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dub Wright

I want to die young, at a very old age.

Dub claims to be an exercise fanatic; Dead beat writer, scratching to make a dime, attempting to find his way; surviving only by the blood of Jesus Christ. 

Dub has more than 40 years experience in the media and education world, including serving as a columnist for a daily newspaper in central North Carolina   

He is an award winning article writer, winning numerous article awards with He has been editor of two anthologies - Flat Water Anthology, and Neuse River Anthology and has written over 300 articles for local newspapers and created hundreds of advertising campaigns. He has been writing professionally since the late 1960's when he began his career writing commercial copy at advertising agencies. Dub spent 28 years traveling internationally writing white papers and corporate legislative opinion. After retiring from corporate life he taught English and Research courses in a community college prior to joining the staff of Liberty University as an English Instructor. He also teaches at writer's conferences and workshops, and other organizations several times per year. Dub holds a Bachelor's in Business from William Jewell College, and a Master's in English from the University of Georgia.  Additionally, he holds a Senior Fitness Instructor Certificate from Thomas Edison State College.  

He is the author of numerous educational articles and is an invited speaker at the North Carolina English Instructors Association, Faithwriter's Conference, and numerous civic organizations.  

Dub and his wife Patricia reside in Eastern North Carolina.

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