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We at CHANGE Homeschool Academy want to help you help your child attain all that he or she can.
Participation in honor societies can aid in scholarship searches when applying for college!
CHANGE has our own chapter of the National Honor Society.

National Honor Society - Eta Sigma Alpha

Membership criterion includes:

    Guidelines for Acceptance:

    1. Nominees must exhibit Godly character and be an example to their peer group and teachers in how they live.  for individuals not from our co-op, 3 letters of reference are required (pastoral, teacher, etc.)

    2. A test score of 1800 (SAT) or 26 (ACT) or 180 (PSAT) or a 90% on the composite/complete battery on the CAT, IOWA or Stanford nationally normed standardized achievement tests is required for ESA membership. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE FOR ANY STUDENT. 3. Test scores should not be more than 1 year old. 4. All tests must be administered in a group setting.  Parent administered tests are not acceptable. 5. Minimum 3.5 grade point average based on a 4.0 scale.  (This GPA may include the parent transcript, early admission college courses, co-op or support group homeschool class grades, or similar coursework supervised/directed by the homeschooling parent.)  6. Demonstrate record of volunteer service

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