status: |This website is currently inactive because the webmaster's registration has been deactivated. This may the be the result the webmaster specifically requesting they be deactivated or removed from all mailing lists. It could also be that after reviewing the website we found either the content of the website or the webmaster's spiritual beliefs to be incompatible with OurChurch.Com's Statement of Faith. OurChurch.Com's Terms of Service agreement specifically states the following:

As a Christian organization, OurChurch.Com restricts the use of its website service to supporting individuals and organizations who share our Christian beliefs. OurChurch.Com reserves the right to de-activate Member's website if Member does not agree with our statement of faith. Member is permitted to use OurChurch.Com's website service for things that not specifically Christian such as family pictures, hobbies, and business interests so long as the individual operating the website is a Christian the content of the website does not violate Christian principles as determined by OurChurch.Com.

If you have questions or comments about this, please contact OurChurch.Com through our Help Desk.|