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A prayer given from the heart of a child. Pray this prayer slowly as music is played in the background for church on Father’s Day Sunday.


Dear God,

Thank you for my dad. He is the greatest. He comes home every night and tucks me in bed. Thank you, God for his strong arms that hold me when I am sad. It makes me feel good deep inside me. God, my dad works hard so we can have food to eat and pay our bills. We are so thankful for that. Thank you God, for my dad; he takes walks with me and our dog, Charlie. I love my dad so much. God, did you know the other week my dad took me camping. We had the coolest time. My mom was happy that we could do this all together as a family. You gave me such a good family and my dad is the best. Thank you, God for how he drives us to church every Sunday morning. We sit together and sing, and them my dad walks me downstairs to kid’s church. My dad even attends my teacher conferences with my mom, and that makes me feel like he cares about my school work. Thank you, God for his love and care for me every day. I love you, too, God and thank you for giving me the BEST dad in the whole wide world.

Amen, Jenny

©Jeanne McIntosh May 2011. All rights reserved.

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