Cumberland Wesleyan Church
Come Worship with Us!

Pastor Troy Bolen, his wife Melisa, and their children Emilee, Rachel, Samuel, Caleb, Drewy, and Amy came to us in April of 2010.  They are a wonderful family with a passion for Christ and the up-building of His kingdom.  Pastor Troy is a Bible believing Pastor who cares for his people. He truly desires for them to grow Spiritually and in understanding of God's Word.  We are truly blessed with the ministry of Pastor Troy and the wonderful talents that are added to our worship through his family.
Pastor Troy also serves as Administrator and Principal of the Cumberland Christian School and Melisa serves as Supervisor and Treasurer.  They are very involved in every area of the church and school, as well as the individual lives of the church people and students.
We invite you to come and meet our pastoral family and experience the blessing God has given to us through them. 


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