Mission in the Peruvian Jungle

I.  Itinerary of tribal missionary travels 2008. 
  •  March, to visit Iquitos tribe, this tribal settlement is along the Nanay River.
  • May, to visit Chayahuitas tribe, settled along the Paranapura river, sailing up the maraņon.
  • August, to visit Urarines tribe, located along the Tigrillo river, sailing up the maraņon.
  • October, to visit Ticunas  tribe, located in the Colombian frontier.
  • I am thinking to visit a Murato settlement, this is one of Murato tribes which are headhunters  and cannibals. I have not set a specific date.
II.  Projects 2008
  • Our main projects, for which we are praying, are the following:
  • The construction of an Orphanage in Villa Selva.
  • To establish a Special School for our local children.
  • I spoke with the Regional Education Director from Loreto and she will give us the autorization  and a teacher to help materialize our vision.

III.  Pressing Needs to Pray for.

  • A monthly budget for missionary support.
  • A chain saw to construct simple worship temples in the tribal locations.
  • A film projector to present the Gospel to children in the tribal communities.
  • A portable gas generator to provide light at night, while visiting the tribes.

IV.  Invitation to visit the jungle.

Perhaps some of you would like to visit the jungle, and are interested in mission work. We are inviting you to come over and help us ministering to the jungle people.  If you have any plans to visit us in 2008, please contact us, give us the dates and tell us what you would like to do in the mission field. We will tell you what you need to bring with you. Please use the Contact Form in the left Menu Bar.

For financial support or donations, please send your email by clicking on the mailbox below.


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