Preaching Christ To The Nations



1.     Background


Christian Open Bible School was born out of realization that most renowned Theological Institutions offer full time tuition. This however “discriminates” those that need to be equipped to serve God but for various reasons are not able to go for full time tuition. We therefore sought to incorporate such by offering open or “part time” courses which are convenient & flexible yet not compromising the quality. In short, ours is to compliment current or existing Theological Institutions like Theological College Of Zimbabwe & Ekuphileni Bible Institute.


The school started operation in 2009 as BIC Lobengula Bible School but to accommodate students from outside BIC Lobengula we changed to Christian Open Bible School in 2010.


The bible school is currently still housed at or operating from BIC New Lobengula but has now expanded is open to students from other Brethren In Christ Church branches and also open to other churches outside BIC.


2.     Vision


To become an Open Bible School that produces quality Christian leadership which meets the needs of the church and society


3.     Mission


 “We exist to equip, train and develop Christian leaders who are able to rightly divide the Word of truth in ALL life situations.”

-         To train Christian  leaders who shall be both contemporary & global


4.     Values


  • Christianity values
  • Training & education
  • Discipleship
  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Godliness
  • Excellency
  • Leadership development
  • Correct biblical interpretation


5.     Curriculum


The curriculum is made up of 27 courses or subjects plus two prerequisite courses which every student should do before starting other course. The prerequisite subjects are not however credited in the final certificate.


Prerequisites –All Students

  1. Research Techniques
  2. Denomination Distinctive

     1st  Year Curriculum (Intermediate Certificate)


  1. Doctrine of God
  2. Doctrine of the Holy Spirit (Pneumatology)
  3. Doctrine of Christ (Christology)
  4. Christianity
  5. Christian leadership
  6. Worship
  7. Old testament survey
  8. New testament survey
  9. Counseling


2nd Year Curriculum (Advanced Certificate)


  1. Doctrine of Man (anthropology)
  2. African traditional religion
  3. Church Administration
  4. Homiletics / preaching
  5. Hermeuletics
  6. Minor Prophets
  7. Christian Education
  8. Psychology
  9. Communications


3rd  Year Curriculum (Diploma)

  1. Islam
  2. Judaism
  3. Cults
  4. Evangelism
  5. Discipleship
  6. Pastoral care
  7. Philosophy
  8. Group dynamics
  9. Galatians

6.     Assessment & Certification


1st year – Intermediate Certificate

2nd year – Advanced Certificate

3rd Year – Diploma


We offer a 3 year Diploma with 27 subjects (excluding the prerequisites.) This is through our 2 hour x 5 days per month tutorials giving 90 credit hours per year.


To pass the student needs to meet the following:

Ø      Course assignment of not less 10 pages (except subjects where there are practical courses like homiletics where there assessment will be based on practical ministry.)

Ø      Participation in classes

Ø      Attend all classes, (students who miss more than 2 lessons will be disqualified for that particular course / subject and may redo it the following year)

Ø      Pay all fees

Ø      Pass the end of term exam

Ø      Pass all subjects / courses

Ø      Choose practical or in-depth study at final year and submit a research project.





Class Attendance


Class Participation


Course Work


Final Exam





Grading System


  • 39% & below F (Repeat)
  • 40-49% D (Supplementary)
  • 50-64 % C (credit)
  • 65-79% B (merit)
  • 80-100% A (distinction)


  1. Entry Qualifications

 Students wishing to enroll for the Bible School should have at least 5 O’ level subject though we do also consider mature entry based on age and ministry experience. Also those wishing to enroll must be Christians. We will need copies of your academic certificates, birth certificate, I.D., recommendation letter & ministry details. The above plus non refundable registration fees and completed application letter should be submitted before commencement of classes.


  1. The Board

 To ensure that we run the school professional, we have a Board that run the school and members of that board are as follows:

Rev Albert Ndlovu (President), Pastor Hloniphani Ndlovu (Principal), Rev Bruce Khumalo (Academic Dean), Rev Mandlenkosi Mkhize (Chairman), Lameck Nyoni (Library Administrator), Dumisani Mpabanga (Financial Administrator), Mrs Lillie Beth Hadebe (Student Dean)


9.     Contact Details


The Principal

Christian Open Bible School

Box 6

PO Magwegwe


Tel: 09-521112 / 0912285279

Email: christianopenbibleschool@yahoo.com

Web: http://www.ourchurch.com/member/l/LobengulaBICC/index.php?p=1_6_Christian-Open-Bible-School



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