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Meet Jacob's Family!
Jacob with his parents
Jacob with his parents

We're active practicing Christians, attending church faithfully, serve as a Deacon and Usher and any way to Glorify HIM. We believe in God, His Salvation and all of His miracles!!

I go overseas once a year with our church group to assist the missions work in a South American remote town of Guatemala that has many needs.
God Bless, Jeff Hoots

Christmas with Jacob in 2007

School Friends

Fun in the Sun

Jacob is the light of his parents hearts and world. Jacob loves all kinds of things but toy cars, boats, motorcycles - or anything with wheels are favorites. His parents work involves BOATS of course. Scuba diving is fun when time permits. They reside in New Port Richey, FL.

Jacob (age 4) & Mom
Christmas morning 2006

Jeff with Jacob on the tractor clearing their property.

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Jacob entered Pre-School the Fall of 2006.

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