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Isaric Education

     All Isars are held to a high standard of discipline, which involves physical, spiritual, and mental training. An Isar's training begins at home with his or her family. We view family as a vital factor in the enculturation and maturation of an Isaric child. Next to family, community is the second most important factor in Isaric education. Not only does community reinforce the values and culture learned at home, but it serves as an outlet for intrapersonal and interpersonal growth.

     By-Yulfana is an Aramaic phrase that means "house of instruction". This is where Isars receive their formal training as disciples. Here, students learn the basics of prayer and Christian living, as well as the deeper aspects of Isaric/Hebrew culture. At present, the only by-yulfana in Indonesia is at our assembly's main office in Surabaya. In the future, as our community grows, we hope to build facilities specifically reserved for a by-yulfana. The chief instructor of a by-yulfana is called rbbana. In Surabaya, our rbbana is also the Ḁizgda Ḁisaraya (Isaric ambassador), Yaqob bar-Karoza.

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