"Ignite" Youth Conference

October 16th 2012

ignite conference

Our youth are our future - In many ways that "David Generation" of young people throughout this country and Internationally who will rise up against the all too often rampant hypocrisy seen in the religious and traditional church institutions. In an ever challenging world of which they face, This ministry connection seeks to reach out to youth; connecting various Christian denominations, churches and even secular organizations to provide our young people with a passion for Christ and, hence, for the world around them.

We seek to do this through a variety of programs, including, but not linited to: Our 24 Hour peer counseling line, Youth Find International; which is dedicated to serving homeless and/or endangered youth throughout the United States, our Christian Dramatic Touring Troupe; designed to bring, through the performing arts, the message of Christ into the communities, and, most recently, our:
"Ignite" Youth Conference set for
January 2013.

The "Ignite" Youth Conference is scheduled to be held in Hawaii and will feature Christian motivational speakers - Speaking to this generation of young people to empower them. We especially hope to reach those "unchurched youth," with the powerful message of Christ as a result of this conference and reignite the flames of faith in those current believers. 

The "Ignite" Youth Conference will also feature Contemporary Christian Artists as well as performances from Dove and Grammy award winners and young "Up and Comers," in the industry. 

We simply cannot do this ministry without you. Whether you are a curent member of our ministry, Pastor, Minister, a visiting family member or friend or simply a curious visitor, we need & appreciate your support and involvement to sow into this generation of young people. 
Blessings to you on behalf of the Officers of the Church, our friends and most especially,
Our Youth...

We'll Expect To See You At The Conference Next Fall 2012!

More Information Will Be Posted As It Becomes Available!

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