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Hello my name is Roderick Oliver. Let me introduce myself. I'm a believer who, like many of you, lived a very sin filled life. I always knew of Jesus thanks to my lovely mom who told us about Christ and prayed for us always. But I chose to live my life according to my feelings and desires. After getting married in my 20's, I cheated constantly and drank like a fish and partied like it was 1999 (a reference to a Prince song).
Of course she got fed up with my infidelities and my failures as a husband and a father and divorced me. While this was in process I lost my mind as guilt, depression, and my own evil nature as well as Satan's influences overwhelmed me. You see, I did not have Jesus as my Saviour, and my strength and my righteousness. Sadly, I did not know Him. I only knew of Him. So I almost ended up dead and later I almost went to prison. But thanks to a Fort Worth police officer ( I wish I knew his name) who reminded me of how my children would be hurt by my actions and how the love my children and I share was such an important thing. His words helped me to stand up and step up and pursue the truth of life, which is Jesus Christ. Whether the officer realized it or not, the LORD sent him to reach me. 
Since then, my sons attend college and are believers in Christ. My ex-wife and I are friendly and gracious towards one another. I have since remarried a wonderful God loving and God fearing woman who has given me two beautiful daughters. The power and forgiveness of God never ceases to amaze me. The incidents and divorce was over 15 years ago. And since then the LORD has been working on me to become the born again man, husband, father, teacher, preacher and evangelist He has wanted me to be. I study daily and teach weekly. I'm ordained by God and by men of God to teach the word of God. I'm anointed by God to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I give you my testimony only so that if any of you are not 100% believers; or believe that your sins are so vile that you could not possibly be forgiven and saved unto eternal life with Jesus; I give you my testimony so you can know that you are just the person Christ died on that cross on Calvary to save. I am living proof that Jesus saves!!! Thanks to the LORD's amazing grace! Look at the life of Paul the Apostle who terrorized and imprisoned Christians before he was saved. I hope his life and mine can encourage somebody to submit and commit to Christ. That is the primary reason for starting this website. I hope we can bless somebody. Thanks for reading this and visiting us and please send up your prayers for our ministry. And of course, any help you can give to this ministry is greatly appreciated. May God eternally bless you.

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