St. Patricks Day Service for Kids


St. Patrick’s Day Service for Kids



Materials needed: Cardstock, Shamrocks, picture of St. Patrick (Online), large black kettle, gold paper

Scripture: The Lord's Prayer

Children’s Message:
Why do we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Many years ago, a young man by the name of Patrick, lived in a regular home like you boys and girls and went to school as you did. In fact, he did not even like school as some of you may feel. His parents took him to church, and he learned the Lord’s Prayer. How many of you know the Lord’s Prayer? Can you all say that with me? (Say the Lord’s Prayer at this time).


Patrick had a fun time playing outside until one day; he saw something that made his hair stand up high. Some Irish men had come to his town, and it was during that dark evening they did great damage to some of the neighbor’s property. They set some homes on fire burning them down. How terrible! Can you imagine losing your home to some cruel people who decided to play a prank on you? However, these men were not playing a prank; they were very mean and serious. They not only burned homes down, but took some of the people captive to sell as slaves across the ocean. Patrick was one of these.


Imagine how terrifying it would be to be taken away from your home and thinking you may never see your parents again. This must have been how Patrick felt. We must always be careful in talking with strangers or going somewhere with them even if they tell us it is alright. There are people who do bad things to boys and girls and hurt them. We need to listen to our parents and teaches and have a plan on what we are supposed to do, and who we should contact when strangers try to get us to go somewhere with them.


Patrick was sold to a king in Ireland and made to work in the fields with the sheep. While he was working, he would repeat the Lord’s Prayer many times a night.


One day, God told him (God does speak to us in our mind) to take a ship and go back home. So Patrick just walked off from where he was used as a slave, found a ship and sailed back home. His family was so happy to see him. It was not long, until God told Patrick something else. He wanted him to go back to where he was held captive, and tell the people about Jesus. Wow! Not only does God tell us to love and pray for our enemies, but sometimes He may ask us to do something nice for them? Patrick obeyed God.


During his time in Ireland, he told many people the plan of salvation. God has a plan for each of us. A-admit we are a sinner; B- believe Jesus died on the cross for us to set us free from our sins, C-confess that we have sinned and then believe he forgives us. We can claim His promise by His Word. “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us from all our sins” I John 1:9.


God used Patrick to serve others. He helped start many churches. God will use you to if we are listening to his Voice. How does he speak to us? God speaks to us through His Word, others, and circumstances around us. If we have received Him into our hearts, and confessed our sins, He had a wonderful plan for our lives that include something great!

Pot of Gold Game:
Provide a large black kettle with full sheets of gold paper made into paper wads. Write these questions written on each paper wad. Have the kids come up one at a time and select a wad to open, read, and do what it says. If they get the correct answer or do what it says, they may select a gold wrapped chocolate. (You can buy money wrapped in yellow color foil) 

1. Who was the little boy in the story today?
2. What happened to Patrick in the story today?
3. What Bible Verses did Patrick quote every day and night as he worked with the sheep?
4. Who took Patrick far away from his home?
5. What did some bad men do to Patrick's home
6. What kind of animals did Patrick care for every day?
7. Who was Patrik sold to?
8. What did the King make Patrick do?
9. God told Patrick to get on to a ______? Hint: water
10. God helped Patrick to start many ____? Hint: buildling

Children’s Presentation


Directions: Put these letters on a card stick – one letter per card. Tape or paste what each letter reads behind the cardstock. Distribute to the children and have them come up front to read their lines. Provide green hats for them to wear to make this fun. When they say the letter "S" have them raise their hat and place in back on their head and continue with the reading. DO this for all the letters.


S – St. Patrick forgave those who meant him harm.
A – All of us can be forgiven if we ask Jesus into our hearts.
I – Inside each of us, is a desire to please God. We must learn how to let Him help us to this.
N – No child is too young to learn about Jesus.
T – The Bible is God’s Word that will guide us in how to grow daily.


P – Patrick was a young boy when he was taken away from his home.
A – Although Patrick was treated unfairly, he forgave his captors.
T – Trusting in God sometimes is the only way we can get through problems every day.
R – Reach out to Jesus, and He will help you react in kindness even when you are treated unkindly.
I – It is not an easy thing to say the right words when you are angry.

C - Confess to Jesus when you sin, and trust Him to forgive you.
K – Keep your heart and mind on Jesus, and read you bible and prayer every day. He will help you in the greatest difficulties that life with bring whether at school, home, your neighborhood, or your family.



St. Patrick's Day Bingo

(Tune: Bingo) Place the letters S-A-I-N-T each on a shamrock. Allow five children to hold in front of their chest as the group sings. When it is time to clap, each children will drop their shamrock to their side until the song has been repeated enough times when all are cardstocks have been lowered.


There was a boy who served the Lord.

Who loved to read His Word-O





Saint Patrick was his name-o.


Clap and omit a letter every time you sing the chorus until all letters are only claps. The song is along the same pattern as the song "Bingo".

Small or Large Group Questions for Discussion:
1. How can God use you to tell others about Him?
2. Why should we read our bible and prayer?
3. Why is it important to obey God immediantly?
4. How does God help is when we are sad, angry, or hurt?

Shamrock Prayer Activity:
Give each child a marker and a green Shamrock. Have them write down the names of those whom thay can tell about Jesus. Tell them to place these in a place where they can see them in order to pray for them every day.

Closing Prayer: Dear God, we thank you for helping us each day to serve you. We thank you for young boys like St. Patrick who gave their life to serving you, and winning souls for Jesus even when it was difficult. Help us learn from his life what it means to serve God, and forgive others when they treat us unkindly. Forgive us when we fail to respond in the way that is pleasing to you. Help us to rely on you by asking for your help every day. In Jesus, name, Amen.


© Jeanne McIntosh March 2009. All rights reserved.


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