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Custom Template Design

This is a custom template that was created off of an original template. You may choose to have your custom template created from scratch as well. The following customizations were implemented:

  • A custom header including the following:
    • The Organizationís Logo
    • The Organization's Name in specified font
    • A Slogan in specified font
    • 2 Stock Photos
    • 1 Textured Background Image
    • Each of the above can be put arranged in the header to your specifications.
  • Change the background color of external template to a light blue
  • Moved the navigation menu to run down the left hand side of the site.
  • Created new background image for when your mouse hovers over a menu item
  • Added a "news module" to appear underneath the menu
  • Changed the design of the bottom of the site to include the organizations logo in a repeating manner.
  • Some minor color changes to the text
  • Centered the text in the footer of the site
  • The cost for a custom template with header graphic is $399.

Here is a screen shot of the original template to compare:

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