Middle Ga. Association of Clergywomen,Inc.
News & Updates
The Middle Georgia Association is sponsoring the Annual Retreat for 2014; if you are interested, please contact Rev. Mable Randall @ MaeRand111@aol.com or 478-254-6805.

The retreat will be held in Helen, Ga at Tanglewood Cabins.  The fee for the entire weekend is 190.00; this will include, bus, food, lodging, tee-shirt, workshops and much more.

Mable Randall

Officers and Members of Middle Georgia Association of Clergywomen,Inc

Mable R. Randall, President

Josie Grace, First Vice President

Gloria Madison, Second Vice-President

Uletha Durham, Third Vice-President 

Juanita Culler, Recorder

Sandra Lane,  Treasurer

Wiggins, Christine , Financial Secretary 

 Mary Moran, Chaplin
 Linda Robinson, Assistant Chaplin

Angela Releford Chairperson
Valerie Davis
Juanita Culler, Public Relations

Educational Directors:
Kelda Cubit, Co- Director
Gloria Madison, Co-Director

Christian Counselor
Valerie Davis

Members:                                              Payne, Pamela Min.   
Anderson, Nellie Min.                              Reeves, Wilma Dr.        
Densley, Alice Rev.                                 Rooks, Kathy Rev
Davis, Valerie                                        Smith, Patricia Rev.
Gilmore, Tamika                                    West, Nyesha
Haynes, Hariet Sis.
Martin, June Pastor
Montgomery, Earnestine Rev.
Person, Shirley Prophetess

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