Orphan vs Sonship
Orphan vs Sonship

The Orphan Spirit
John 14:16 “I will not leave you as orphans but I will come to you.”
What! Jesus is talking about the Holy Spirit and zings in a statement that would leave most New Testament scholars in a tailspin. What is Jesus referring too? Clearly the apostles were not orphans because the bible talks about who their parents were, so what is Jesus referring too.
Definition of an orphan: Someone who is fatherless or someone who has no identity.
Where is Father? In heaven? Since God is Love and God created heaven, it must be a lovely place full of love. 1Jn.4 & John 17 says to be in Him is to be in love. 1Cor.3:16 The number 1 privilege of a believer is to host the presence of the Lord and become a resting place for Him. When believers pass from this life to the next, we will dwell in Fathers love forever.
Now let’s see if we can find out who the first orphans were? The bible tells us that there were 3 main angels in heaven named Michael, Gabriel, and Lucifer. It is said that Lucifer was over the praise and worship in heaven before he fell and when this happened he took 1/3 of the angels with him. Is.14:12, Jesus said I saw Satan fall like lightening. A battle took place immediately after Satan rebelled. Satan was caught in the sin of pride. Satan wanted to be worshiped and was the author of division. Do you realize that Satan was the first orphan and because of his rebellion he was thrown out of heaven (Gods lovely house). Satan and all the rebels who followed him from the time of their rebellion until now have no Father. Satan as well as those who followed him must now know and feel a tremendous loss in their heart of hearts because they are outside of Gods love for all eternity. Therefore Satan’s plan has always been to steal, kill and destroy Gods people and cause as many of Gods people to feel the same way, abandoned with un-forgiveness and without hope. One definition of Hell could be total separation from Gods love. God never created anyone to be outside of His love. Now let’s look at mankind.
Gen 2:7, “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground. And breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.” What a picture of love. Adam, made in his fathers image, awoke looking directly into his loving Fathers eyes. That is our true destiny to be able to look into our loving Fathers face. Can you see this picture from the angel’s point of view? It must have seemed like God was kissing Adam. Adams eyes flew open to behold his loving Fathers eyes of love. What an awesome moment to behold His loving Father in all His glory. And then God created woman because Adam was lonely and wanted a mate like the animals in the garden. God then set 2 trees in the garden and commanded man not to eat of them. But we all know they did and at that point came out of agreement with God and His word and came into agreement with the serpent…Amen!
Gen3:9-13, “And the Lord God said to the woman. What is this you have done? And the woman said, the serpent deceived me and I ate.” What does Eve do? She passes the blame to the serpent. The sin of rebelliousness and disobedience to a parent brings in a spirit of guilt and alienation to a person such that it makes that person want to run and hide. Sorry that is just the way we are built. This feeling of alienation or not being in right relationship with the parent is called an orphan spirit.
At this time we need to point out 2 things. 1. Before their sin they both were called Adam. They were one and inseparable. After sin entered, there is now separation between the sexes. Adam names his wife, Eve. Gen.3:20. That is one reason why God hates divorce. 2. Before sin entered they walked unashamedly in the garden with God and did not wear clothing. After sin they knew that they were naked. They felt shame and tried to hide and cover themselves. They had lost sight of who they were in God.
But notice in vs 21 that a loving Father clothes them in spite of their disobedience and rebellion.

Raising 7 children, Paula and I now realize that is why no one would own up to their disobedience. “Who broke the vase?” (not me was always the answer) They would blame someone else or sought to hide because of alienation and the orphan spirit that has been passed down from Adam & Eve to this very day.
Gen 3:22-24. So God says to them; You must leave the garden lest you eat of the tree of Life and live forever and do what, degenerate lower and lower until they became like the demons thinking only evil continuously, maybe even becoming unredeemable? No, they must go out of the garden, but our loving Father had a wonderful plan to redeem us. Do you think Adam would go out willingly to till the ground? Not! So can you visualize our loving God with tears in His eyes, He drove them out (tough love) and placed angels and a flaming sword to block re-entry by man until His plan of redemption could be fully implemented. Man like Satan now felt like an orphan. God still spoke directly to men of faith and righteousness in those early days but few could hear. He certainly tried for 4 thousand years by sending His law and words through the patriarchs, through Moses and the 10 commandments, David the king and the Prophets whom the people killed. For thousands of years God has been trying to show us that selfishness and rebellion and agreement with the devil brings death. What was His plan and purpose? God uses the Old Testament law to bring us to repentance. The people would start to serve Him and then fall away bringing calamity on themselves throughout the Old Testament. Try as they might they could not obey the law. These cycles went on until 2000 years ago when God who is love, so loved us that he sent us His only son Jesus, to open the door and show us the way, the truth and eternal life (The tree of Life, Jesus) back to the garden, to heaven, back into agreement with God through the new covenant of faith through grace and love. Love so loved the world that love gave. Wow
When everything went wrong, our loving heavenly Father says, through Jesus. Jn 14:18 “I will not leave you as orphans…I will come to you.” So Gods love cries out to us down through the ages. I will make for you a way of escape from Adams disagreement and curse. What was His plan and purpose? Jesus, fully man and fully God was the only one who could bring us back into agreement with the Father. John14:6. He said, no one comes to the Father except through me. Only God could redeem us. Only in the form of sinful flesh through the shedding of His precious blood could the stain of sin be taken away. Jesus overcame the world, the flesh and the devil and destroyed Satans’ hold over us and to as many as received Him (the spirit of God), redeem mankind, and make them sons or daughters of God. He became the spotless sacrificial lamb of Fathers love and paid the debt for our sins in full for as many as will believe and receive Him as their Savior. That is the ultimate love of our loving heavenly Father. Jesus freely gave his life to show us the way home to our loving heavenly Father’s kingdom. That’s how much He loves us.
While Jesus is our only way home, there are many of us who have not found Jesus as the one who reconciled us to the Father. They have not received the free Spirit of adoption where by we can cry out Abba Father, Daddy, and do not know our loving heavenly Father and are still living as orphans.
As orphans we have no significance, no inheritance, and no home. An orphan must fight for all that they can get. As an orphan we often think that everyone is against us. We have no safe place. We have no place of rest.
Websters describes a father as the person we get our self-worth or significance from. So if we don’t know our heavenly Father, we don’t know our significance as a child of God and we keep living like an orphan. Even in the church, even if we have been saved 10 to 25 years, even if we have had wonderful parents. As orphans, we don’t see ourselves as adopted into Daddy’s kingdom, we think of salvation only as going to heaven. If we are living that way, we are falling far short of Gods plan for our lives. You see from the moment of our birth, things start to go wrong and the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy us and Gods plan for our lives. Especially in the areas where we misbelieve, misunderstand, and give back to the devil what Jesus won for us on the cross. The devil is constantly looking for ways to deceive us. He wants you to feel like an orphan, divided, double minded, one foot in and one foot out, he wants you to be in total agreement with him as opposed to being in agreement with Gods word. He wants you living like an orphan. How many have ever met an orphan? As orphans, we try to deal with life on our own terms. Generally speaking, orphans are very hard angry people. Satan does not want you living in the love and security of your loving heavenly Fathers kingdom.
When I got this revelation, I began to question my whole life especially in the areas where I was behaving as an orphan.
I remember as a child, I had a desire to build forts and hideouts so that no one could find me. I tried to find places to hide that if someone were to break-in our house, I would be safe. I was in fear and had no security. I never felt safe. I gave up trying to please my Dad because he was so strict and demanding. I felt like I had to perform in order to be loved by him. I felt like leaving home (running away) especially if I got a bad report card at school.
Heb.12:7-9 If you endure chastening, God deals with you as with sons; for what son is there whom a father does not chasten? 8 But if you are without chastening, of which all have become partakers, then you are illegitimate and not sons. 9 Furthermore, we have had human fathers who corrected us, and we paid them respect. Shall we not much more readily be in subjection to the Father of spirits and live?
Orphans don’t like discipline and don’t receive it as love trying to help us, but think of it as condemnation or disapproval. Most orphans take correction as “You hate me.” And think people are against them. Even as an adult, I found it difficult to trust people to help me. After all I could do things better than anyone else. I looked at everything in a negative vein as opposed to receiving a blessing from them. I used to blame everyone and everything for the way I was. The school I went too, was probably the reason I didn’t have as good a job as others. I was a very angry young man and would constantly get into fights. I would drink, chase women, chase fame and fortune, go into a fantasy worlds watching TV, anything to escape thinking about my inabilities. I blamed my parents, my teachers, everyone but myself, for the way I was, and for the circumstances and situations I got myself into. Even as a proclaimed Christian I had performance issues. I would make deals with God to get Him to speak to me or do something for me. I would set my alarm for 4 in the morning so I could read my bible for an hour, pray for an hour, and still go to work, working at trying to please God. I was driven to door to door witnessing, memorizing scripture, praying for one hour, holding a bible study, fast, help the poor, anything to try to please God. God saw me wearing myself out and had pity on me. I got a revelation through soaking; I didn’t have to do for God but just be the child of God He made me to be.
Later it was not until I was able to be real before God and man, that breakthrough finally came. In one meeting before about 100 people, I began to confess my past sins, all of them, before God and man. All the ugly, the fleshly, the rotten lies, the lust, the thievery, and bad habits poured out of me for what seemed like an eternity. One brother came up to me afterward and said, wow Jim, I don’t know how you did it, I would never want anyone to know those things about me.
Not long after, my loving Daddy came to me in a dream. He revealed himself to me as a loving heavenly Father who loved me just the way I was, but cared enough about me not to leave me that way. I fell in love with Jesus that day who is my soon coming groom who is returning for a bride who is pure, holy, without spot or wrinkle in His sight, a bride that loves Him with all her heart. A bride and groom love each other and are willing to give their life for one another. Jesus gave His life for me. I look back now and know there were times when the enemy wanted to kill me but Gods love for me wouldn’t let him. I am a walking miracle. At 27, I was in an auto accident and shattered my knee and broke my leg in 2 places, a compound fracture. The doctors back then said I would never walk again. I had been very athletic in my youth and didn’t even consider that possibility. After 3 weeks in the hospital with metal pins holding my bones together I was released. They tried to roll me around in a wheel chair but I would not stay in it. The doctors said after about 2 months that they were very pleased with the way the bones were knitting and there may be a chance I could walk with crutches and gave me a pair with the warning not to over due it. After 7 months I was given a cane and told how suave and debonair I looked with the cane. About 2 years later at Life church here in Mobile during praise and worship my loving heavenly Father spoke out loud in my mind and said: Go to the alter, lay your cane down there and run around the church and show everyone what a healing God I am. I did was totally healed and have never received a pain in my legs again. Not that the devil didn’t try on cold and rainy mornings. But I have never received his words, but used Gods word to send him fleeing. I can walk and not grow weary; I can run and not faint. That’s how much my Daddy loves me.
The Orphan Spirit
causes one to live like they don’t have a safe and secure place in the Fathers heart. He is mostly negative about all things, has no affirmation, no protection, no comfort, no belonging or affection. The orphan is full of anger, knows only conditional love, is self oriented, lonely, feels rejected, very few friends, rejects authority, and feels isolated. He is insecure, lacks peace, and feels he must strive to achieve, and earn everything he gets in life. This easily leads to a life of control, manipulation, anxiety, fear, and frustration. The orphan spirit is a spirit of slavery as opposed to Gods spirit of love, freedom and liberty.
Spirit of Sonship
is all about having a loving heart attitude of submission to authority and trusting Daddy to take care of you; instead of what you can do in your own strength. It is about having so much love and trust in your loving heavenly Father to bless, watch over you and take care of you; instead of having faith in what the devil can do to destroy you or your loved ones. Gods’ sons and daughters are so secure in Daddy’s love that they love Him and trust Him in every situation to bring them through and win the day. Sons have significance, they know who they are in Christ and who Christ is in them, they love their loving heavenly Father with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength, their love relationship with the Father is a greater deterrent to sin than the law ever could, they are in Gods rest, they rejoice in all things, they know all things will work for good because they love Daddy, they love Gods presence and have become laid down lovers of God and man, they receive correction as love from God, they live in life abundant, they are faithful, loyal, and are others oriented. They know that nothing can separate them from Gods love. Love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, long suffering, temperance, mercy, and faith abide in the son or daughter of the Most High God our loving Daddy.
Orphan to Son…making the trip Gods way.
Soaking in Gods word, renews our mind until we have been transformed by the Holy Spirit into someone who loves and walks like Jesus, talks like Jesus, and does the things Jesus did and even greater things will we do, in total agreement with Gods word in everything we think say and do, pure, holy, without spot or wrinkle and un-blamable in His sight with the mind of Christ totally in love with our bridegroom who will soon return for us.
Soaking in His presence changes us from faith to faith, out of our faith which hopes something, into the faith of God, who when Jesus prayed healed them all; and from glory to glory, out of the glory of man into the glory of God like Moses when he came down from the mountain and his face shown like the sun. Through soaking or relaxing in His Presence we can have a direct encounter with Our loving Father God to receive His love and experience His manifest Presence. (Jn.14:21) The kingdom of God is righteousness peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. Come and experience a new love relationship with our loving heavenly Father directly from His heart to yours. There is soft worship music playing continuously to usher you into Gods' presence.
Something wonderful happens in Gods Presence... People are renewed, restored, refreshed, healed, and empowered by the Holy Spirit. Dwelling in the secret place (Ps.91) ushers us into the secret place into Gods rest. In that place nothing in this world can hurt you any more. God has given an incredible promise to small groups of believers: "For where 2 or 3 are gathered together in My name, there I am in their midst." "In His presence mountains (life’s strongholds) melt." We have witnessed marriages healed, substance abuse stopped cold, the rebellious are converted, diseases such as Cancer are healed completely and even old injuries healed. Ps.97:5. "In His presence we are refreshed." A new burning love for God and to see lost souls saved, comes as we soak in Gods glorious presence. Burned out preachers, working men and executives under great stress say this is what they have been looking for all their life. Acts 3:19. "His presence will go with us." Like Peter the anointing of God will surround you and the atmosphere of God will heal the sick. Ex.33:14. Our witness to others comes from the love of God to see His children set free. "In His presence is fullness of joy." Lk.15:10, You can tell a laid down lover (soaker) in Gods presence a smile away by their love for God and each other. Acts 2:28 NKJ

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