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First basics of Christianity, the Lifestyle.
John 3.3 sees unless you are born again you will not enter the kingdom of God. When you are born again it is as Gal 2.20 it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives within me. Baptism is a total immersing. Although water baptism is not believed a essential part of salvation (being the born again experience) Jesus demands it, it is not a option. It brings fullness of the spirit living, into us. We must not get this confused with child christening. A evidence of being baptized in the Holy Spirit is the ability of speaking in tongues, a language given to us that only the Holy tribune understands.This is also a gift of God we can use in ways of which you will learn about. It is a good thing. We then develop our lives to be like minded like Jesus, a good example of this is in Gal 5.22, and can be used as vessels for God for various duties according to his will. We will not all be led or called by God to be into all the some areas / ministries. While church congregations have different ministries and various meetings we must be careful not to become legalistic, Complaisant or treat the holy as common. We must be sensitive to our own leading from his Holy Spirit within us. To end this message as a Pentecostal church member I am not condemning any other denomination but the are two things you should know. True Christians are those (as Pentecostal) that live out Gods word in there everyday living situations and circumstances (understandably according to knowledge of God gained.) leaning not on there own understanding but on Gods, Prov 3.5. Christianity is not just a Sunday thing. We can not do this under our own perceived ideas and strength. When you are born again you are a subject of the new, spirit filled nature. This new life can and will lift you up out of all kinds of dilemmas you may have got yourself in. eg - suicidal situation or contemplation (I know this situation). I challenge you to find yourself in church that is Pentecostal like minded and experience a new and exiting Lifestyle.The church, known as Gods church is the people off God within, made up of a number of congregations, not the building itself. You will find GOD HAS FORMED church congregations with different ministries, and you will surely find one that does have a ministry to suit your needs. You to can become a vessel for God to help others and you need not wait to get your life in order first.The God I know does not play favorites . Jesus loves you, he will take you as you are and helps you get things in order.

I tell you these things ďMy Church Family Gives Me - GODS purpose to live for (mission). GODS people to live with (membership) *GODS Principals To Live By (Maturity). *GODS profession to live out (ministry). GODS Power to live on (magnify).

The second thing we must know is the word of God is the truth and it is living, we therefor can not alter it to suit us, it can not be compromised and we can not use it in vain. We can not use it and be hypocritical and we can not use our own Phrases thinking that they line up with Scripture (or even Scripture itself) in such a way in attempt to get our own way eg mechanically.
Eg the popular one ďGet over itĒ directed at the accused or offended is one of them. (The is a wright place for this phrase.). Our Lord knows we are not perfect and doesnít expect it, but does expect us to do our best to line up with his righteousness. Itís not a scary life, on the contrary itís the good and exiting life. A life of salvation.

One thing Joyce Meyer sees we donít have to LIKE everything or everyone, this is not a sin. We do have to LOVE everyone with the love of the Lord. (Thus being not the love as the world knows off but a agape love). Its difficult to understand because normally you have to like it before you love it, basically if you donít like someone its not the person themselves but the type of Character / situation or personality within them. Or the thing, is probably not your era. Thatís ok. While we are formed into people to exhibit the good workings of our lord through us the are times when things are not all that rosy, the devil has tactics to try to steal the good workings of God from us. (Keep in mind its not always the devil, usually, but not always). The is not an expectation from God for us to fake it, making it look like all is ok. Scripture implies the is no worth in this and God does not take a liking to it / this). Christians are or should be sensitive to this with each other. So until next time May Gods Blessing be with you. Godly fellowship is great.

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