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God's Awesome Creation
Welcome to God's Awesome Creation. Today is the day of Salvation. Please read and I hope you will like my site created for you. Jesus loves you and so do I.
You may also visit us at at < Jesus_Wept4You > Chatroom and meet our "medsea" hosts or myself. Enjoy. Joseph (SCOC_PG4)

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W E L C O M E to >>>> God's Awesome Creation

Greetings friend! My name is Joseph and my nickname on chat is SCOC. SCOC stands for "Second Coming Of Christ". Before we come to that awesome subject (fact) I think it is proper to first introduce you to Him, so that you get aquainted as to Who He really is. Don't shy away from Him because He is the best friend you could ever have. I hope you enjoy reading my pages, and your comments are always welcome.

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God's Awesome Creation.

Are you sure you don't believe in God? What proof have you got? Oh! you believe in evolution.
So therefore, you really believe that there was an explosion and hence the universe and the worlds came together. Well, I can give you that, but I would like to ask you to prove it to me. However, I can prove to you without going into a long explanation that there is a God who created all. First of all, if there was an explosion, there had to be some elements which caused that explosion.

My simple question to you is:
Where did those elements come from? My answer would be, that there had to be somebody to produce those elements. Those elements which make the universe and the worlds are so humongous that the "somebody" who made them had to be far more greater than the things He produced. The explosion must have been so powerful to split the elements and send them flying away to occupy a place in the heavens.

This "BEING" who caused all this had to be more powerful than what He produced. Things just don't happen they are made to happen. A "nothing" cannot produce anything. Let's call this "BEING" GOD. Do you feel easy with that name?

So God created the heavens, and the earth and they are there for us to see. Let's have a look outside at night and look at the dark skies. There we see the stars which God created, and they are where He placed them. He made the sun for our days, and the moon for our nights. He made the seas for our enjoyment. He made the seasons for our change of scenery and comfort. He prepared everything for us to live comfortable. When He created these things, He created them specially for you. He knew you and He loved you before you were even created.

When He made the first man on earth He gave him one commandment. He warned the man, that if he breaks that commandment he will surely die. Unfortunately that commandment was broken, and we, his offsprings have inherited death through Adam. But you know what? God is so loving that He provided a way out for us so that we may live forever again. And the greatest thing God done for you is that while you were destined to die forever, He sent a Saviour, His son, to die on the cross in your stead. That's how much He loved you. I hope that I have convinced you with my theory, and now it's your turn to try to convince me. Of course there is more to my story which I hope I'll be able to tell you about it somewhere else in here. There is everything to gain to believe, and everything to loose if you don't.

Now I want to hear your part. Try to convince me that evolution is the only way, and if it is more logical than mine.

Joseph (SCOC)

(You may now go to "Six Days of Creation?")

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Waterloo Ontario

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