Online Church of the Great Commission
"Go, make disciples of all nations." Matthew 28:19




I'm glad you could join us. The Online Church of the Great Commission web site is a place dedicated to those who are lost, and those who only think they are. This is:

» A place for Christians to gather in fellowship.
» A place for those who need prayers.
» A place for those looking for spiritual uplifting.
» A place for those who need their faith strengthened.

    In a nutshell, this site is for everyone. Whether we want to admit it or not, we all feel lost sometimes. However, we know that God is lighting our path -- if we would only open our eyes to His light.

    This church is unique (though not completely in this day and age) in that it's strictly an online church. There is no actual building affiliated with it. There is no pastor, though I write sermons on a regular basis to read at your leisure. 

    This web site is not meant to serve as a substitute for attending a physical church. I, myself, am very involved with my local church. Scripture tells us that church (gathering in fellowship in that same manner) is a very important part of a person's faith, Christian education and spiritual well-being. For a full explanation of this and more, please click on the Our Beliefs tab.
    There is plenty to see here, so take a stroll around. Don't be surprised if you see changes from time to time. Content will be added often.


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