How I got saved?
How did I come to salvation? By Kenn (the abridged version) I started to make this short honest but it got out of hand and into spirit!!!!!
How did I come to salvation? By Kenn (the abridged version) I started to make this short honest but it got out of hand and into spirit!!!!!

Basically, like most I was at the very bottom of the toilet I then called life. I had just committed adultry on my wife. I had committed yet another crime that landed my then sorry butt in the county jail. I was a liar, a thief, a fornicator, hateful, self centered, prejudice, womanizing jerk, a con-man, verbally abusive, physically abusive, drug addict, 2-3 pack a day cigerette smoking, drinking fool.
And that was my good side.

In the days prior to me getting sentenced to jail God began to do the things that led up to the new work in me. I began searching because as we all were or are at on time in out life "EMPTY". I needed something. I spent hour after hour in my garage/work shop at home for the 2-3 weeks before the sentening sitting and smoking cig's and contemplating life and death and it seemed for a time that death was looking better. It seemed that suicide was the only way to escape all the pain I was going through. I was blind of course and didnt know my head from a hole in the ground. But this one thing I do know know is that I had a mother who had instilled in me the right things when I was a child. You see I was raised in a home where the truth was taught and the God og Abraham Jacob and Isaac was served. I even attended a private Christian Baptist school until eighth grade. Any way I had a mom (you know one of those mom's) who's prayers kept me from the pits of hell (thanks mom). While in the garage I was literally planning my death and deciding the method to which I would end my life. I was in so much pain and so much hurt and so much confussion. Some how! And to this day I am not sure of the details for I wasnt really with it you know. God reached through the darkness and didnt allow the suicide to take place. I guess I never got the nerve to actually do it AMEN!!!!

So I ended up in the jail only 30 days this time. My wife was telling me she hated me and wanted me dead and would never be with me again. She had learned of the affair and was not happy to say the least. I don't blame her one bit. I hurt her I can still see that today, we are still married(Praise God) I havent turned back in 4 1/2 years to the old me but she is running raging toward the same path I was on now but I know God will heal her heart and take away the hurt and become her Lord and Saviour soon. It has to happen I asked DADDY AMEN. Anyway....I was in jail and all I can say at this time again was that the light that had been shown to me in the younger years of my life began to rise up in me and to shine upon me. One day they broke the doors in my cell and asked did I want to go to a chapel meeting. I went Praise God!!!! The chaplain spoke and the ten commandments one in particular. Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Me forgive? I didnt have any unforgiveness not me it is all everyone else fault I said to myself. Forgive how?
Well throught eh course of the study that day it was revealed to me that the unforgivness in my life was alot and it was like a noose and it was killing me. A spiritual suicide. I needed to get rid of the hurt. I left the room of the meeting and retired to my humble bed in a cell full of 25 or so other prisoner and began to cry my eyes out and accepted Jesus as Saviour and God walked me through that day all (I know see it was most not all) of the unforgiveness. I was a new man. Had alot of learing and changes to make but I was now on a path which was leading to righteousness.

I got out on Jan 1, 1997 and began the task of bearing the Lords burden and His yoke. I went to the home of a man who was a real good aqaintance of mine from years past. He was a Spirit filled brother and I was drawn by God I believe to him. He told me of this church in town and said it is where I needed to be and the following Sunday I went, and then I went some more and some more and some more and today praise God.... I am a deacon in the church, I work at the church for 2 1/2 years now. I teach a bible study every Monday evening and am seeking God to keep on the narrow road toward His will AMEN.

I give God all the glory. I often say I sit and ponder about the old me. Not the things I miss because I don't but the things about the old me I am so thankful that God changed. I find myself thinking of the things I did and how I can't believe or comprehend that that was me. And had someone told me today I was that person in my life past. I wouldn't belive it and be able to stomach the truth. But on the flip side If one had told me then that I would be changed and who I am now the same (probably more foul) reaction would have come from the old me.
"Yeah right!!!!" would have been the nice answer then. God is sooooooo good saints. He is so awesome. I have been listening to and am going to go listen some more to a tape series by Rod Parsleys about the secret place. He is talking about justification what dos justification mean to you?
I would challenge everyone to stop and remember the old you and what Jesus did for you and allow the picture of the old you to drive you to the foot of the cross and to allow the prresence of God to so invade you lives that you will begin to worship Him. I liked the limited # of answers to the phrase about being a worshiper. Worship Him brothers and sister. He deserves it ad you are hold in you (if you aren't worshiping) the items nescessary to break throught the chains in your life that still hold you prisoner. Your words of worship.

Amen I would like to ask you each to come into agreement with me for the Salvation of my wife. I know that one day soon God is going to fli turn upside down the life she is leading. Her name is Becca. Her getting saved is the one hearts desire I have that so presses the forefront of most every thought I muster.

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