Deliverance From Evil
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Deliverance Prayer

Here is a deliverance prayer you can use or you can make
your own. Make sure the prayer matched the steps mentioned
in the Battle Plan. Read Battle Ready............

Here are some scripture suggestions that you or others can
read while the deliverance session is in progress...
All these come from Psalms....3,4,16,23,44,69,70,71,91,116,
120,140,141...these are the strongest deliverance prayers
to me. 17,18,20,27,28,30,31,42,46,51,54,55,59,64,77,88,
113,125,142,143 also deal with deliverance but not as strongly as the first group.

Praise and worship are in this group...1,19,22,24,25,33,

Asking for Mercy...1,5,6,29,38,51,56,57,58,67,73,74,75,


If you are not sure where to begin start with Psalms 91 and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you from there.

Heavenly Father, praise your name, Heaven and Earth
bows before You. There is no name higher, my Lord and
Father. I believe in You and Your Son, Jesus Christ.
I believe that Jesus came into the world, a virgin birth,
all righteous and holy, as our redeemer and savior.
Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead three days
later, so we could be forgiven of our
sins and have everlasting life in Heaven. He shed His
precious blood so we could live forever and not perish
as the wages of sin demand. I know that Jesus is the
only way to You, God Almighty, all knowing, all caring,
all loving.

I renounce living my life by only my decisions.
I invite You to control my life, I willingly give up
my life to Your loving hands, to use me for Your glory
and honor. I know that Your unlimited forgiveness and
mercy will save me from myself.

Forgive me of my sins, known and unknown,
especially the sin of _________, that I will not offend
You Lord. Thank You for Your mercy and forgiveness. I
turn away from these sins and ask the Holy Spirit to
convict me of any other sins that I am unaware of and
make me know them, so I will not repeat them.

As, You have forgiven me of my sins, I forgive
anyone who has wronged me. I freely give my forgiveness
as forgiveness is freely given to me by You, my God
of mercy. I carry no bitterness, resentment, hatred,
or a desire for revenge. Bless them Lord because I
know they are people like myself with weaknesses and
You forgave me. I especially forgive __________ .

Jesus, my Redeemer, You spilled Your Blood that
I may be saved and that I am not subject to the curses
or judgements of evil intent. By Your Blood, I ask You
Jesus to cancel and release me from any and all
curses and judgements that bind my life from past or
present causes. If I am under a curse from our Holy
Father, please let it be known to me so I may repent
and be forgiven. Please open the door to our Fathers'
Blessings. Thank You Jesus for freeing me to receive
the deliverance I need.

In the Name of Jesus, I break all ties with the
occult and close all doors to this evil domain. By the
power and authority given to me by God through his son
Jesus, I declare I am bound no more by any occult sin
or practice. Thank You Lord for the power and authority.
I will destroy any occult or associated objects or idols
in my possession.

Forgive me of any false religion or worship, known
or unknown to me, that I have been involved with.
Forgive me of anything that I have put above You or
ahead of You. I know this is a form of bondage that
I am asking to be freed from. I renounce anything in my
life that has kept me from You, My God. I especially
renounce ___________.

I stand firm with You, my Lord. I praise Your Name
and sing of Your greatness. I put on Your armor, that I
may be ready to fight evil in Your Name. I submit to you
my Lord, my God Almighty. Thank You Jesus for the
ultimate sacrifice that You made for me. By Your act
You made all things possible through our Father.

I now speak and call out any spirits or demons
that are trying to control me. Any influence of evil,
spirit of _______ or demon of _______, I bind you, in the Name of Jesus, Who shed His Blood to give me the
Authority to cast you out in His Name Jesus Christ,
I command you to leave now and to go to Jesus for Him to
do with you as He desires. In the Name of Jesus I
pray and give thanks for my deliverance. AMEN

Read Scriptures that will give you power and authority
now. This is why having someone to help or lead the
process is very valuable. You can concentrate on the
prayer to cleanse yourself for deliverance.

This should complete the deliverance process. Decide if
there is anything left to deal with. If so, try to
decide what it may be. Some spirits may not come out
easily and may require repeated portions of the casting
out prayer. You may not have done everything in the
prayer above as needed. Ask the Holy Spirit if you
need to do anything else to cleanse yourself to receive
Gods' Deliverance.

Stop if you get tired. Try again after resting. Keep
trying. Jesus told us some spirits require fasting and
prayer. Intercessory prayer would be very powerful
for you if you invited others to do this for you. You do
not have to go into detail and they do not have to be
present. Simply ask churches and people to pray for you.
Ask them to pray that God will give you strength and

Room Cleansing

I have seen room cleansings and there are some common actions in each. Here is a suggested way to do so if you need to clean you house room by room.

Annoint each window with a symbol of the cross in virgin olive oil.
Say a prayer of deliverance, either write it yourself or use a Psalm (there are many good ones that you can read right out of the Bible)
Sprinkle Holy Water in the room while praying. Get your pastor of priest to blees it for you. If you can't then ask God to cleanse it for you by praying to Him to make it purified or this use.
Have someone sing Gospel songs in the background, if possible, or play them on a player of some kind. The old Gospels do fine.
Say you deliverance prayer and cast all evil spirits from the room in Jesus name and by His Blood.
Annoint the doorway as you leave the room.
Say a prayer of thanks to God theough Jesus that He cleansed the room.
Repeat in each room of the house.
When you get to the exterior doors have a small sign made up taht says "Everyone who enters this house is covered by the Blood of Jesus Christ". Put it on all the door frames on the top after you annoint each one.

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