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I cannot begin to think how my contribution matters,
But as you say “as small as a mustard seed”
I cannot begin to think how I can reform my fears,
But then the steps today, are greater than yesterday.
I cannot begin to think how I can change my outlook,
But as you say, “the clay of cracks are being smoothed away.
I cannot begin to think how beautiful life will be,
But as you say, “your return is assured through prayer”
I cannot begin to think how far I have come to the mountaintop,
But as you say “the top is just an aspect of the walk with God”
I cannot begin to dream that darkness is no more,
But as you say… “You love me”.

Written while recovering from Depression, which I now thank God I am whole and new.

A New Day

My mind was as in a
plain,so barren.
The mountaintop seemed unreachable
shadows made it worse,
Not until I saw the light of
the moon as an angel.
Did I realise my perspective
of life was like a clouded glass.

In the morning, I saw
a plane fly high over the
The shadows were no more.
For God had lifted my spirit
and lightened my heart,
so much so that I no longer saw
my life in a half-empty glass.
Joy Gale.2000-2004

God saw my pain
And he came and walked with me
God saw my sorrow
And he held me
God saw my path was wondering
And he came and stood before me.
God saw my indifference
And he prompted me.
God saw my joy
And he rejoiced with me.

I Thank You

I thank you for this day
As the sun rises from darkness,
Be my strength in hours of need
Be near me as I pray.

Joy is in my heart
Like the brightness of the sky.
Your presence ever felt
Be near never to depart.

Lo you are always beside me
Through day and night.
In joy and despair
You never fail my fervent plea.

I am but a weak soul
Who waste time recklessly
You inspire me greatly
To reach mutual victory goal.

Joyce Gale 1997-2004.

Reflection 2.

Sometimes when I am feeling low
I need a light, I need a glow
I need the flowers of the day
I need the stars and their splendid array.
I need the birds that sing their tune
I need the sun to warm at noon.
I need to hear the gentle rain
I need to feel your love again.
For in your arms I rest forever
As a leaf flutters through the leas
By chance I follow as a breeze.

I need the memories of life
I need the trauma and the strife
I need the lessons I have learned
I need the wisdom I have earned.
You showed me paths I wasn’t sure
For your arms are there for me
When it’s my turn to come to thee.

Joyce Gale 2001-2004
I reflect on the days of little faith
No confidence, no spirit, no hope
I failed to keep hold of you Lord
I'threw it away' and was a lost soul
But you suddenly grabbed my hand
And I took hold before I fell into
an abyss.
Here I am Lord
Walking your path, a new person
Remoulded as your servant.
I Believe

I believe in You O God
Light that lightens my heart
That inflames the senses
That warms the soul
You rain love like a fountain
As each drop filters life
So you filter my life
With rays of joy, peace and
Harmony which inspires
Each day with hope in
Your eternal promises.

I believe in You O God
Your hand guides me when
I fall, delivering me from abyss
The broken vessel was washed
Up on the shore of life
Brought back to the living
Free of the shackles.
How silent were the days
As the sea rolled in until
I heard the roar of the waves
To hear your voice was to
Restore and set me to sail
The oceans of eternity.

Joyce Gale 2006


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