Finding your real Father
Finding your real Father
Agape International Chinese school of missions
Agape International Chinese school of missions

Finding Father

Salvation testimony:
I was raised Catholic, wanting to experience everything life had to offer. From Disneyland to Los Vegas I wanted it all, Fame, Fortune, Females, and doing everything my way. There was even a song popular at that time that gave glory to the flesh called “I did it my way”. But to the contrary; things were not working out like I planned. In fact my way wasn’t working at all. My kingdom was falling like a house of cards. My children were in rebellion, my wife was leaving, my business was going down the tubes, so finally with tears and snot all over the place. I met my Master face to face. I received Him into my heart and told Him that my way was not working and everything was falling apart and if He would help me out of the mess I had made, I would serve Him the rest of my life. That was very presumptuous of me to think that he wanted or needed me, but I was a newborn at late age of 39 years old …Amen. (see previous page "What is the answer.")

How many reading this are in love with Jesus and are so glad that He has redeemed us from the judgment we deserved. How many have asked the Holy Spirit to come make His home in us. We are saved by grace through faith in Jesus’ death on the cross, belief that He arose from the dead, and have received the Holy Spirit to become the temple of the Holy Spirit and He is our comforter, power, and abiding hope of glory…Amen. OK, so I need to ask at this point what is our hearts vision is of Father God? Jesus is the good guy who saves and heals and is our soon coming King and bridegroom. The Holy Spirit is our comforter and the power we need to walk the walk and by yielding to Him be transformed into the image of Jesus.

Father God on the other hand has been portrayed as the big Judge in the sky. My view of Father God is that He wasn’t very pleased with me and if it were not for Jesus He would zap me. Maybe your view of the Father is one that precludes you from approaching Him directly because your view of Him is a big fog or because He is seen in the Old Testament as the big all powerful one who created everything and the one who brought the flood on the earth because of mans sinful nature. Well it is our desire to show scripturally that we serve a real loving heavenly Father and what He is really like.

Jn. 14: 6. Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” So after memorizing and quoting this scripture many times to evangelize; it finally hit me one day that Jesus and His death on the cross is not the end of this walk we call Christianity but the beginning. If Jesus is the way…We must be going somewhere. Could we in truth be on a quest? Paul even said that he had not arrived yet, but was pressing on to the high calling to win the race set before him. We are going somewhere and if Jesus is the way. There must be a destination…That scripture also says that we cannot get to Father unless we go through the door through the Blood of the Lamb of God who drank the cup of wrath that belonged to us, and who shed His blood for all mankind to redeem us and restore us to right relationship with His/Our loving heavenly Father who art in heaven…Amen? Jesus came to earth because Father God (who so loved the world) said to (the word made flesh) Jesus; ‘I can’t live without them another moment…Will you do for them that which they cannot do for themselves so they can be restored back to me? I made them in My image and likeness above all My creation because I wanted to have a family and to have fellowship with them and to share everything that I am with them. Then I found that in Heb.1:3 that Jesus is the exact representation of the Father. In fact Jesus came to reveal the Father to us.

Jn.17:26-27. Jesus' main job is to show us God the Father (Jesus is His express image) who really, really loves us. What a revelation. Phillip says in Jn14:8, show us the Father…Jesus says, “He that has seen me has seen the Father.” So from my point of view everything that I loved about Jesus was also true of the Father…But my view of Father used to be I would go to Jesus for whatever I needed and He would go to the Father for me…In fact Jesus, fully man, subject to everything we have experienced in regards to living life on this earth made a profound statement. Read Jn.14:9-10. He said that He did nothing apart from His loving Father (Jesus and the Father are one)…What he heard His Father say, He said. What He saw His Father do, He did, nothing less and nothing more. Wow! What a huge statement that we often overlook and just skip over. Jesus says that He didn’t say anything nor do anything but what My Father says or does. Then consistently, He would go off by Himself to fellowship with His loving heavenly Father. So in fact it was the Father working with and through Jesus that healed the sick, caused the lame to walk, raised the dead and loved us enough to die for us. Glory to God! Jn.14:21.

1Jn.4:8. God is love. 1Jn.4:16, God is love. From two witnesses let everything be established. 
Father God is a lover looking for love, so he fashioned you in His image and likeness to be His children of love.  
Turn to Luke 15:11…We have all read the story of the prodigal son but maybe there is some hidden rhema we have yet to discover? I love this story because it shows me there is hope for everyone. How many sons are in this story? How many say two? How many say three?
Let’s read…The father divides his wealth. I would have probably done something completely different, like, “go clean your room, son”. What is this spoiled son really saying…I’m bored…I wish you were dead and I want my inheritance...NOW. So Father goes and divides his wealth and gives his son his inheritance money who promptly goes away to a far country and spends it until he has gone through all his inheritance…”a fool and his money are soon parted.”
Vs 14-16. But he has made some good friends by spending some of his money on them, right? So he goes to one of them looking for a job. The friend relents and puts him (a Jew) in charge of his pigs. Can this young man who from his childhood has been told the pig is an unclean animal, sink any lower? Some friends just don’t know how to help us. Then what happens…This spoiled young son has nothing to eat but pig pods but no one would let him have any. Looks like attitude adjustment time! Looks like the spoiled son is being (humbled) by the world he is now living in.
Vs. 17-19. Then he starts thinking about his former life and the servants on his Dads farm, and how much better his servants have it, than he in his present circumstances. So he starts (repenting in his heart) rehearsing his coming home speech he will make to his father. He reasons that he could do the jobs of his former servants and be much better of than he is now …So he quits his pig job and heads home.

Vs 20-24. Now, watch this…While yet a long way off the Father sees him. Why? The Father loves His son so much He’s been looking down that road every day since he left. He wants his son back home…But today is the big day. Father runs to son, not son to Father, and throws himself on his son and kisses him.
Vs 21. Son starts his speech but father interrupts and sends servants to bring the finest robe to put on him. What would you and I have done? Probably we would have given him a hard job with many restrictions and made the son pay back every cent he took; but not our loving heavenly Father. In fact he gave this son a ring and a royal robe (this represented authority to buy and sell) also, slaves didn’t wear sandals only sons.

Father God is a lover looking for love from us and the more we love Him the more He loves us (intimately) and places His blessings and favor upon us. He fashioned you to be His temple, His habitation, His representative, His son or daughter, His ambassador in the earth today, to walk like Jesus, to say the things He said, and to do the things He did and even greater things... just like Jesus is to the Father, so are we to be today.  His people, love His people, heal His people, preach the good news and encourage others until Christ be formed in us all.
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