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Simple Christmas Play for Small Kids

Grades Pk-2nd  

Cast: Sheep (3), narrator (teenager or adult), Mary, Joseph, Innkeepers (3), Shepherds (3), Baby Jesus (doll)

Costumes: Sheep can wear all white or black clothes, and dark or white headbands that have white ears on them. Mary, Joseph, Innkeeper, Shepherds can all wear biblical clothes using head coverings; and the narrator can wear a silly hat, bow tie and Christmas colors or black and white.

Choir: Can be omitted if you do not have the children to do it. They can wear red t-shirts and white or dark pants. You may consider using the same children for the drama as well as the choir.

Props: manger scene, artificial trees (3), large area square of green for a field area for sheep and shepherds, the trees can be used with the manger scene or for props where the innkeepers will stand.


Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a King who reigned over all the land of Judea. He decided one day to put heavy taxes on all the people. This was a hardship to them, and they complained. But there was nothing they could do about it. Joseph and Mary, who were about to have a baby, were part of the group who went to pay their taxes. Some people had to travel a long way such as Mary and Joseph.  Mary was pregnant and about to have a baby, so this was difficult for her. After traveling for a long time, they arrived in the city of Bethlehem, Mary was so tired, and asked Joseph if he could find her a place to lie down. Joseph was concerned for his wife, and tried his best to find her a room to spend the night.


(Joseph and Mary approach three different doors or places where the innkeepers are located on stage, Joseph will knock three times at each door)

Innkeeper 1: Sorry, no room here. (Wave both arms)

Innkeeper 2: What are you coming so late for; don’t you know that we fill up early around here at this time of the year. (Hands on hips)

Innkeeper 3: Nope! Sorry! No room! Hey wait a minute! I have a barn in the back of the motel where I keep the animals that have to spend overnight here for our guest. There is one small area that you can use if you like. That is up to you. (Innkeeper point to the direction)

Narrator: So this is what Mary and Joseph did.

Joseph: I am sorry Mary that you have to spend the night in a place like this.

Mary; That is ok Joseph. At least I can rest my back, and the baby has moved so much on this trip. (Go to manger scene for remaining of program)

Narrator: Than night, while the entire world was sleeping, a very special baby was born. Mary gave birth to the Son of God, Jesus. His name was called Jesus.

CHOIR: Away in a Manger (one verse)


(Sheep enter) In another place out in the dark and lonely night, some shepherds were watching a large flock of sheep on a hill way out from the town. They were all alone, for they did not mingle very well with the townspeople, because they were not very important people.  Shepherds were not very highly thought of for they did a lowly job.

Sheep 1: It is cold out here?

Sheep 2: I’m not cold; my wool must be thicker than yours.

Sheep 3: Hey! Where’s that light coming from?

Narrator: All of the sudden the shepherds saw a great light in the sky. There were so many angels singing and they lit up the sky. They had voices that blended beautiful in the dark sky and sang a joyful song. However, the shepherds were frightened by this strange sight in the sky.

CHOIR: While BY Our Sheep We Watched at Night (have an adult or youth sing the main part and the kids sing the echo part)


Shepherd 1: Who are those people in the sky?

Shepherd 2: What do you think they want from us.

Shepherd 2: Maybe we’d better take cover in case they decide to whisk us away. I remember that UFO report last year.

Narrator: The shepherds really were frightened. There were so many angels; they had never seen such a sight before. Imagine that! They looked at one another in wonder and fear as they listened to the beautiful music.

CHOIR: Angels We Have Heard on High (one verse)


Angel 1: Fear not!

Angel 2: I bring you good tidings!

Angel 3: A Savior us born this day in the city of David.

Narrator: They were most certainly amazed. The angels spoke to them….lowly shepherds. The angel told them that they would find the baby wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a manger.


Shepherd 1: Let us go!

Shepherd 2: To Bethlehem!

Shepherd 3: To see this great Christ child who is born.

Narrator: And so the shepherds began their journey to visit Baby Jesus. It was dark and they had a long ways to travel, but they were in awe of what they had just seen and heard and were excited to see the baby. They traveled for some time until they came to Bethlehem. After much searching they found Baby Jesus. They were quite surprised to find him in a manger where the animals were kept for the night. They were so excited, that they told everyone who the met about what they had seen. Jesus was born!

CHOIR: Go Tell IT on the Mountain

All cast enter stage again for audience to see and clap in appreciation. Be sure to give credit for anyone who had a part or helped with the program in any way. Appreciation goes a long ways. Remember, you will need help again in the future. God bless!

© Jeanne McIntosh. 2009 All rights reserved.


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