Love, Joy, Peace Mini Program



(Grades K – 3)

Props: kids wear t-shirts: Love (red) Joy (green) Peace (red); signs of letters or words on cardstock using the opposite color background with pasted letter or word  on white paper. This can also be incorporated into an adult musical.


L – Listen to our story today when Jesus came to earth


O – Obedience is the very best way to show that you believe

V – Verily, I say unto you, believe on God’s only Son


E – Eternal life will be given to you



SONG: I’ve Got Love Like an Ocean (use sign language)




J – Jesus came one night so long ago


O – Only to the shepherds the angels sang


Y – You must go see the Christ Child born in Bethlehem



SONG: I’ve Got Joy Like A Fountain (use sign language)



P – Praising God they traveled far in the…


E – East they saw a wonderful sight


A – A child was born lying in a manger


C – Cared tenderly by Mary and Joseph


SONG: I’ve Got Peace Like A River (use sign language)


©  Jeanne McIntosh 2009. All rights reserved.




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