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     The Isaric approach to worship is rooted in the teachings of the Holy Bible. Worship is for us a means to communicate to God our love for him. While worship is expected of every believer, we do it not from a sense of obligation, but from genuine love and devotion to God. Many of our Gentile Christian brothers and sisters may view our approach to worship as being odd, or even foreign. This is because we continue in the ancient and traditional Hebrew method of prayer and worship, similar to that which was done by our forefathers in the Holy Land. Our worship is not only an act of love, but also a covenantal service unto God, which is why we utilize special liturgies that help us to remember who we are as a people and what YHWH God has done for us.

Daily Offices

     We keep four daily prayer offices (or services): morning, noon, evening, and night. Morning and evening offices (also called "qurbanic" offices) are conducted primarily in Aramaic, while noon and night offices are conducted in English or Bahasa Indonesia. Qurbanic offices are further divided into binaya (new moon and full moon offerings) and ywmaya (daily offerings). For more information concerning the daily prayer offices, please contact us.

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