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Rev Dr E. N. Tetteh is an influential Motivational Speaker of international renown, a trained Psychologist, best-selling Author, Counsellor, Leadership Trainer, Project Management Consultant and above all a Servant of God with a unique Apostolic calling, a passion for teaching the Word of God and preaches messages of Salvation, Hope and Faith that bring healing to the spirit, soul and body.

Through his teachings and Prophetic anointing, Almighty Jehovah God is using him to be a blessing to thousands across the nations of the world by backing the Word of God with tangible miracles, healings, signs and wonders.

As an International Conference Speaker, Dr. Tetteh has preached at many large gatherings including the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship (FGBMFI) meetings, Assemblies of God churches, Methodist churches, Presbyterian churches as well as Pentecostal/Charismatic churches.

The focus of his message is to stir up eagle faith in people, teaching them how to transform their visions into action. He addresses critical issues including effective development of the social, emotional, psychological, socio-economic and spiritual prosperity of man.

Wherever he has ministered, God has confirmed his ministry with astounding miracles, healings, and many other supernatural signs. People in all the nations he has ministered testify of how God through him had touched and delivered them from poverty, ill-heath and spiritual bondages.

Rev Dr E. N. Tetteh, is Founding President of Eagle Faith Conferences, a non denominational Christian Movement and has ministered in many nations including UK, USA, Israel, Jordan as well as Eastern Europe and Africa.

A young man but with great ambition driven by the power of the Holy Ghost, he is also a Senior Minister at Worldwide Miracle Outreach, headquartered in London, United Kingdom.

Rev Dr E. N. Tetteh’s favourite formula is Training + Opportunity = DESTINY, and Faith cometh by hearing and hearing the Word of GOD.

His top best selling book is ‘Overcoming the Storms of Life’.

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