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     We are always looking for individuals who may have a spiritual calling to join the Isaric Christian Brotherhood. If you answer yes to the following questions, it may be that God is pointing you in our direction:

  1. Do you have a passion for the Hebrew roots of your faith, or do you believe that you might have Hebrew ancestry?
  2. Do you desire to learn more about the history and culture of God’s people, Yisrael?
  3. Do you feel out of place in Gentile (non-Hebraic) congregations, or simply want to become a Hebraic Christian?
  4. Do you sense that God is directing you to follow a Hebraic lifestyle?
  5. Do you feel a connection to the Aramaic and Hebrew languages, or desire to learn them for use in prayer?
  6. Do you want to be part of an ancient nation and partake in the blessings and promises of God? 

If you feel that God is calling you to become an Isar, whether you are a Christian or a Muslim, please see our “Contact Us” page and feel free to write us.


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