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Cynthia About Our Ministry

Healing Hurting Women Ministries is a ministry birthed out of a lifetime of abuse, unacceptable behavior, misdirection, bitterness, abandonment, rejection, suicide, murder, fornication, adultery, and deceitfulness, and the power and authority given by the Holy Ghost to overcome this lifestyle.

Some women in the Body of Christ, unfortunately, have been abused by men (maybe some by women also) in leadership. God has delivered me from a situation where I was emotionally and sexually taken advantage of by someone who 'had charge over me'. I know a lot of you feel as though you can not share some of the things that you have been subjected to because you feel as though it was your fault, you 'asked for it', well THE DEVIL IS A LIAR. God says, 'we are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.' Please don't allow the enemy one moment of satisfaction thinking he can separate and prevent us from moving forward in Christ. I realize this is a public forum and we need a private outlet. So here is my email address healinghurtingwomenministries@gmail.com, God loves you tremendously, He sent His Son to die for you, and I love you too. I pray for your restoration, healing and forgiveness in Jesus Name.

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