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Everett Indonesian SDA Church
Church Homepage
Welcome to EISDAC website.

Selamat datang di website EISDAC.


Everett Indonesian SDA Church.

Mission Statement.

The Everett Indonesian SDA Church cooperates with Washington Conference of Seventh-day Adventist in fullfilling the mission of Christ in the community. This mission has three dimension:

1. To serve and glorify God.

2. To nurture, strengthen, and train every church members for service.

3. To reach the perishing with the Gospel of Christ.


Contact our Pastor if you:

1. Request for a visit
2. Is in Hospital
3. Desire Bible study
4. Request special prayer
5. Desires transfer of membership

Send your name, address, phone number or email to:

Pastor Alex Rantung
Phone: 425-742-8511


Kontak Pendeta jika anda:

1. Ingin dilawat
2. Berada di Rumah Sakit
3. Keinginan belajar Alkitab
4. Mempunyai doa khusus
5. Berkeinginan untuk menjadi anggota gereja

Tolong jelaskan nama, alamat, nomer telpon dan keinginan anda kepada:

Pendeta Alex Rantung
Telpon: 425-742-8511

4132 Federal Avenue
Everett WA 98203



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