringing forth newness of life a new desire to be vessels and conduits of My Glory. Things of the world and natural mindsets will fall off, as your hunger and press into Me!!!!!

I am moving upon churches blowing a fresh wind and a burning desire for souls to reach out upon the walls of the church building. I see in the spirit fires burning many fires. It is time to get back to the book of acts I see house meetings where people gather and see a mighty outpouring of supernatural gifts. The prophetic gifting is being stirred in this hour, there will be many raised up to release the words and oracles to bring edification, exhortation and comfort to My people.

Get ready for this is the season of renewal and revival in your land. Let go of the physical senses and be led by My spiritual senses I given you eyes, ears and a heart. Eyes to see the spiritual things, ears to hear from Me and act and obey to My voice. Also a heart after Me where the feelings and emotions flow. My word says don,t be moved by what you feel in the natural. But people with a heart after Me will feel My presence and My anointing bubbling up and they shall be releasers of Life.

James Donovan
James & Elaine Donovan


New Wine for the Philippines

Prophecy over Philippines - By Cindy Jacobs


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