Prayer (Twelve Poems)

Prayer (Twelve Poems)

His Love

He is so precious and so very good,
He eases my worries as only He could.

For all my needs He will supply,
And wipes the tears away when I cry.

Blessings from Heaven downward flow
as I follow Him I know

He will always meet me there,
When Lifes burdens I can't bear.

Thank-You Lord for loving me
and Your love upon that tree.

I'm not worthy of such Love,
It's Your Grace from up above

that will surely guide my way
and with You I'll always stay!

Linda Sue Etling

copyright © 2003 by Linda Sue Etling
All Rights Reserved

Our Words
Oh can I fail anymore Dear Lord?
Oh can I fail anymore?
This tongue of mine so quick to speak
and used as satans sword!

Oh live in me and dull this sword
so satan fails within
And bring sweet peace in silence Lord
Let my mouth be free of sin.

Keep satans darts far from my Heart
so pain does not succeed
Then his work will surely fail
and truth will be set free.

For with hateful words comes sadness Lord
I know I've failed you more
But my human heart can win this fight
with loves armour and faiths sword!

Linda Sue Etling

Copyright © 2004 by Linda Sue Etling
All Rights Reserved

Watching and Waiting

Oh Lord I'm here
Just looking for You
Watching and waiting
As You told me to do...

Will it be soon
That You'll come for me?
What a blessed day
When Your face I'll see.

Could it be noon
Or in the midnight dew
I'll hear Your call
for a life brand new?

Just sitting beside You
Would answer my prayer
No wealth from heaven
Could that compare!

Thank You for this hope Dear Lord
It's taken me through my days!
What could I need any more than this
When glory is just heaven away!

Linda Sue Etling

Copyright © 2004 by Linda Sue Etling
All Rights Reserved

Knocking at His Door

I'm knocking at Your door today
I'm knocking at Your Door,
I've come to You for guidance Lord
Please, won't You tell me more!

Can't You hear my cries dear Lord?
Do You know that I'm here?
Will You hold me in your arms?
and wipe away my tears?

I've come to You again today
just knocking at Your door,
I believe You have the wisdom Lord
for what I have in store.

I've just a glimpse of what's ahead
I feel I've failed again!
Why is it Lord I try so hard
only to feel I've failed within!

My life I give it all to You!
for Your touch I need today,
Guide me Lord, Oh take my hand!
Please lead me all the way!

Linda Sue Etling

Copyright © 2003 by Linda Sue Etling
All Rights Reserved

Oh Praise His Name

Oh Praise the Lord
for all He's done
Oh Praise Him till
the Setting Sun.

This walk with Him
will guide your way
And bring you strength
throughout your days.

Oh carry on through
storms dark hour
with true belief in
His loving power.

Sing songs of Joy
for the love He brings
Sweet music of praise
for our hearts to cling.

He's always there
to comfort and guide
if we trust in Him
He's by our side.

Linda Sue Etling

Copyright © 2004 by Linda Sue Etling
All Rights Reserved

Always and Forever

Always and forever I'll walk with Thee,
Standing in Your shadow so blessed and free.

Knowing You'll guide me all through the day
With Your comforting hand to lead the way.

I praise You Lord for all You've done
For my life's path and victories won!

There's no greater friend that I could find
Than You my Savior with love divine!

My Life forever Yours will be
For all You gave on Calvary!

This love could never be repaid
Your Grace has taken me all the way!

Thank You for forgiving me
And opening my eyes so I can see.

That Grace and Love will over flow
When always and forever with You I'll go!

Always and forever I will follow You,
Always and forever for Your love so True!

Linda Sue Etling

Copyright © 2003 by Linda Sue Etling
All Rights Reserved

Forgive Us Lord

Standing against the recent Rulings in our courts!

Forgive us Lord our silence
As our nation fails the test
Of trust and faith and morality
And falls straight in satan's nest!

Oh I can see his followers smiling
As they sit high up in our courts
Making judgements for all the evil
And punishing those who retort.

As Sodom and Gomorrah was
I know we're not far behind
And as You judged them then
I know Your judgement we'll find.

So I pray now Lord for forgiveness
Keeping silent is not following You!
Forgive us ALL our weakness
We deserve Your judgement too!

Guide us so we can make a difference
Speak through us in power and might
Raise up leaders called to follow You
having the wisdom to stand for right!

I pray Lord now, You know our hearts
And forgive us all of silence
For there's many more that love You
Than those who promote the violence.

YOU are our Mighty Leader Lord
Not satan and his foe
Come to us again dear Savior
Defeat these so the world will know.

You will rule this land again
We are watching for Your return!
Come quickly Lord we need You
Before more with Satan Burn!

Linda Sue Etling

Copyright © 2003 by Linda Sue Etling
All Rights Reserved

Majestic Beauty

Oh mighty nations beauty
from our Saviors loving hands,
How could we ever deny you
when wandering our land?

From the mountains hazy glory
to the oceans endless waves,
fills my heart with gladness
and humble endless praise!

You have blessed this land so greatly!
We praise You as our King!
For Lord, You are our leader
and power and strength You bring!

The few who've tried to hurt her
I pray You show Your power!
Quickly Lord, protect her,
stand over us this hour!

There is no hope without You!
Your grace and love we plea,
Come quickly Lord we need You!
"Under God" is still our Theme!

Linda Sue Etling

Copyright © 2003 by Linda Sue Etling
All Rights Reserved

Here I am again...

Oh Lord my Saviour
Please hear my prayer
It's Your foolish child Lord
again crying in despair.

Forgive me my failures
and my questions "Why?"
many troubles I face
no matter how hard I try.

Teach me to be strong
when trials of life fall,
Let me hear Your voice
and my name when You call!

For I will always fail
when I try it on my own,
Victory's when You hold my hand
and I follow the path You have shown!

Linda Sue Etling

Copyright © 2003 by Linda Sue Etling
All Rights Reserved

I Need Thee

I need Thee Lord with each breath I take,
Your Loving arms guide each step I make.

For without You no hope is there
and in this life will fall its cares.

Walk with me through the world unknown
so Your Will, Lord, can only be shown.

That I might tread the road You're on,
and take loved ones with me into the dawn.

Your Grace and Love is all we need,
and Your Bible Lord, for us to read.

The instructions are there for us to know
and if we don't, just where we'll go.

So with You Lord is where I'll be,
When its time to step out in eternity.

Linda Sue Etling

Copyright © 2003 by Linda Sue Etling
All Rights Reserved


I come to You in quiet peace
to pray that all the hate would cease.

We are here because You loved us so,
Why Lord, don't the people know?

Your words have gone through the ages of time,
But there's still war through all mankind.

Such hatred is in the world today,
But whisper Your name and all hate would fade.

Most people are searching for answers today,
Oh touch their hearts and show them the way.

For the road is dangerous, rough and long
but, walk with Jesus...He'll give you a song.

Though problems may come even if you pray,
God will answer and beside you stay.

So call to Him just speak His name
and I promise your life will not be the same.

He comes to those with faith to believe,
He'll be with you always and will never leave.

Linda Sue Etling

Copyright © 2003 by Linda Sue Etling
All Rights Reserved

Sincerities Prayer

2003 Great lesson learned!

Are you deeply praying for those in need
When asked to pray, do their trials you plead?

Are there tears shed for the love you feel?
For our Lords mercy when on your knees kneel?

Or do you say..."You're in my prayers"
But time slips by No prayer for theirs.

Quick short prayers are said these days,
No quiet time "Oh those needs will fade!"

Prayer is heard when our hearts cry out,
And we deeply believe in His Power throughout...

How many needs will we answer for?
Face to face with insincerity's close door...

Plead to Him for all who need,
Pray for His will with a heart that believes!!!!!

Linda Sue Etling

Copyright © 2003 by Linda Sue Etling
All Rights Reserved

"The Circuit Rider Preacher"
“Dedicated to Al and Beverly Wentzel”

There is a Circuit Rider preacher
who comes to our little church
He brings such words of wisdom
God has truly blessed his work!

He tells us of our Precious Lord
And how much God loves us all
He talks of sin and rebellion
With the devil we’ll surely fall!

This special man comes from so far
For its many miles from home
But you can see love in what he does
For God, many miles he’d roam

His wife comes too and sings for us
Praising God in music and song
The sweet refrains and words of joy
Surely Angels sing along

This old world has grown so cold
Few follow our Precious Lord
It’s rare to find a man who will stand
With Gods armor and His sword!

Thank you Lord for sending words
So powerful and true
Touch the men who stand for truth
For they guide us all to You.

Bless the Circuit Preacher Lord
Send blessings down his path
Let the words he brings open many hearts
Saving lost souls from satan’s wrath!

Keep sending him down our pathway Lord
And Keep them safe from harm
For they fill our hearts with Your sweet love
Oh, shelter them in your arms.

Linda Sue Etling

Copyright © 2006 by Linda Sue Etling

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