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Christian Business Opportunity
Answer God's Call to Spread The Word. Christian Business Opportunity ************************************ Spread The Word Ministry Spread The Word is the Christian business for entrepreneurs, families, churches, schools, youth groups, and ministries. Put an end to constant funding pressure by owning a 30fold Online Christian Bookstore. CHRISTIAN BOOKS CHANGE LIVES- CHRISTIAN MUSIC RESTORES THE SOUL! _________________________________________________ 1 -30fold Home Page __________________________________________________ 2 - Explore this site. Christian Discount Bookstore. Click the memo on bottom left to get Bookstore Information. _______________________________________________ 3- Contact me with any questions. WilmaCourt 941-627-8736 _________________________________________________ 4 - PRAY ABOUT IT __________________________________________________ How Does It Work? Save Money / Earn Money Each person comes to Spread the Word /30fold with different goals in mind. What are your goals for the coming months? If you are like most of us your goals include one or all of the following: .Daily touch lives in a positive way for Christ's Kingdom. .Save up to 15% or more on Christian books, music, gifts, jewelry, apparel and more. .Earn additional or supplemental income for your family or ministry. .Build a highly profitable, sustainable business from home with an annual income potential exceeding $10,000. .Fund a ministry or church. If you are willing to join us and help us fulfill our mission, Spread the Word can help you reach any and all of these goals. By joining Spread the Word you are helping us achieve our mission of keeping Christian dollars in the Christian community. Oh, and you are also touching lives along the way. (Most likely yours most of all.) To Find Out More: Check out My Bookstore; ***Link on the left hand corner Common Question: "Can nonprofit organizations join Spread The Word?" Yes. A Spread The Word on-line bookstore is a perfect development tool for nonprofit organizations. It's the easy, hassle-free fundraiser for your church that spreads God's word. Fundraising is earned when members of your church purchase Christian books, Christian music, Christian videos, Christian figurines, angels and more from your online Christian bookstore. It's a complete, secure, turnkey website, which means you don't have to manage credit cards or money. Spread the Word Ministries will simply send you a check each month. Fundraising has never been so simple! Looking to make extra money from home? It's very simple to start, and it only takes about 10 minutes to sign up and have your bookstore up and running. You can go in later and finish customizing it! To get started; For you, the next step is to visit the online store of the person who introduced you to the business and click the link that says "Open your own online bookstore!" This will take you to our online signup form where is just a few minutes you can get your business started. Go to My Bookstore Click the Link: "Open your own online bookstore." God Bless you in your endeavors. For a one time cost of $198, and a $9.95 monthly maintenance fee, you get: Your own online customizable Christian bookstore business/ministry started The possibility to Earn $60 commission (Fast Start+ override) for each bookstore you sell To qualify to earn an additional $10 on each bookstore sold in your second and third generations To qualify to share in a 20% of business volume pool on every bookstore sold in your organization To earn between 5% and 30% commission on product sales from your bookstore To earn 15% retail on what people buy from your Variety Store To share in 50% payout of business volume on what people buy from all Variety Stores in your organization To save an average of 30% on all your Bible, Christian book, music and video purchases with no limit To earn residual income in the years to come as your business network and 30fold continue to grow, allowing you to supplement or replace present incomes. Free training and support Independent but never alone. To be part of a constantly growing and expanding Christian Community and Network.- One time Fee for setup. Monthly hosting fee only $9.95 __________________________________________________ The Christian product market has grown into an almost 6 billion dollar a year market and is predicted to grow to over 30 billion. About 88% of this goes to secular organizations. Spread The Word provides an opportunity to become part of a powerful online Christian Community working to change this. __________________________________________________ Help us with our mission, To Build Up the Body of Christ by owning an online shopping portal. We are redirecting millions of dollars back into the hands of Christian families, churches, and ministries of all types. In 2004 Spread The Word Ministries paid over a million dollars out to Christian families, ministries, and churches nation wide. May God bless you and your endeavors. __________________________________________________ Where all profits go to Missions.

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