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May 15-22, 2010

1. Canadaís March For Life drew large crowds all across Canada. In Ottawa, there were over 12,500 people, mostly young. It was an encouraging time when many MPs came out to speak to the demonstrators. Pray that there will be a day in the future when the abortion debate will be presented before Parliament.

2. The Freedom Journey was in Yellow Knife on the weekend and in Flying Dusk, SK on Wednesday which is Shavuot or Pentecost. The Forgiveness Summit will be conducted on June 11-13 in Ottawa. The First Peoples will be delivering their forgiveness to Ottawa for the abuses in the Residential Schools. Pray for the last stops on the tour. Pray for favour for the team led by Kenny Blacksmith. Pray for finances and provision for the team.

3. Funding from Toronto for the Gay Pride Parade is dependant upon the decision of the Executive Committee concerning the parade organizerís inclusion of the Israel Apartheid float. Pray for a decision to prevent the Israel Apartheid float. Pray for the parade to be rained upon.

4. Bill C-268, the Human Trafficking bill, is stalled in the Senate. Pray for the senators to get serious about this bill and move it on to the next level.

5. Bill C-510, the Abortion Coercion bill, is to be introduced this week. It is a private members bill that needs our prayers. Pray for favour of this bill as it faces an uphill battle.

6. The G-8 nations meet in Huntsville on June 25-26; the G-20 nations meet in Toronto on June 26-27. Pray for Prime Minister Harper as he leads these meetings. Pray for courage to hold the course and for favour as he walks in righteousness.

7. The Global Day of Prayer has over 200 nations involved. Pray for an increased involvement by Canada in this exceptional time of prayer across the world.

8. Shavuot, the Hebrew name for Pentecost, will be conducted on Wednesday, May 19th. This is the day that the Lord gave the Ten Commandments at Mount Sinai. It is also the day that the Holy Spirit was poured out upon those waiting in the Upper Room in Jerusalem. The Law is now written on the hearts of believers, not only on stone. Three thousand died on the first Pentecost; three thousand were saved on the second Pentecost. Pour out Your Spirit on all believers. Pour out Your Spirit on Canada, O Lord.

Stand on Guard National Director Rev. Joe Campbell
Stand on Guard Administrator: Shirley Hildebrand
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