Mission in the Peruvian Jungle
Agenda 2007

Connection to the Tribes
Connection to the Tribes

Agenda and needs for the year 2007-2008

1. Tribal Missionary Travels.

Resources to cover travel expenses for several Christian Crusades in different tribal communities, which we are planning for 2007.

Hey, we're on our way!

2. Bibles Distribution.

Covering the expenses for Bibles to hand out to the poor people who we'll meet in the Mission field.

3. Child Sponsorship.

Donations needed to cover the cost to feed, help and educate children, of whom many are orphans.
This is a new program which we like to set up in 2007.

4. Iquitos Impact Ministries.

An non-denominational effort in preaching the gospel, winning souls, discipleship training, encouraging workers and make a spiritual impact in our city.

If you wish to help with any of the above projects, through your donation, please, email us for further instructions:

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