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Our Mission & Objectives

Prime Directive (Biblical Mandate/Great Commandment): To love God and love one another.

Our Mission (The Great Commission): To make disciples of Yeshua the Messiah for the transformation of the world, and for the reconciliation of the same unto God.

Our Life Purpose/Cultural Mandate: To glorify God by delighting Him as we exercise righteous dominion over creation, are fruitful in all our endeavors, and multiply as a people in righteousness.

Our Mission Objectives:

  1. Glorify God and Celebrate His Presence through Worship
  2. Exemplify True Submission to God through Virtuous Living
  3. Communicate God's Love and Rule through Evangelism,
  4. Extend God's Kingdom through Missions,
  5. Incorporate God's family through Fellowship,
  6. Equip and Edify God's People through Discipleship
  7. Manifest (or Demonstrate) God's Love through Ministry, and
  8. Effect ethical change and usher in liberation through Social Justification.

Creed: "YHWH our God, YHWH is One."

YHWH is our God. Yeshua is Our Lord. Unity is Our Priority."

Tribal Goal: To restore the Samaritan remnant of Israel, to perserve our culture and language, to unite all 'Naṭorin' (Keepers) in a common faith and nationhood, and to maintain peaceful relations with other Isars, as well as with Jews, (non-Christian) Samaritans, and Gentiles.

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