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Date Last Modified: 02/11/05

The “Pagan” Apparition Dreams
One night I awoke with a start after a powerful dream. In it, all of the people I knew, from the least known to most loved, came and joined together in a show a friendship and sharing of food. Near the end, I began to sense there was something utterly false about the dream. It was not that people gathered whom would ordinarily not care to into an amicable social setting. Rather, there was something unseen that felt odd- out of place somehow. I realised the vision playing out around me, though stunningly real in its aesthetics and dialogue, was to my own discernment un-natural, entirely illusory, fake.
A creature approached me that was at first a family dog, but then metamorphosised into an evil spirit as it drew near, biting at my gloved hand and trying to draw me toward it. I drew back away from it fearlessly and waited for it to attack, preparing a prayer to defend myself, at which point it fled. Then something most odd happened. From the mouth of my apparent mother, seated near at hand, I felt the utterance of something entirely unwholesome and unholy and unclean. I never looked, I just knew that the words came from that creature that pretended to be my mother. The words were “Glory – Be- To –Apo-thi-a!”. The voice was one I had never heard of before, and was full of power and self pride. Considering the meaning of this dream, I prayed and then turned back to sleep. Days later, an apparition stood to one side of me, and told me that her name was (if I am not mistaken) Dumuzi.
I prepared a prayer to call upon the Lord Jesus Christ to rebuke it, and the apparition vanished, even before the prayer reached my lips- indeed true prayer occurs in the heart of one’s soul. I prayed for God to allow the intercession of an appropriate Archangel nonetheless, then left this individual matter as being no-longer a problem.
Looking up these names, I found in one case a reference to a pagan “goddess”. The other I found no reference to and so assumed to have been nothing more than a bad dream. Of the other, that the presence of it had fled before being rebuked by prayer to Jesus, and that the fallen angel that represented itself in this way to me did not realise the strength of my loyalty and trust in the Lord God Almighty, was interesting. The limitation of their power seemed evident. They can not read, it seems, people’s hearts. They can however, make a logical guess as to how to attempt to manipulate the heart’s of men.
I made prayers to God later, asking that Jesus send an appropriate Archangel or others of the Heavenly Host to be rid myself or any other person of the evil thing, wherever it took off to. It occurred to me that since these experiences occurred when I first made contact with the pagan society in the city, some of them may have been casting circles of late.
Months later, in study of the letters of St. Paul, I found in Corinthians St. Paul proclaim that pagan “gods” were none other than demons. I re-read this section, and pondered.
Whatever the story behind this apparition, whether it was real or not, there have been no reoccurrences and I continue to promote Christianity by suggestion or defense in conversation and discussion to the pagans I meet.
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