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Congregation Bani Yasharon is a newly started regional branch of the Isaric Christian Brotherhood (χua Miχaya Ḁisaraya) in Surabaya, East Java, which presently serves as "ha Ḁizgdumqa" (the Ambassadorial Seat) of our people.

We, as נטרי-איסרא or Isars, are Christians of Samaritan Israelite descent who practice a unique form of Hebrew Christianity that blends the ancient with the modern. We utilize our own dialect of the Aramaic language in worship (in addition to Ancient Hebrew), and we keep the laws of YHWH our God in the context of the New Covenant. Our heritage is rich and diverse, drawing from many different peoples and places, being rooted in ancient Judeo-Samaritan traditions. Our founder and ambassador, Yaqob bar-Karoza, has a passion for the unity of all Christians, and we have a commitment to share in that passion by serving and worshipping God together with our Christian brothers and sisters from different churches and denominations. God has called us out by name to be a people of his own possession, a people who serve Him in love, who proclaim the Gospel of Yeshua the Messiah, and who make disciples in every region of the world.

Indonesia is one of the most beautiful and populous places on earth, yet it is also among the poorest and most neglected. We hope that our presence here, and the growth and influence of our brotherhood, will help make Indonesia's future a brighter one, where love, hope, freedom, justice, and equality are realities, not just ideals.

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