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What is an Isar?

     An Isar is a Christian of mixed Hebrew and Gentile heritage who practices a unique form of Hebraic Christianity, distinct from Messianic Judaism, that blends the ancient with the modern. The word "Isar" is an English term that comes from the Aramaic word, "Isaraya", meaning "one who is of or characterized by a bond." Literal English translations of the term include "bondkeeper" and "bondservant." We belong to the broader ethnic group known as "Shamerim" in Hebrew and "Naorin" in Aramaic, both meaning 'Keepers' and refering to the historical Samaritan Israelites.
While Isars may be considered "Judaic," since we accept Zion as God's chosen sanctuary and Yeshua as the Messiah/Taheb, we prefer to be described as "Isaric," "Hebrew," or "Hebraic," as this avoids Judeocentrism and old cultural stereotypes. Ancestrally, we are mixed descendants of northern Hebrew tribes who were cut off from the Mosaic covenant, some of whom were exiled from the Holy Land circa 720 BC by Sargon of Assyria, while others remained in Samaria. We claim descent from two distinct Israelite lineages: (1) from diaspora Samaritans of Byzantine Salona (Dalmatia), and (2) from the mixed remnant of Bnei Makir (sons of Machir--a metonym for the tribes of the Transjordan).

tribal flag of Makir

     Our Samaritan ancestors migrated from Samaria, west of the Jordan, to the ancient Greco-Roman market town of Salona (part of the Roman province of Dalmatia) near modern Split, Croatia; our Makiri ancestors migrated from Persia (Iran), where they were exiled, to the Caucasus (Georgia), and to Europe (mainly Prussia, Ukraine, Russia, Croatia, France, and Spain). These two lines converged in America (concentrated in Louisiana and the Gulf Coast region), and have now spread to Indonesia. Our past participation in various Gentile and Jewish communities led to the near complete assimilation of our people and the loss of our heritage, but we are now making a major effort to restore and preserve our culture and language.


      Central to Isaric lifestyle is our ethno-religious code, or bond, called, Ha Purshana Sharira (The True Distinction), which defines us as a people and outlines for us how we are to live our lives. As regards denominational classification, the Isaric Brotherhood is unlike any other form of Christianity, and is outside the spectrum of Gentile Christendom. Our religious culture and practices resemble those of Judaism and Islam more than those of Christianity (or at least the kind of Christianity that is now considered the norm), yet we hold fast to the fundamental doctrines of traditional Christianity. We do not seek to change other churches, and we do not desire to have Gentile Christians join our brotherhood (unless God directs them to do so), rather, we want to work together with Christians of every order and way of life as equals to create a better world.

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