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We are a teaching ministry dedicated to teaching God's word as it is written in the Holy Bible. We also offer prayer for anyone in need of supplication, healing, and God's grace.

Here on this website, we will attempt to reach those who are looking for the truth. We offer bible study and answers to todays existential questions. Such as, why are we here? Is God real? Is heaven and hell real? Why is there so much, sickness, death and destruction on earth? Why is there so much sadness, hunger, poverty, crime and evil? If these are some of the questions you have, please allow us to help you gain understanding and give you direction as instructed in God's word, the Holy...

B- basic (and essential, I might add)
I- instructions
B- before
L- leaving
E- earth

New Horizon Christian Fellowship studies the word of God, book by book and chapter by chapter and verse by verse, so that we will have a full understanding. (see example on "Bible Study Sample" page) If you'd like to join us in our studies and/or in need of prayer, and/or seeking answers to life's questions, email us at We will pray for you or give you God's answers to life's questions and/or send you a copy of a requested study via attachment or by U. S. mail. You will receive a copy of our current study or a copy of a previous study, according to your request. As of 2/16/09 we have the books of Genesis, Exodus and chapters 1 thru 22 of Leviticus completed. But please don't let that limit you on your quest for God's truth. We will do our best to help you with any bible questions you may have on any book, chapter, and verse in the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible.

Bible Study: (temporarily suspended until further notice)
Wednesdays at 7:30pm in Fort Worth, Texas (76110)
3425 James Avenue
Phone: 817-207-8719  

Are you not saved and want to know how a person can receive the gift of salvation? Please click on  "Beliefs / Redeemed" in the menu list under Mission/Study Sample.

New Horizon Christian Fellowship has plans to offer bible studies, witnessing encounters and other Christian teachings on several forms of media in the near future so visit us regularly for any updates.
COMING SOON "Get Saved Now!!!" on DVD and CD.  
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