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 +FOR November: remember, remember "GUY FALKS" ain't just "FOREVER"!
HERE- A "PROPHECY" concerning they who might yet desire "Peace" that be "True Peace"- not the "TURN of the Page" and onto the "Next Storm of Life" without a "Turn of the Cheek" to so much as catch the attention of they:
NOTE- PROPHETIC TIMES, IF GIFTED, ARE NOT ACTUAL DATES OR TIMES- PROPHECY CAN RELATE TO PROPHETIC TIMES [where things are seen to come to pass, from the Eternal to the Temporal, such that the circumstances are there for the prophesied thing./event to happen/occur, but yet have to move into the domain of the temporal, that does not disclude HOPE arriving on the scene -far from it].. Prophecy can relate to non-event and event times as dates. For example, in the bible code, "OBAMA, death, May 2011" has been seen on a search regarding Obama and financial collapse in America;- This does not mean Obama died, or finance should fall. fail in the US. It just means those words connect over that date, that;s it. It could be that Obama made an Unwise choice,of speech/declaration- such as should result in death as oppose life [Deuteronomy 30:15- "..I put before you Life  good, death and evil.."  And Deut 30:14 "..the Word is very near you; it is in your mouth and in your heart so that you can do it.."]. The Result of the Justice done on those Word, if un repented for, and  I pray it were repented for, could be something damaging to America [LORD, I pray your Infintie Mercy over they] as a reuslt of his word, so that an ACTUAL DATE i.e. of consequence, a follow on event is later, if its is to occur.


2011- the worst before the 'Storm' is yet 'over'- for some- for some it BE AS YET TO COME:

12-01-2011 Report

From Isaiah, 9:17 “… Therefore the LORD will take no pleasure in the young men, nor will he pity the fatherless and widows, for everyone is ungodly and wicked, every mouth speaks vileness..”

YEA! Says the LORD: If you will turn from you SIN- TURN NOW! REPENT! Whilst still may you! For the End Time be about to “Swamp” you!

FOR the “Faithful”- though are of Christ JESUS are in heart as Spirit Full- for HE is “Faith”- FUL- they- the Elect- who do not fall, who do Trust in He till they are full and there Mouth be Satisfied with Good “things” (meaning- “Words”) but have no ear itching to “Hear” evil- but are not lead- or guided- by “they” who do lead this “people”- but like the most simple- the child most simple- turn as The Good Disciple to JESUS who is The Head of US ALL- It is this Simple; “TRUST IN HE.”

Put your (Right) Hand UP- SAY- “JESUS – LET YOU CARRY ME- FROM A to B- for you know what be ahead of me- the End Time travesty- as they who sowe iniquity- as every grass root be- be swept away by the end time plague, as “Fire!” ahead…

JESUS SAID [of 2011]; “Great “Fire!”- GREAT “FIRE”! Yea- EVEN- as oft see M/me through the EYE of the Closest Disciple of I- HELL FIRE! For on “Earth!”_ I SEE “HELL FIRE”! YEA- a Nuclear “HELL FIRE!” For Ahmadinejad prophecy against ye- and the Anti-Christ who be his brother- behind he- so it will fall –on thee- Marek Lie not- America- USA- particularly- for the Enemy doth SO despise yea!

BUT UK- UK- you will not escape “Hell Fire!” SO easily- HOW MY END TIME CHASTISEMENTS be lined up- racked up –for YOU!

HE- Marek- the Goodly Gift Giver- refute the Enemy- in the SuperNatural- but if you will not plead the cause of the innocent- and that by Me- not humanistic humanity gone “Wrong!” without I- I F You will “Speak” but LIE as Iniquity- in the Pro-Islamisation of your country- set about so as to WEAKEN ye- WHAT WILL DO THEE? – Without the Protection of The Almighty?


AND IF YOU REMAIN WHERE HE BE- HOPE in HE- for in no other be “Hope” as HE call IT- which IS “HOPE” – for HIS VERY SPIRIT BE TRUE SPIRITUAL, SUPERNATRUAL “HOPE”- HOPE IN HIS “RETURN” IS SUCH “HOPE”- then YOU will be Saved- as Delivered- LET HE CARYR YOU- the rest of the “Way”- till the End Time Tribulation ahead of YOU!”


IN 2011- this is what I SEE;

Nuclear fallout.


China began to drew its Bond (with America) away…

N. Korea- a large “Bomb” going off there- N. Korea then falls under the blackest black- as be every other “country” of the World – TO FALL UDNER THE “SPELL” OF THE ILLUMINATI...

That’s 2011- it’s NOT permanently… FOR One in the Spirit on Jeshua- as ForeWrite in the Manifest Glory of the Almighty, in Isaiah 9:6-8, the final South King- King of Gt. Britain- who be as Christ in his position- as One OF THE SON- though I SAY NOT THE SON- will come Forth- and Take His GOVERNMENTAL POSOITION- NOT in 2011- BUT in 2015, at the end of the first 42 months of the Great Tribulation…


Turn to GOD- He Alone can rescue you- when “FAMINE” come to you- Multiplicity of “provision” he have for you- IF “tithe” as “offer” YOU!

+ See the prophecy of Alec Wendy- know the Smooth Highway await you- IF GOD YOU LET CARRY- through 2011- YOU- and OBEY HE – do YOU- and Compromise NOT THE “WORD” of “HOPE” in YOU- HOPE IN HE- that HAVE YOU- IF ETERNAL SALVATION HAS HE PUT IN THE SOUL ALREADY OF YOU- and Obedience to the Almighty be in YOU- ASK- ASK TO OBEY- if you have a heart to…

THE Smooth road- as plain- THE “FIRST HEAVEN”- after He- like He did to Enoch as many like he- TAKE AWAY YOU- even as the Well of Hell Open up under the FEET of the godless about YOU!




I. Time Line – From Revelations and Daniel, for Terra (Old and New World)

The following Prophetically Given Time Line, from the Voice of God spoken from the Tip of the Tongue of His End Time Prophet, Marek a Benjamite – this Time Line – may be compared to that written in "Jesus Reveals His Holy Love", released in Dec’ 08’, as noted in the Recommended Reading Section. Where referencing to the New World is made, this includes China, the American Continent, Australasia and Japan- the Old World is Euro-Asia, Africa and much of Russia- these are supernatural divides, which originated in the time of Genesis when the Lord divided the land masses.


Since there is great cross over between the Old Testament Scripture and Revelations, I will Prophetically begin with the Chiefest, Daniel, then transfer to Revelations; I will do this first of all for Terra, that is to say our planet Earth. I will also give the Book of Daniel Chapter 11-12, toward the end of this Appendix for referencing purposes as the Holy Spirit has led me to do. In the appendix which follows this one, I give an Interpretation of the Book of Daniel, Chapter 11-12, and Revelations, for the New FoundLand world. This is made possible by the fact that Holy Scripture, Infallible and Infinitely Profound, is as with all Prophetic Logos or Rhema or Prophecy of the Word, which and who is Jesus Christ of Nazareth our Messiah, as a many faceted Diamond- Such is the True Prophet’s Heart of our Lord and Saviour. His Heart is A Diamond unlike any other- its many myriad lights and colours can come through each and every facet, and each facet have yet within a Diamond within an infinite more facets in each Diamond. The manifold Word of God is a Diamond Heart – God’s Heart is His Son’s Heart. They have the Same (bi-located) Soul. The WORD is Given to Draw us nearer to Him, not away. Don’t flee in fear, listen to what He has to Say.


The North and South KingsThe North Kings represent the anti-Israel, anti-christ, king of their day. Behind every throne is another throne – of man or angel or God- for God has permitted or instituted or set-up every king or leader of Men- but not all are godly, not all are His Chosen People.

The South Kings are they whom God has set-up in opposition to the North King of their day. Not all of them are perfect in following God’s Way for them. Behind the Thrones of the North and South kings are first Prophets, who are the true kings – the true North or South King. Then there are Angelic beings, good and evil. Above all is the Grand Designer Himself, GOD.

Having "Received" Revelation on Daniel 9-11, then 12, in April then May of 2009, which have been fully "tested" by God’s "Signs and Wonders", the following is Given in reference to (especially) Daniel 11-12. "Time" of Writing is Sept’ 8 2009.

Daniel 11:21-24; Here is detailed the final North King. He is the skin of the small horn Daniel writes of in Daniel 7:11. He is also given mention in Revelations 17:10, as "the one to come". The 7 "hills" are 7 "states"; key leaders or "kings" come from each of they. They include Gt. Britain, U.S.A, Russia or "Magog" inc. Germany (a "Gog" and "Magog" go-between), Persia or "Gog" a.k.a. Iran, France, China and Turkey. The small horn itself is the evil false prophet who is behind the throne of the final North king. This false prophet is The Anti-Christ- the son of Perdition, and is the true North king. The 10 toes of the "clay" as well as iron feet of the "Man" mentioned in chapter 2 of the original Book of Daniel are "kings" from all these nations, including President Obama, who is the penultimate South king, and Mr. Brown of Gt. Britain. Both these men will break from the One World Government, once they see the atrocities of this Totalarian Government begin in earnest, despite the Wicked spirit which have a-hold of them; intercession will avail much on the behalf of the limiting of Totalarian Governance via this redemptive Work. The (final) North king is the current (in 2009) President of Iran, President Ahamadinejad, himself a false prophet, and one of the chief heads of the Beast mentioned in Revelations 13.

Daniel 11-12 itself can be read at the End of this Appendix.


Daniel 11:22-24;

This will occur between 2008 and 2012.

Daniel 11:24 specifically refers to the financial collapse of this period. The Anti-Christ, chiefly from the supernatural realm, has instituted this collapse. The Illuminati, whom virtually run the governments of the world through the IMF, Federal Reserve, and other world banks, have masterminded a large proportion of the collapse from afar- they have acted fully in the supernatural spirit of The Anti-Christ {the Beast} and influenced their selves with the word of the North king.

Daniel 11:31; This refers to that described in Daniel 12:11-12, which is discussed below.


Regarding Daniel 11:22-45;

Christ the King gives this Narrative; An army of people who represent humanity in its dying moments, Babylon filled evil humanity, will represent very little of a barrier to the spirit of Satan which has so fully consumed the spirit of the false prophet whom is The Anti-Christ. The false prophet performs false signs and wonders, even now in May of 2009, together with the spirit of Satan which clothes and inhabits him, the Beast, and Satan from out of Hell performs any number of false signs and wonders that may distract the financiers, the true kings, of this Babylonian world.
The Stock-Markets and the Banks and Illuminati backed banking seat of power behind every major government of the world are led like a donkey by the carrot wherever the spirit of The Anti-Christ leads. Men awake in the morning and find false signs regarding their luck idol or other items of chance and Vanity has her lucky number- A curse upon him who bears witness to these false idols! A few of Illuminati and world government officials, most notably in Brussels, are actually in direct spiritual consultation with The Beast from the spirit of The Anti-Christ.

At the time the richest nations feel secure – this reference in Daniel 11:24 regards this; the financial collapse begun in 2008 and ending in 2012. For the true fortresses of the richest nation, America, and Great Britain the spiritually richest nation, and all other nations is this – Their Babylonian wealth- AN unscalable wall it most certainly never will be. The prince of the Covenant which is mentioned in Daniel 11:22 is Mr. President Bush – for his action of deceit during this time destroyed him till he be redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb, My Atoning Blood, in 2015. He acted deceitfully, acting against the Constitution of the United States of America, that I have Seen Illegally, without My Word, amended over and over. He has

The North king, President of Iran which is modern day Persia, will attack America, for the pre-final South king is President Obama. The final South king will replace him in 2012, at his being Anointed South King by the True Prophet, My man of God Marek.

In Daniel 11:25 the first attack [before the start of the Great Tribulation, which begins in

January 2012] is given credence- The false prophet will prophesy endless lies against the king of the North till he receives full instruction from him as to his next course of action. The North king’s attack upon the West coast of America will be naval based and will smite San Francisco and Los Angeles [in 2011]. New York City will also be struck and suffer secondary destruction after the main explosion.

President Obama will be forced to withdraw from pressing on with a full reprisal because of the actions of Evil Satanic Followers in the financial department of his Office. They will turn the tables on him. He will be forced to surrender.

President Obama will meet, at Armageddon, the valley of Jezreel (or "Jehosophat"), with the heads of eleven states including Iran – as well as representatives and leaders of every world government or monarchy. This is given prophecy in Daniel 11:27 and elsewhere in the Holy Bible which is I, heart and soul. They will agree, in neutral terms, in God’s Name, to cement alliance with finance, but they shall each have deceit on their heart, one against the other.

IN 2014 the North King, spurned on by his hidden brother, the false prophet, who appears to him as a little boy long lost in a water well, will begin a second naval attack on America as before.

But he shall fail- American warships will blockade his route, and he will turn his fleet about in defeat with great loathing of God and man for the failure of his brother’s prophecy for he.

This is given Scriptural identification in Daniel 11:29-30. The North king, President of Iran and, for the sake of his brother the false prophet whom he represents, the already ailing and disintegrating One World Government [requiring his presence] , will return to Brussels and re-confirm his agreement in God’s Name with them. Not any of these men will adore God the

Father, or His Only Son, I, but will hate all men and especially the Christ, whom is I.

They agree deceitfully, as all false men will, that their covenant be founded not on My Word but a mere resemblance to it. But, because they are men, and they have spoken it in God’s Name, they will suffer in Hell for the sin of daily breaking it.

In 2014 the North king, spurned on by the false prophet from the supernatural realm, where The Anti-Christ whom is the false prophet proclaims lie after lie to all who hear in the spirit Evil rather than listen to I the Word of God, in 2014, the king of the North will Invade Israel. Unable to destabilise America entirely from within, he attacks the heart of her – Israel.

For Israel is symbolic of the entire Christian Nation, as Gaza is the world [which pretends to be as if] within her My Bride, who must come away from her, Gaza – Mystery Babylon – to be whole again as she [My Bride] infact be from the Start in Eternal Positioning with My Father and I. Iran represents the Devil, and all his Evil. For this reason, I will Manifest the attack of Evil upon Good by the attack of Iran, by the forces of the king of the North, who does all The Anti-Christ Orders him to, by their attack – upon Israel. Their peace treaties will fail, for they be built upon deceit. All this is given in Daniel 11:31 – 32 for it will happen quickly, as if expected but occurring by surprise nonetheless.

The abomination which causes desolation is the murder of St. Peter the Roman, the last Pontiff before I Return as My Own Pontiff, Myself. The Anti-Christ will ally himself as a brother in Christ, then betray St. Peter the Roman on the Chair of St. Peter – upon the very Rock of

Salvation, Myself, The Anti-Christ will earn the title of his destruction, that is "anti-christ" by betraying a fellow Christian to death and [also] rejecting the Baptism of the Holy Ghost forever. This is Daniel 11:31 and Daniel 12 regarding the 1,290 days in fulfillment – the murder will occur 1,290 days after the suppressing of the Hebrewic daily sacrifice at the partially fortified so-called Third Temple. The final Pope, St. Peter, of the Benedictine Order, he whom arose from the Tomb of St. Peter at My Raising him from the dead, he who asked I permit him to escape Blood Martyrdom till he be prepared in the second Heaven to re-face [Blood] Martyrdom, and fell into My Soft Embrace emptying his anatomy, his body, to the torturers whom held him… This final Pope, the first and last Pope, will be given as an UNHOLY sacrifice [2018, Hebrew Calendar] to God by [the Forces of] The Anti-Christ. As St. Peter prepares for death he will recall the warning of Marek the End Time Prophet I am sending to him, but only then will his eyes be opened to the prophecy regarding his betrayer; and then he will repent of its rejection and fall asleep [escape death] as before – Never more will he know pain or suffering, but rest and then arise at the Resurrection [made perfect]. The Covenant of the One World Government for Absolute Peace between Iran, Israel and the Gentiles in general will have been symbolically and literally invasively violated by the king of the North with The Anti-Christ behind him – but the cowardly men of the flailing One World Government will convince their selves of their sin in their immense ignorance and arrogant manner of governance.

The Word given in Daniel 11:33-35 and Daniel 12:1 concerns the [Martyr’s] period of the Great Tribulation, between 2012 and 2018. The Wise are men of God, Prophets, who Speak by Divine Instruction and Pure Inspiration from the Supernatural Realm to the spiritual ears of they whom are unable to hear with the ears of their flesh due to generations of sinful listening to religiosity and sinful mortality. The Devil Fears they, and The Anti-Christ Sees they as he’s foe in the supernatural, as indeed all anti-wise fake and false prophets will and ever have; For this reason they will be priority targets for Satan’s Horde till 2012, for from this time they will fall into disarray, as Satan himself is temporarily driven by destruction of his cerebral cortex from his throne [without escaping his fiery chains] in Hell.

The Wise will escape, as they ever have, having infact ever being targeted above all for persecution- they will escape as I did – by God’s Will. They will walk invisible from a mob, vanish into the night unheard, appear in disguise when they never donned [in the natural realm] a disguise- they will teleport in time[, or/and space,] escaping all manner of fowler’s snare. If the Wise stumble to face Martyrdom they will escape if their heart is unfit for facing a Martyrdom, or if they require it not, that they not be unduly tested or trialed without cause for refinement of heart in the face of death.

St. Michael, My General of Angelic Warriors, will Ascend from the surface of the Earth where he has sojourned, slaying demonic wanderers, Vampiric instigators of Vampiric covens, evil wicca and magic-users, exorcising demons from the possessed in locations prayed for with great demonic possession in them… In all his wandering, since My Ascending into the Star Above Bethlehem as Melchizedek of Old, he has warred against Evil amongst men. And finally he will arise – in 2015 – after he joins Marek and warring Angels in supernatural warfare against The Anti-Christ[’s Supernatural Force of Hell], cutting The Anti-Christ’s throat before ascending in a chariot of fire and a whirlwind. And Michael will take up his bow, next to Myself [I, at the Head of My Army of Angelic Warriors and Prophets and Apostles] in Heavenly Positions – and he will fire a torrent of Fire Upon Evil from on High -. Have heart. In 2015 the Great South king, the final South king before I return, whom will have secretively been Anointed king in 2012, will be given leadership of Great Britain- and Great Britain will again be a Mighty Christian land – in the supernatural as oppose [only] the mere natural – and it will be successful in its War against the North king – for as the North king invades many whom would not support him against Great Britain, even as in times past all appears dire for Great Britain, America will come to the rescue with a vengeance unparalleled since time began- and Evil will fall back all the way to Israel [and Iran].

IN 2018 the South king, together with the True Prophet whom he represents, his cousin and brethren in Christ [i.e. Marek], will Slay the North king and The Anti-Christ together, in both supernatural and natural warfare- The North king will be assassinated by the South king, between Mouth Horeb and Mount Sinai, near the Great Sea. The false-prophet will finally die- the neck wound which never would heal will be uncovered, and his life blood will pour out, even as Satan, re-claiming his throne in Hell, realising the partial usurpation of his orders by the false prophet the son of perdition himself, even as he realises it, forces the Angel of Death to ride over his "son", Imam Omar, whom is Called 666. The final Blood Martyr will then join her brothers and sisters, in the Second Heaven, an eon past in the natural, and the Just Judgment will there and then begin its first opening of the Books of Life… And then, mere moments after her [the prophetess, Elizabeth] falling asleep in Me, the Judges, under Myself [Christ] and the Holy Spirit of Truth, will have completed their work…

It will be 2018. And a single year will remain of tribulation, which is the dispossession of the Saints of God the Most High.

And Satan will enter the remains of Imam Omar, who will have gone flesh, spirit and soul into Hade with the Beast which inhabits him- But his anatomy, fast decaying, will remain upon the Earth- and Satan will find the accursed, Satanic flesh of the fallen evil man where it be slung into a Pit by his human guard- And Satan will partially enter it, enough to make a morbid portal from it in the grave- from here he will influence Russia and Persia via the false prophetic men and women which live there, and attempt to re-raise the One World Government, first making a convergence upon Israel – For Lucifer, Seeing as he does enough of Scripture to realise the Promise upon the Chosen People of God must be fulfilled for I to return, wills [that] they and all their blood line scattered in the nation of Earth and elsewhere, be brought to an utter end. But he will fail. For at the declared time [which may be had but never known except by God the Father , on May the 25th, 2021, 10:00 hrs on the 3rd second, I WILL Come Again- and at My Coming, even before the rapture, the dead anatomy of Imam Omar will turn to dust as I smite it [on the 8 hour of the Third Day] , and [besides which] all false prophets which remain upon the Earth will be struck with confusion and terror by the Onset of the Three Days of Darkness – I will Come, [at the End], and Take My People in an instant, and even as they dematerialise, before they re-materialise raptured and so bodily and spiritually glorified, I will atomise with Our [the Trinity] Coming into [finite Creation] the entirety of Creatidom…


2010 – Global Financial Collapse Continues… The Mass Media, overwhelmingly, lies concerning the "Avian Flu" they call the "H1" or "Swine" Flu. Its casualties are truly huge BUT VASTLY UNDER REPORTED. Mass secular (non-Christian) media is overwhelmingly a lie. It’s a Satanic conspiracy.

Financial collapse will increase. GM food crop will begin to fail (with massive GM food crop failure in Summer 2011, including soil failure due to the manner of the GM Food failure). Terrible ‘financial’ plight will strike ‘America’, as well as some typhoons (as the spirit of Evil ‘lies’ at the weather system, causing ‘mass’ destruction- the spirit of nature will move beyond God’s Protection, as America, via President Obama, fails to protect Israel, America’s "Mother"). The Prophecies of the 11hr prophet John Paul Jackson, on 2010 (and later those on 2011, in 2011), will come to pass.

America Attacked – Nuclear Warhead from North King’s Forces Fired [2011]

In Daniel 11:25 the first attack is given credence- The North king’s attack will smite San Francisco and Los Angeles. New York City will also be struck [though this will be less heard of, due to the media being Satanic nature- that is- unsaveably hell-bent].. President Obama will be forced to withdraw from a full reprisal by men in his office; Illuminatists- men who will infact betray the American people, as well as, in effect, all Law of GOD Abiding ‘People’, by betraying the American "first wave" reprise- a nuclear torpedo from the vicinity of Israel, via an Iranian "Russian built" vessel will cripple the first reprisal... Iran’s fleet will "win" this battle- but it will not be the last battle- in 2014 America’s naval force will cause Iran’s "Russian built" fleet to turn tail… BUT not before President Obama, as Penultimate S.King, be forced to the Table… The One World Government Table.

(pre-figuratively speaking, this were given credence in the War of Peace between Judas Maccabeus and Antiochus- see Daniel 11:17. Peace to the Daughter of Zion in Iran will be offered, by Ahamadinejad, as a negotiation "peace" (actually not his intent at all- but to kill they all).

The "Little Awakening" – Pre-Mark of the Beast, a Great Call will go out in the Spirit, "AWAKE! AWAKE!" Some will "AWAKE!" to this "CALL", by "FAITH" received in the inner most heart – the latter rains [of "FAITH"] have played their part; coming Dec’ 2009 for the particular awakening that is happening, at the time of writing in April of 2010, as well as finality of the latter rains in the summer o’ 2010 for the Gt. Awakening of 2015. Some will avoid the Digital Angel and other, more sublime, Marks’ of the Beast- the curse is the same- all that accept the Mark will Die.

[I Sew the descendant of king Jeroboam, the current Custodian and Steward in the Physical of Israel- her "President"- and his people receive ‘much’ of the BLESSED rain. I also Sew that but 10% of the People had returned to the Land of Israel in the natural- for her people are a hid people- not ALL who say they are a Jew People are a Jew People- NOT all who say they are a Gentile People are a Gentile People. She is our SYMBOL- Israel- and so art her People. AS they become our People- HWO richly will GOD BLESS her- HIS PEOPLE in His ‘People’- in the midst of great trouble- He SHALL Give rest unto HIS ‘People’].


October 2011 to Jan’ 2012Extreme Anti-Christian Propaganda;- it becomes socially acceptable to put hate crimes at the foot of every law abiding,, true Christian. For as GOD have written; " The Sinner Accuses the Righteous of His Own Sin or Error.."

The Muslims, having gained much political power, even after attempted murder of President Obama, are intent on killing every Christian they can- subversively.

THIS IS THE TIME TO HAVE ENTERED THE "ARK" OF GOD’s RIGHT HAND. BY the end of the 11th of October 2011, the Ark Door is NAILED SHUT.


Armageddon – Valley of Jezreel, Israel, Jan’ 2012
President Obama will meet, at Armageddon, the valley of Jezreel, with the heads of eleven states including Iran – as well as representatives and leaders of every world government or monarchy. This is given in Daniel 11:27. The three horns (each of Mixed North and South king descent) put aside by he, The False Prophet, arising as the horn of Alexandrian descendency, be: OBAMA, Mr. BROWN, Tony Blair. The skin of the Small Horn is Ahamadinejad; the Prophet of Evil who will run the One World Government. He is the Mask of the Anti-Christ- not the bone beneath the skin of the horn, but the skin of.

[.. In the U.K., Police will JOIN to their-self the colloquially Politically Called ‘Queer’; One to each Heterosexual. THEY will kill ALL who Oppose they- if not by Christ – by a Miracle Overcome their EVIL.

U.K. and other lands will hand their ‘Christ-ian’ kinsmen over to the ‘Muslim’ in the midst of they- by PUBLISHING [to Muslims..] THE ADDRESSES OF THOSE held on record by the World’s Secret Service, between 2009 AND October 2011, as having ‘FAITH’ as Oppose MERE ‘Religioun’ in the inner most heart.


[Note: The Pole Shift of late 2012- a Foot Note is Provided, Courtesy of Christ the King;].


2012- End o’ Jan- March 2012 (in Particular); Betrayal of Catholic People, as well as Protestant Persons;I Sew again that 9/10 Catholics, as well as Protestants, will Betray their People- to the Mark. I SEW in the Catholic Church, the Pope, NOW, as I write, in 2010, Putting the Matter of the False Cardinal and False Bishop amongst his people to the Blood of God’s Only Begotten Son – in Mass- But- few realises this- EVERY SINGLE CATHOLIC Unhidden Cardinal, AND unhidden Bishop- be a FAKE BISHOP as WELL AS FAKE CARDINAL- IN 2012 – THEY WILL BETRAY ALL.

[I See Benedict, in Jan’ 2012, crying- in tears- at the state of his people- but he wrongly "advise"- saying, of the Mark- "accept this, my people". AS WILL EVERY PROPHECY of CHRIST regarding this End Time now Present Amongst the Catholic Pope’s People, Rejecting CARDINAL and People- EVERY CARDINAL- unhid- a Doberman Pincher amongst the People. I prayed for a different result. BUT I could not avert this- Protestant People- TRUST not your Catholic People- nor Protestant People. TRUST NO ONE.


**[The ‘TRANSLATION’- End of January, 2012, the 18th day, 22, 00 hrs C.S.T., or whatever it be where you be;-‘DIVINE ALIGNMENT’ of the One True BODY- JESUS’s BODY. MANY SAINTS TRANSLATE AWAY- initially, one tenth of one tenth will ‘transist’. TO the ‘First Heaven’, of Day 1-3 of Creation. MANY will come to follow… Those who receive FAITH in JESUS, WALK by FAITH, as have FAITH- WILL TRANSLATE. Those who ‘translate’, have ‘rapture’, even as they may receive ‘Baptism’, though in a sense this is still to come. It’s the Anointed that will Rapture. Few are they (0.1 of 10) that have Anointing, Faith in they, plus FOLLOW the SPIRIT OF ‘FAITH’, who’s NAME IS JESHUA, in their true self. OF THE SAINTS THAT TRANSLATE, many will, of the Prophetic Order, COME with the Mighty Army of the White Rider- JESUS- to STORM MYSTICAL JERICO.]*


2012 – 2018 The Tribulation Period; Martyrdoms of from end of Jan’ 2012 to early 2018.

The Word given in Daniel 11:33-35 and Daniel 12:1 concerns the [Martyr’s] period of the Great Tribulation, between 2012 and 2018. The Wise are men of God, Prophets, who Speak by Divine Instruction and Pure Inspiration. The "sanctuary" of Christ’s People is now Heavenly only (though houses and some places may remain consecrated, such as Israel, as Eden, be)- till the 2,300 mornings and evenings prophesied by Daniel (in Daniel 9) be over; which they will be, on the 1st of February 2018 AFTER the Utter DEFEAT of President Ahamadinejad of the then much ailing One World Government relic, as well as his elder brother, "Imam" Omar "6,6,6", The false prophets). Then AFTER the Taking of the remnant of the One World Government for CHRISTIANDOM of GOD for Jesuha’s Name Sake, in the Hand of the Great and FINAL South King, "Church" buildings (including houses) everywhere may be re-owned AND possibly re-consecrated (as well as foul demons driven away by deliverance works of "Faith") by Faithful…


The Mark of the Beast – Jan’ 2012- 2018

The physicality of The Mark of the Beast, coined by the term "Digital Angel Tech" will be enforced from end o’ January 2012, together with the associated curse of it – its already prepared in Brussels. The Totalarian One World Government will pay Muslim men as well as Women, under the Authority of the One World Government, to kill or ensnarl any or all Christian men, women as well as children.

The World’s Security forces, titles every true Christian a "Terrorist" and conducts acts of extreme terror; Its Evil rises up before Heaven. God will repay them.

Awful sores will appear upon people who attack Christ’s People, or who bear the Mark of the Enemy of Man’s Soul.

[I SEW this – that in "Christian" former schools, including nursery schools, in particular, every child became as a "demon"; for "Evolution", "Satanism", "Homo-Sexuality", as well as the worst of ALL "Unitarianism" were Taught- the worst Lies of SATAN. I sew the Police Submit in full military/police dress to their One World Government Police State System, to KILL every TRUE Christian.


MEN and WO-men will try to ‘avail’ a hi-tec way to ‘bring’ off-spring- by inserting into the body of the Queer a Strange and altogether Abominable Great EVIL- BORN BALCKEST HELL-SENT EVIL FROM THE MOMENT THEY INSERT THAT EVIL- they- of the U.K.- many of they- will try- but it will ‘fail’.

THEN- the Anti-Christ Army- from the U.K., will Orchestrate a ‘Divine Miracle’- OR so they will ‘SAY’. THEY will CLONE- as an ‘Adult’ CLONE- The Anti-Christ- from a Clone Base in the U.K. and ‘SAY’ – here is ‘Our’ ‘Evil’ to they who say they hate Evil, as they torture all. AND Great WILL be that Evil..



The North King will make a second naval attack on America as before. But he shall fail-

American warships will blockade his route. This is given Scriptural identification in Daniel 11:29-30.

The same sea into which he sets sail- the Pacific Ocean, will receive a massive meteoritic impact, in Accord to that which is written (see "Book of Revelations"- the fiery mountain..). fiery Meteors shall "rain" down on the earth- the elect stand firm in Victory through this and worse…Late 2014 – Many false prophets, one error… denial of Jesus as Saviour.

The North king, President of Iran and as well as primarily the One World Governance, will return to Brussels and godlessly re-confirm his agreement in God’s Name with the much ailing "One World Governance" (Dan 11:30); against Israel (namely the Church, but ALSO Israel the natural) and its people.


Summer of 2014 – Israel Invaded.

The king of the North (Ahamadinejad, at his false prophet brother, Imam Omar, via the "spirit" of a little boy in a well’s say so) will Invade Israel. The daily sacrifice halted in March 2014; in the newly furbished Mount Zion "Third Temple" construct, not the real "Third Temple", for Christ with His re-birthed, Baptised by the Holy Spirit People be the one true third temple. The One World Governance peace treaties will fail, for they be built upon deceit. This is Given Scriptural identification in Daniel 11:31.


March – 2014 – Daily Sacrifice brought to an end.

The Daily Sacrifice, rebegun at the Fake Third Temple in Jerusalem, shall be prevented by the final North king, as the outer court is trampled upon by the pagan’s force – this on the 18th of March 2014, which is the 20th on the incorrect Gregorian Calendar.


2015 – The so-called Third Temple, on the Temple Mount, sacked and destroyed.

IN 2015 the fake Third Temple area will be decimated by the force of the North king. The fake Third Temple will be destroyed. Jesus Christ and we the Saved in His Heavenly Body are the True Third Temple of God.


2015 – Michael Arises, Providence Given Prince of Israel, at the time of the Final South king Arising

St. Michael, My General of Angelic Warriors, will Ascend, cutting The Anti-Christ’s throat before ascending in a chariot of fire and a whirlwind.. He and other angels will first rise, in midst of 2015, July of, to free political prisoners (inc. the Gt. And final S. king) in London Gt. Britain and elsewhere.
[Says Christ; London WILL be The Anti-Christ’s H.Q. Both he, Imam Omar, and his brethren, a company of militious false and altogether cunningly Evil Men, will "worship" at their local Mosque there. Others will be gathered there, including Imam Omar’s younger siblings- "extremist" militant Sunni Muslim men- and the hebrew, the nun’s one, Ahamadinejad.]
St. Michael will rise up, and first see the re-taking of London, together with MUCH Unitarianistic One World "Governance" Gold there.


In Summer 2015 the Great South king, the final South king

will take governance of Great Britain Secretively having been Anointed king in 2012, he will be given leadership of Great Britain- and Great Britain will again be a Mighty Christian land – in the supernatural as oppose [only] the mere natural – and it will be successful in its War against the North king –. America will repent and fly to her Aide, as before in time of War. THE FINAL SOUTH KING shall arise, bringing the 42 months of Authority to Conquer the Saints and Blaspheme against God’s Saints to an End with Supreme Defiancy, Given by GOD. The 42 Months end in July of 2015.
[The Great and Final S. King will then, among his exploits, bring forth POWERFUL and NEW GOD INSPIRED warring abilities from Gt. Britain, GOD Gifted into the hand of he- as well as FREEING the Pope, Benedict, with Peterous, at the Vatican, ITALY. HE will be also Inspired to SEND a man, Marek, who is the True Prophet, to free IMMENSE and GLORIOUS GOD Gifted GOLD from a hidden loci in Peru- aided by a true a great {non-pagan} Inca Brother in Christ there; this, a gift, for God’s People, in the Americas.

Palin, the Inca, Obama and Mr. Blair and Mr. Bush will to an extent arise there, into Political Power, and overthrow of The Unitarianist, the EVIL false prophet that the Evil One’s Apprentice have left in office (the current head of the Illuminati, an Oil rich and gold dependant for his lush life-style, massively demonically Evil, Iranian, currently in NYC) will be complete.]


2015- August; Peterous Arises, BUT Ahamadinejad, as a false pope- tries to oust he.In the Manifold Word, ref Daniel 11:32, I SEE this; Obama at the Table, resisting the Fakery before he- but some, namely Persia as well as Russia, Gog and Magog, deny the reality that Peterous be made Pope already. THEN they, choose to serve Ahamadinejad as Pope- as if that be the reality- though Peterous be Pope, with his Benedict death bed conversion Gift Gifted decree of anti-poverty, anti-sufferance (for to suffer for GOD is a FALSE Doctrine), and anti-saint worship (Jesus is OUR SOLE MEDIATOR, alone).

[Note: Pope Peter, as to the will of his Successor, Marek the Gift Giver (the final, but invisible, where all others were a visible Vicar, Vicar of Christ), WILL hold this in Bennedict’s honour- the Edict as well as Edifice of Pope Benedict the Death Bed Converter- it will be this; NO MORE SUFFERING. NO more "poverty" teachings.

NO Saint Intercession. Vatican I + II over- a New Council- Heaven and Earth will Preside in the Council (New Earth Year 01- before then- no such council).

AS Bennedict converts, breathing his last, he will ‘translate’(See above regarding ‘The TRANSLATION’.)


End of Sept’ 2017 – The Abomination which causes desolation is Set-up The on the 27th of September 2017, the abomination that causes desolation will be "set up", which will be the unholy sacrifice to God of St. Peter the Roman by the forces of The Anti-Christ. This will be the 29th on the incorrect Gregorian. The Hebrew year will have begun, making it the 7th and final year of the Tribulation (which will end in 2018), not the 6th year of.

{Daniel 12:11-12 Gives, from Christ; 1,290 days between the stopping of the daily sacrifice at the so-called Third Temple and the abomination that causes desolation being set-up, and then 1,335 days till the day of Christ’s Coming (May 25, 2021 – May 27 on the incorrect Gregorian Earth calendars )}.


Final Blood Martyr of the Tribulation- 2018

In NE England, the final Blood Martyr will fall asleep in the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. She will be transported by the Spirit into the second Heaven, and hence to the beginning of the Judgment of the Just Martyrs of the 2nd Fallen Age of ‘Man’; which began for the Blood Martyrdoms of the Second Age after the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus regarding the acknowledgment of those found in the book of Life of the Second Age of Man. She will come to the table, and the proceedings will begin. The Lord Said;

The final Blood Martyr will then join her brothers and sisters, in the Second Heaven, an eon past in the natural, and the Just Judgment will there and then begin its first opening of the Books of Life…

A few brief moments of silence after the final Blood Martyr’s falling asleep in Christ, the

Millennial Reign, Conducted in the 2nd Heaven, will have past.

2018 – After the Unholy Sacrifice of Peterous Romanus; Iran (And Israel) Struck – Nuclear Fall Out. Desolation; spiritual and material. For this War, Christ Said to the Daughter of Zion in the Daughter of Babylon- Come out, Come out! From the pen and voice of Zechariah His Prophet. An East Wind turns the Nuclear Strike aimed at Israel, and but one war head nears its mark (in area of Judea). The rest fall upon the Satan filled nation of Babylon which fired they- Persia will be struck. Christ’s People in Iran, flee as far as you can!

IN the year of 2018. The Just Judges have all completed their Just Judgment under the Throne of Christ and the Supervision of the Holy Spirit-this will transpire, in the temporal nature-verse, to two and a half minutes after the death of the last Blood Martyr of the Great Tribulation- At this point, The Anti-Christ and the North King will be defeated. Check mate. Re-grouping at Ethiopia, the S. King, as True Prophet, will celebrate and a One "World" Christian Government Begin... 

End of 2018; Satan re-released from Insanity in Hell

Satan takes the accursed corpse of Imam Omar whose number is 666, as his prize, and begins to inhabit it; tempting from the Supernatural what remains of Iran and further Russia to War against God’s Chosen People, Israel and the Gentile Believer.


The Lord Says; Satan, temporarily cut down between 2012 and 2018, will arise from his distraction of slumber in the Abyss, and re-instate himself as leader of the Underworld- The Legions of Hell will re-recognise him, but unlike the king of Babylon, Satan having lost his mind will not attempt to repent- no being with full and complete knowing of Evil ever will – he will regain control by forcing the Angel of Death, the prince of Greece, to ride hard on the heel of The Anti-Christ. Unable to resist his mortal wound any longer, The Anti-Christ will fall, dieing, his throat wound pouring forth his stench filled blood, during a supernatural duel with the True Prophet, Marek the Gift Giver (Daniel 7:12). The Beast and his body, the fallen flesh of the false prophet who is The Anti-Christ, will fall into the temporal Lake of Fire in Hade- even as the Angel of Death, his hand forced [by a temporal release of Satan], rides over his comrade at arms-
The Angel of Death will [then] be struck and fatally hurt, for a time by the True Prophet’s Utterances..


2019- Early Summer of 2021 A Period of Peace and Prosperity continues from March of 2018

, with the Removal of the Cashless Society Virtually World Wide, Begins with Earnest. But tribulation, which means dispossession of the saints of the Most High God, of other kinds remain.
Christ Says; "Tithe (1/10 of ALL finance in which you have Increase). Into the House of GOD, mid tribulation or end of- but tithe- when a Christian House is FULL on a Christian House and ONLY a Christian House- there if you be fed, tithe."

The One World Governance, re-taken by Christ’s People under the leading of the final South king will, after 2019, fail to exist as a viable entity all together; already having begun falling apart during 2012, 1 month after formation. Gold and Silver will be the Currency of the day. Christians will Give and Receive in Love, not "Pleasure" in Materialism. Tithes will be brought in to the Houses of God’s Peoples, in celebration.
The Invention of a Hover Craft, Levitating on a Field of Light, will be Brought to Mass Production, in Gt. Britain.


The Pre-Great Quake Tremor of 2020

Early quake tremors are felt. Iran and Russia, plus those of the inheritance of "Gog" as well as "Magog" are visibly preparing for an Open Assault upon previously ruinous Israel and Europe … Christians in those lands are again very watch-worthy for betrayal and execution for their Faith in Christ Jesus.


2021, May - The Great Hail and the Great Quake

An asteroidal-commetary body will break up in Orbit, producing a meteoritic storm of huge proportion-

Unlike the rain of Fire, this will be a rain of Ice- of Commetary debris up to a hundred pound plus in weight.

The Hail and the Quake will be very closely aligned.

The Quake will come near the end of the Hail – It will shift the Earth’s very mantle. For [mostly Elect] survivors of the Great Hail and End Time Pestilence, War and Plague, this will be like hitting a bus with their bike, but the bus is the whole planet. Only by a Miracle will the Elect be unharmed- The Sinner will be harmed, as part of a final Chastisement of Planetary Proportion.




2021, May the 22 (24 on incorrect Calendars), 10:00hrs; The Three Days of Darkness begin.

They (the Three Days, co-linked to the First 3-Days of Creation Week, Plus the 3 of Christ’s BURIAL then Resurrection GLORY) will start immediately after the Hail and Quake most terrible. The darkness will be complete- the Moon will not give its light, the Sun’s natural [optical] light will be invisible. But blessed candles or fires, or Supernatural Light, will be visible- and then for the Seer and Faithful only. Angels of Light will Battle Angels of Night upon the surface of the Earth. Terror will scatter survivors hither and whither. Great Supernatural and Natural Confusion and Distortion of Reality will be present. The Elect will take refuge, praying and prophesying and Interceding till the End has Come – which it will, at the End of the Three Days of Darkness – taking even the Elect by surprise. The True Prophet is sent back in time, at the mid point of being raptured- He is the final South King as well as the True Prophet behind the South King. The South king, in 1991, will rise by Christ Jesus St. Peterous Romanus from the Tomb [the relics in St. Peter’s Basilica being those of a sinner, not blessed Peter]; St. Peter the first and final Roman Pontiff, who before the Cross 2 Eons past asked to escape his anatomy to Heaven, till he be prepared for facing Blood Martyrdom. The South king, arriving for a second time at the Rapture, will be raptured;

After the Three Days are Up, the Rapture (Daniel 12:2- which is part of the resurrection), which is the first and final part of the (General) Resurrection, will at once Occur. [Jesus Says; This time is for your Having, which is NOT the same as your KNOWING – for the Father and I Alone Have the KNOWING and the FATHER THE KNOWING AND the HAVING or Every Day, Hour, Minute, Second and Fractional Second]. Three seconds after the Saints rapture, after some who are to be sent back in time are sent, the LORD Comes.

At God the Father and Christ the King in the Holy Ghost Coming as ONE GOD, the Entirety of Creatidom can not contain them. Every element of nature, time itself even, "atomises", flies apart. Quarks fly apart. Supernature flies apart.

The End of the Second Age of Fallen Man.





Revelations – The Seals, The Trumpets, and The Bowls

The Seals of the Revelation of Christ Jesus’s End Time Prophecy (Rev 6:1-8-5)

Christ Says;
All of these have been Opened, from Eternal Positioning, in the Third Heaven, where All Time

be in Absolute Unity, before Apostle John of Revelation, as in body he sojourned upon the Isle of Patmos, in spirit and heart before I in Heavenly Position.

They were Opened at My Rising into the Third Heaven- [and in co-joined "fashion" also later,]

after My Sojourning as Melchizedek of

Old, as I Entered the Light of God as My Diamond Heart in the Sky above the manager at Bethlehem,

shining by the soul of a pathfinder saint there. I entered Secure of My Victory at the Cross – therefore, where O dearth is your sting?

And I gave time to Prophecy, for all Prophecy had been fulfilled by My Death and Resurrection

– Past, Present as well as all Eternal Future Prophecy in Promise of His Unending Love for Mankind in

His Nation. And I Opened My Word, For I alone AM Spoken by God the Father who

is One with Me – And I Opened First the Seal by which I Spoke Myself into Creation as the Rider

of Justice and Mercy – He who is Called the White Rider. My Steed is My Horse, My Archangel

who bears My Light in he, Michael My General of the Angelic Warring Host. Since Genesis I

have protected they whom I Protect, allowing the rider Death, the horse and rider the Deceiver,

the horse and rider Disease Carrier and any of the forces of Hell as much space to Manoeuvre

as I Sew fit as Just Judge and Mortal Man’s Saviour. These riders, all released in the same time

from the Opening of the Seals of My Word of Mercy and Justice, rode forth, from the time of

Genesis at the Fall of Man within the time of the First Age of Man which quickly became the

First Fallen Age of Man.

The oil and wine refer to the Atoning Ink Blood of Myself, God, Son of God the Father- All who

drink of it or eat of it without recognising I, even in time of famine and pestilence, eat and drink

judgment upon their selves – For this reason, for Judgment, I am Turning vast quantities of Sea

and spring and river water, even rain as I will, into My Blood, My Water – And they who eat and

drink Judgment upon their heart will receive the rising of death and their body and flesh will be

handed over to Abageddon, the Disease Carrier, who is Prophetically the rider of the Black


The rider of the red horse is the Devil- and his horse is himself- he empowers himself with his

Lie [to ride forth and convince the acceptor of anger and deceit and Lie to Murder] . And he will

continue to Lie to they who will hear his Word rather than I, convincing they of wrongful


BY 2012 a quarter of the Earth will die by plague, pestilence, famine and war, due to a

particular release of the Evil of Hell upon the Earth, due to the sin of Man. Mass media will Lie

concerning the true numbers [as they ever do], but the Observant will See the Signs.

The Pale rider, Death, who rides Hell beneath him and Hade behind him, wields the Blade

"Die" which I gave him pre-the rebellion of the First Heaven, pre-Genesis- a blade for

Chastising, I will never let him smite any without My Saying "Die" first. But he rides hard on all

who are close to leaving the mortal anatomy of their body. And they who fall asleep in I will

never experience the first death, even though the Pale rider rides hard upon their heel, for they

who fall asleep in I are guarded by I, the White Rider. The damnable, who repent not, however,

will swiftly fall headlong into Hade, for there is no rest for the wicked- they will burn in the Lake

of Fire till the time I Justly Permit their walk [in Satan’s core] into the Eternal Lake of Fire,

which is the Fallen Third Heaven – The Third Hell.


The fifth Seal was Opened, and every Blood Martyr, from the Bosom of Abraham in the Previous

Age, to the Second Heaven in this Age, Cries Out for Justice- Justice, for Justice must be given

before true Peace and Joy be had for All My Chosen People, both Israel and the Gentile


And I will give it – Unremitant Justice against the Evil People which put theirself beneath My

Heel, O Rock Israel Loves, for I to Come Down upon and Crush forever- I will Crush they in the

head of the Serpent at My Second Coming Forever in the Eternal Lake of Fire…

Each Age’s Just Martyrs will verify the validity of the Inclusion of each Martyr and un-Blood

Martyred Saint in the Lamb’s Book of Life. All not found in these books WILL be cast into the

Eternal Lake of Fire.

The Judges of the Great Tribulation Martyrs are many. They are in their millions. There are

billions of books to be read – of both Angel and Man –

Says the Holy Ghost ; I the Holy Spirit will Govern the demise of every supernatural and natural
creature of Intelligence and Instinct, Fauna or Flora, besides these as I Overseer in Exacting

Detail the Judgment of the Just Judge, Christ, in the heart and mind of each Just Judge..


The Sixth Seal is Opened in 2021- Christ Says; It be Open from Eternity Already, and already
My Apostle Prophet Marek, and other Angelic and Human and Bestial Prophetic Ministers of

My Word give Rise to its being Declared by their Prophecy of it. In 2023, Upon the New Earth,

in New Earth Year 01/02, it will be declared Complete [in Celebration of Victory – a New Feast

Day Forever] . The Cry for Declaring its Opening has Gone out into Creatidom. It will Return

with Acceptance to the Wedding Feast of the Lamb of God and His People Israel and the Gentile

Believer. Already the Planets and Stars and Gasses of the Natural Realm, and all in they and

about they, and every like Creature and Creation in the Supernatural Realm of Existence, makes

ready in response to this report. Its is Set. The Dinner Table is ready. Will you be?

At My Coming, where will the Sinner hide? After running from responsibility for their ineptitude

to face up to their own immense arrogance and horrendous EVIL where will they hide, when I

Come, as One with Him who is the Creator, Greater in Proportion than all in Heaven and Under

Heaven by Far?


The 144,000 are Israel, chiefly scattered unknown even to their selves, amidst the lands of fallen

Babylon. I know who they are born of, of which line they are descended – For I planned their

redemption from before they Fell. I am Sealing in they all. There- they are Sealed- MY Eye is in

their Mind, those I will direct the course of the river of Life into, and Protect they from all harm

whether natural or supernatural. The Great Multitudes of the Gentile Believer- many are they – I

will Save they all whom bear My Name upon their Sleeve and Upon their Forehead in the

Supernatural Realm where I See they.


The Seventh Seal

(Rev 8) – The final half hour has already begun. The Lord Says;
The Clock began, at Genesis, at approximately the ninth hour (co-joined to the eleventh hour) after

midnight. For every half hour which has passed, approximately an eon in the natural realm has

gone by. It is that I Set each eon to be as a day – as a day before the Fall, a day in the 6 days of

Creation. At the end of the 6th "Eon" [of the "7th " Day], at the stroke of 12 o’ clock (a time

planted at 2 o’ clock, upon the New Heaven and in the New Earth), which is to Say in the year of

2021 (on the Gregorian), I will Come. [NOW none KNOW the Day or the Hour, BUT I, Abba the

Father GOD- BUT HAVING is completely different to knowing. Jesus Christ, Your Saviour and

MY Son Spoke Clearly- NONE may KNOW the Day and the Hour but My Father who Sets the

Times and Dates and is in His Heaven. HE did not SAY NO one may HAVE the DAY and the

HOUR – for He "knew" them, and "has" them Written within His Soul, within which are you

ALL. It is for this reason HE has Promised to Have the Day and the Hour to His Faithful Elect,

who though having the Day and the Hour at their "fingertips" to "know" will never KNOW the




Victory may be for both the Former and the Later Ages of Fallen Man- And A JUDGMENT IS

TO BE HELD FOR EACH, as infact has already begun in Both Ages within the Second

Heaven.]. The silence held for half an hour in the Third Heaven was for the restoration of Israel

and the Divine Appointment of every Prayer to Save they- an half hour for developing the Prayer

Alone in Heaven of the Saved for his or herself upon the Earth. The peals of thunder are acts of

God, the Lightning Word of God Spoke to Deviate Creation from Self Induced Destruction, the

Quake is the End Time Quake to End all Quakes, the Shifting of the Earth’s Mantle by ninety

degrees or more…

The Trumpets (Rev 8)

Christ Says;
The First Trumpet, and the Second, are Closely Linked, being a result of an

asteroidal body breaking up to produce a rain of fire upon Earth and then the main body striking

the Sea between America and Europe- The tidal wave of which will Flood many places of the

Western world, especially America and North West Europe – Ireland will be completely

submerged in some places- but this Chastisement will be as St. Patrick Pleaded for and

Prophesied – for deliverance from the Evil of the Tribulation in Ireland – many who would have

perished with Sin will Live with Live Abundant because of it.

The Hail, as already declared, will strike the Earth in 2014. The Asteroid will strike the Atlantic

in 2014.

All the Trumpets, after being blown, are made Instruments of Chastisement, by their becoming

Bowls of God’s Wrath, that they carry the Spirit of God’s Righteous Anger, which is for

Correction and Salvation for they who receive of it Willingly- First let the Trumpets be given

Credence by the Prophesied Times of their declaration and Manifestation.

In 2015, the already declared Third Trumpet Blast will Manifest, as the Angel called Torchwood

or Wormwood escapes Babylon in Men’s hearts as they eat and drink Judgment upon their

selves – For a third of the springs and waters will instantly become My Atoning Ink Blood – and

all who with their flesh (which is not the anatomy of their brain or eyes or natural sense) and

spirit drink it and See it will not Suffer – But who of the many who drink it will recognise It,

Myself in the midst of they? They will drink Judgment on their selves – And the corresponding

Bowl of God’s Wrath will release in its pre-declared time the Fallen Angel which will

recompense they…

If you taste [this] bitter water in this time, repent, and receive My Atoning Blood, or eat and

drink Judgment upon yourself.

In 2015 the already declared Fourth Trumpet will take effect- For in the supernatural I will blot

out for a time the reflectance of My Light from My Men of God for Salvation of they who Love

Night and Despise Light- I will not even give they much Light from the Stars of Heaven which

Shine about them- And in the Natural, the Sky will be Darkened, by Smoke from Fires and

Destruction- Making celestial Lights hard to find in the dark haze of smoke and pollution… The

rain of fire and the asteroidal debris in the sky will add to the darkness till it settles with the rain

I will give … [ Further, from the time of the "Darkest Hour", the "Gt. Tribulation’s" begin, very hour, from that Hour, IN A BRIGHT BLAZE of SPIRIT FIRE, I will set ALIGHT in LIGHT MY MAN of GOD, Marek the Gift Giver, in OPPOSITION to the DARKNESS GIVER, Satan’s Prodigal, the tempter’s vessel; then, and only then, will I Abandon My Inner Most Sanctuary IN MY PEOPLE’s MATERIAL "CHURCH", BUT NOT IN MY PEOPLE, though I will SHINE, whilst hiding the location, the "source", of My Outpouring- My People- no longer will their "face", "Shine", SO bright, to Sinner as WELL AS Saint alike, till I RELIGHT MY HEART’s FIRE, by RAISING MY BRAND EVEN HIGHER; the physical church will no longer represent My People, till I relight My People, in the natural, as well as the SUPERNATURAL, with MY FIRE].



Christ Jesus Prophesies Himself;

The Firth Trumpet will also be declared, and will manifest in

its time, in the year 2015. Gabriel will free-fall from Heaven, entering the natural realm as a

Warring Angel of God, and release from the Abyss a talon [the "smoke" of his claw][ of Satan’s

Evil Spirit. This will manifest as The Anti-christ sits in his demonised meditation room, seeking

to release Evil upon Earth to confront the fall of hateful servants of Satan everywhere upon the

Earth. Angelic beings will surround him [The Anti-Christ], and capture him, and Gabriel will

Speak "Release – Temporal and Partial.." and from the spirit of Satan, the Beast, as Satan

reaches from in the being of The Anti-Christ for escape, even in his weakened, demented state

[due to his having been temporarily dethroned during the Great Tribulation, the Mark of which

he did not give], from a talon of Satan’s spirit [the Beast] , will arise a Legion of Hell – And the

Plague of Loci, so well pre-figured by the pre-excursionary Avian Flu Outbreak of 2009-2012,

will begin. Gabriel and his holy men [Angels] will depart with Fear of God Alone, to the Second

Heaven, away from the vicinity of the accursed false prophet; and from the 2nd Heaven [and 3rd

in Gabriel’s case] Beseech the Heavenly King for the Safety Promised to the Righteous of Israel

and the Gentile Believer. For many Christians [despite their alleged Discipleship] will require

chastising by the Avian Flu Outbreak of 2009-2012, and the same remain true but even more so

[during the time of] the Plague of Loci. But worst hit still will be the Muslim world, as well as

the world of all they who are not truly righteous to God. The very spirits of men, which may have

suffered the Illusionment of Ailment due to Demonised Curses aside from actual harm, will

suffer; their very spirit and supernatural flesh will be exposed to the scorpion tail and its venom.

"Abaddon", or [correctly] Abageddon, the Disease Carrier, the Opposite Number to Raphael

who is the Angel of the Holy Ghost, will Smite many Evil men and women, even children, lest

either Mercy or Justice be not given. BUT the True Prophet, Marek, will Slay many Loci before

they Inflict Israel or the Gentile Believer with the Lie of having been Afflicted- Only they whom

the Loci have been permitted to strike will be infact struck in any shape or form by this Swarm of

Hell – no matter how much in their arrogance they try to extend the suffering to the nation of

Christ alongside the nation of Babylon! [For even the wicked and rebellious Army, which if it

had not rebelled may have been Forgiven, will Serve, unwittingly as it may be, God’s Purpose in

all this – Joel, Chapter 2].


The Sixth Trumpet, already declared, will manifest, foremost of all in

2015 – They, will be released in May of 2015 – The[y, the Four Evil Seraph’s of Euphrates] went

forth as with the Plague of Loci [from an anti-christ, Caesar Augustus {of Dan 11:20}, who spoke they into the future,

into [near] the time of A.D. 600]; the legions of demonic beings which will escape their full bind

in the Euphrates river, in the spirit of the Four Seraphs in May of 2015 will wreck havoc

amongst they who reject God’s Light from within their heart. The principle four angels, which

escaped from Hell after the Crucifixion but had been bound in Chains of Hell at the river

Euphrates since the rise of the Muslim world, which they helped Instigate and build, are Seraphs

of Hell. The troops that escape from their spirit at their re-release make only a partial escape,

but it is enough to cause many, many, many to accept death and die… The Plagues of Smoke,

Fire and Sulphur are Supernatural, not Witnessed with the natural eye, but Seen Supernaturally.

Men’s own acceptance of Lie, Fire, will Cause they to Burn, whilst the Perversion of Permitting

its Pervasion through their entire Triunely made being is the Smoke which enters they…The

Sulphur[ic plague] is the burning of their own dysfunctional heart, spirit and supernatural flesh,

within theirselves, for Hell have so entered they that within they are already alight in the unkept

fire of their own soul’s Eternal Supernatural Power… For without God, their entire being must

malfunction and die…

The Seventh Trumpet, already declared, will manifest on the Earth in 2021, with the Great Hail

of a Thousand Pound Weight, the Shifting of the Earth’s Mantle when every town, village, hamlet

let alone city will fall, and islands and mountains crumble, and finally the Three Days of

Darkness and My Return – And in Victory, I WILL RETURN.

The Two Witnesses are Elijah and Moses, My Two Olive Branches. They Serve My Side Ever in

the Eternal Inner Sanctum of God the Father and I- And they are subject to My Name.

IN 2014 they will appear upon the face of the Earth- I will return they in the Flesh, Body and

Soul, to the Earth by a Whirlwind of God from the Second Heaven – And their they will be, on

Mount Sinai, Overlooking in Supernatural Vision, the Hell of Evil upon Israel in the Natural.

For after turning back from his attack on America, The Forces of The Anti-Christ, led by the

President of Iran, the North King, will have already violated the holy Covenant with the One

World Government not to Sack Jerusalem- They will trample upon holy ground [18th March

2014], and violate many decrees of God concerning the holy mount- And Elijah and Moses will

re-appear in Israel even as they left, Supernaturally. Moses, raised from the dead after his stay

at the Bosom of Abraham, in his unresurrected body, will lead the duo. They will be unseen in

their sojourning upon the Earth till I reveal they. They will Prophecy rain and fire and wind and

torture upon Evil of every kind. The Enemy will most especially attest they, even more than the

Holy Anointed Apostle Prophet Marek whom most of all Confronts the Evil of Satan’s Demonic

Horde [and Satan himself].

[The Daily Sacrifice, "re-begun" at the Fake Third Temple in Jerusalem, shall be prevented by

the final North king, as the outer court is trampled upon by the pagan’s force – this on the 18th of

March 2014, which is the 20th on the incorrect Gregorian Calendar. This daily sacrifice will be

unholy to God, for Christ has already Atoned for Sin Forever. IN 2015 the fake Third Temple

area will be decimated by the force of the North king. The fake Third Temple will be destroyed.

Jesus Christ [the] Indestructible Word [of God] is the True Third Temple of God.]

And this the Enemy will do – they will assault Elijah and Moses- but Elijah and Moses, aided by

Heaven, will be Invincible till God permits their dieing, for their own sake, and for the

Glorification of His Name.

This will transpire in the flesh [at the end of 2017], as the Beast [spirit of Satan from the body of

the false prophet who is The Anti-Christ] strikes their flesh with supernatural disease – the Beast

will release from within itself the anti-word of Abageddon the Disease Carrier, at their spirit and

flesh. And they will fall asleep, quickly under the influence of this deception of Evil. And they will

then arise, in the supernatural view of the entire Supernatural Realm, Evil and Holy, witnessed

by many people across the Earth; at a Word from God the Father [he will Say "Christ Revive

you" in ancient Hebrew, a flash of supernatural Lightning will Give It] Elijah and Moses will

arise. They will enter a Glory Cloud of God the Father and disappear in the Sky, whilst the

Infidel mainly Muslim Observers watch with hateful but wide eyed, shocked and terror filled


The pre-figuring quake will rip the City of Jerusalem apart, and I will Chastise the Invader of the

City of God Greatly there and then – Just as I will destroy Babylon from the midst of My Holy

Covenanted People, Israel and the Gentile Believer



Christ Says;
There- the Seven Thunders of which the Angel with the Little Scroll, in Revelations

Chapter 10, Spoke about to My Beloved Apostle, My Child, John, whom I blessed first of all Men

of the Second Age with the "Apocalypse" or else "Revelations" – These Seven Thunders which

he was not permitted to write down, but commanded by My Angel Gabriel, who is the one with

the Little Scroll in Revelations 10, was commanded to not write down but to seal up- These Seven

Thunders- Six of they have this day been written, the first Few Thunders being declared from the

Mouth and Pen Hand of Marek My Apostle End Time Prophet – before the end of the year 2008

he had they and declared they at the start of 2009. For these Thunders be none other than the

Prophet’s Declaring of the Trumpet Blasts with the Accompanying Seven Bowls of God’s Wrath.

And but a single Trumpet Blast, of the Seven of the Book of Revelation John has written of,

remains to be Declared that it may manifest in the natural and supernatural realm..

And the Little Scroll is this – The declaration of the Seven Trumpets and Seven Bowls of God’s

Wrath to all the godless nations of the fallen world in this hateful world; Both Ages of Fallen

Man[, prophesied unto] from the Prophet’s Realm, that of God, which is unbound[ed] by space

or time.

The Seven Bowls

Christ Says


Christ Speaks. The Fourth Bowl will manifest [in 2015] on the earth of evil men’s heart- the
heart of Babylon; My Sun, My LIGHT will Shine from an Open Heaven, My Apostle Marek,

together with every other Baptised in the Spirit Christ Centred True Believer in My God, and in

I, together with God the Holy Spirit- their Light will Shine with such an intensity, during the

midst of the Tribulation Period, with such Fervour for God and God Alone, that as an Open

Heaven will they be – Foremost will be Marek as an Open Heaven, for he has in he every

Lantern of God due to be in time in every Saint of God – in his Living SOUL – His Light and the

Light of God shining forth from the thousands of revealed and hidden Saints of God the Most

High Everlasting Holy One of Israel will Shine Like a Thousand Blazing Stars in the Sky above

the Earth of Fallen Men’s spirits together with their Babylonian heart – Demons will scurry

away in horror at the Intensity of it, and women and children alike will be freed with men – Yet,

very few will ever repent but instead scurry into dark crevices and hollow ruts of the barren dead

landscape of their Babylonian heart..

IN the natural realm, during the midst of the Great Tribulation, particularly in 2014, will Come

a Blazing Summer Sun and extreme heat- it will feel far worse than it really is, for it will be lied

against rather than admitted. Men and women and babes, children of the Most High Ever Living

God, will not feel a thing – they will note a fine summer and a few will even wonder, why the

unsaved whom they are sheltering their temporal body from complain so ardently regarding the

weather- Why so cold? The damnable will Lie. A few of the damnable, in their ignorance, will

regard the heat of the Sun as a blessing of their Idol, and thank it, and with a smile say how fine

it is.

The Truth [of the situation of the sinner] lies within, where I, the King and Centre of all Holy

Heart, who stands at the door of the unsaved heart and asks with Kindness and Forever Adore to

Come In, See All.


Christ Says, regarding the Fifth Bowl; In 2015 this will Manifest. It has already been declared
with the Blowing of the Fifth Trumpet, from a Mouth Piece of God – Apostle and End Time

Prophet Marek have declared it – It is this; A Pouring of the sin spirit onto Mystery Babylon,

which have never repented of it – revealing its entire Evil from within a Babylonian Man – The

damnable will Swear Allegiance to Satan more than ever rather than admit their sin to their-

selves and God, repent and be Saved. They will Lie ever more ardently concerning their sin –

rather than expose their-selves from within – for they have rejected God’s Presence forever,

rather than Live forever and be clean.

But in their heart, for a time, they will redouble their effort to hide from their own sin, leaving it

aside for as day or so, rather than be chastised by the revealing of their Evil before their spirit’s

heart’s Eye.

Yet, for the Sake of Justice, this Chastisement will be done, lest any of they whom will Suffer

Eternal Damnation may say; when did You, O Most High Ever Living God of Jacob and Israel,

show us the sin within us, hidden from ourselves by our acceptance of Disobedience which all

Israel with the Gentile Believer also fell for?

And I Will Cast they far from Me, into Everlasting Condemnation, before My Pleasure at My

Perfect Just Judgment.

Ignorance is still acceptance of sin. And Arrogance, ignoring Ignorance, Ignorance being

Ignoring Folly, Folly being Ignoring Dictation of God in Man’s True Conscience, IS the Sin of

The Anti-Christ and every true Sinner.

The darkness of the Sun and stars will, at the appropriate time, be Seen in the night sky will, as

with the increased heat of the Summer during the time of the Unleashing of the Fourth Bowl of

God’s Wrath; it will be felt and recognised from within the spirit and heart of Men. But will they

admit to it? But a few again – so very, very few… Not even enough to fill a single Church or

Synagogue in Galilee.


The Sixth Bowl Christ Says is this; This Bowl was poured. It has begun. The Three Kings of the
East Prophesied into Men’s Hearts before My Crucifixion, bringing Light as well as Night, as

with the previous two Wrath filled Bowls of God’s Chastisement. But during the time of the

Great Tribulation, they will be mirrored by the darkness of Satan from the Three Fallen Kings of

the East, Satan’s Prodigal Son The Anti-christ [who is the false prophet] together with his spirit

[The Beast] from the body of the false prophet and Satan himself from the heart of the false


The anti-wise men of Hell are Satan, himself, the false prophet and the Beast. Upon the Earth the

Three Wise Men, who are Gamaliel the Bright, My Torch, whom I sent back Thrice in time into

Syria to Chastise and the Save by Securing Supernatural Finance and Word from Heaven for

Israel from Syria, "these" Wise "Men" a man of Me, be the Opposite Number to each of the

False Prophets behind Three of the North kings of Old – the Three True North kings which arose

before The Anti-Christ took his place as Satan’s Prodigal son.

The False Prophets behind the North kings who represent their cause and the self same anti-

christ spirit [Caesar the penultimate North king in Daniel Chapter 11 being both the man in

front and behind the mask of Satan] , which is the Beast. Each of they were tempted into Evil

Speaking and anti-word in the supernatural by the Ant-Trinity; The Beast, the false prophet and

Lucifer. [Prophetic Word, as well as anti-word, be not bound by space or time. All, from an

Eternal Perspective, be already Spoken, Both Good and Evil.] For this reason, the Sixth Bowl

was released, and its Power be already Spent - But not for a loss – for Kingdom Finance is

Forever – the Word which went from the tip of Gamaliel’s blessed tongue, whom I renamed

Gabriel the Bright My Torch Bearer, the Word which went from the tips of his tongue is Forever

My Word. But the Evil Word, which even in this time [2009 till 2021], persuades Evil men to

accept fake sign and deceptive anti-miracle, from the mouth of The Anti-Christ, the Beast in his

spirit, and the Evil One who anti-prophesies from The Anti-christ’s heart, will Fail and be

destroyed! [It is the anti-word of the anti-trinity which today brings forth false signs by way of

demonic activity in minds, souls and circumstances, for financiers, including Illuminati following

leading men in Global Shadow Governance Today – so as to induce the Current [2008/9-2012]

financial meltdown for the Sake of Enforcing the Mark of the Beast.]

Fear not – For as ever, they that have it in they for hearing and Seeing Evil, will continue to do

so- But you who Hear I, and See My Work by Knowledge of God, you alone are My Bride, Wife

to be. Evil will not be Joined with we. Their end is Coming. The deception they accepted will be

their undoing.


As to the Seventh, Final Bowl, Christ Says; It will be poured- It has, from Eternal Positions,
been Poured in front of John of Revelation as he sojourned on the Isle of Patmos – And from

Eternity it have been Declared by Myself, and [Myself] from the Mouth of My Apostle Prophets

whom declared it from the Beginning – The final Declaration, the Declaration of the Time of its

Pouring Upon the Earth, and its Subsequent Manifestation, is here given – in 2020 it will be

Poured, and in 2021 it will finish being poured – It will Manifest fully in the Summer of 2021. On

May the 25th, at the 10th hour, at the 3rd Second, its Manifestation will be Complete.

There will be nowhere to hide – My Judgment is Perfect.


The Great Hail and The Earthquake – May 2021

Christ Says; After Satan, from the supernatural, tempts Gog and Magog, which are modern day
Russia and Persia [and their seed, scattered far and abroad from Russia and Persia], even after

the nuclear fall out of 2018 upon Iran, to come again against Israel and the Gentile Believer, I

will Come. The Hail of a hundred pound weight will be caused by a demonically driven comet

breaking up as it passes the Earth by, breaking in near earth orbit. And then the Great, Earth’s

entire Mantle shifting, Quake to end all natural disasters- even the Islands and mountains will

come crashing into the sea or desert or wherever they stand – just as the Isle of Man and the

Mount of Evil will crash into the Sea of Life and be broken.

Three Days of Darkness – 20th to the 23rd May 2021 (on "Earth’s" "Hebrew" or "Gregorian" Calendars, Mount Zion time)

After the Quake, even as survivors raise there shaken head, Darkness will ensue- supernatural

darkness of heart, mind, spirit- and of the biosphere of the Earth.

Angels of Darkness will be unleashed upon the Earth, and Michael and his Angels will do battle

with them. False and True Prophets will do supernatural warfare against Angel and Fallen

Nature, against each other- The Elect will ever be Victorious in the Supernatural realm.

At the End, on the 10th hr of the Third Day, at the 3 rd sec [the 1st Sec to Rapture godly people, the

2nd to send back in time My Minister and Rapture Sword Carrier, within the 3 rd to Justly Judge

the living and the dead] , I Will Come.

None may know the Day nor the Hour, nor the Second for the that matter, of My Coming in

Glory Upon a White Throne which is Righteousness My Father with Our Heavenly Angelic Host

for the In-harvest and the Burning, but HAVE you may – Did I Give knowing and having the

same day? Did I? Ever? Not ever I Tell you! Or Else, what more would I have to Say, BUT here

you Go?


Copy of Daniel 11-12, from the Christian Community Bible

He helps and strengthens me in the same way that I have helped him in the first year of Darius, the








But now, I shall tell you the truth.

There shall be three more kings in Persia, and the fourth shall have more riches than all the others. And

when he has grown strong with his riches, he will stir up everything against the kingdom of Greece.

A powerful king will rise and reign over a vast empire and do as he pleases.

But as soon as he has secured his reign, his empire will be broken up and divided out to the four winds

of heaven, though not among his descendants. It will not be the same dynasty, but his kingdom shall

be taken from them and passed on to others.

The king of the South will grow powerful, but one of his leaders will grow more powerful still and will

have an empire greater than his.

Some years later, they will be allies and the daughter of the king of the South shall come to the king of

the North to conclude the alliance. But she will not endure; for she will be put to death with those who

brought her, and her son and husband as well.

Then, a bud from her roots will sprout in her place, and will cross the land of "the army" and enter the

fortress of the king of the North.

He will be victorious in wars and will appropriate to himself their gods, statues and objects of silver and

gold: all this plunder will be brought into Egypt. For some years, he shall remain far away from the king

of the North.

The king of the North will invade the kingdom of the South, and then return to his own country.

His sons will prepare for war and assemble a great multitude of troops. One of them will come like an

overflowing river; he will break through and then withdraw after having fought right up to his fortress.

Then the king of the South, enraged, will set out to fight against the king of the North. He will mobilize

a great army, and the multitude will fall into his hands

and perish. Then he will become proud and crush tens of thousands of men, but his strength will not


The king of the North will attack after mobilizing a greater army than the first. And after several years,

he will come with a large army and abundant provisions and supplies.

Then many will rise against the king of the South, and the violent among your people will rise against

him, trusting in a vision, but they will throw up siege-works and will capture the fortified city.

The king of the South will not be able to resist, he and the picked troops of his people.

He who marches against him will do as he pleases, and none can resist him, and he will settle in the

Beautiful Land, bringing destruction.

He shall plan to reign over his whole kingdom, and will conclude an agreement with him, giving him

one of his daughters, in order to destroy the kingdom. But he will not succeed, so it will not happen.

Then he will turn against the islands and seize a good number of them, but a commander will humble him, and he will not be able to avenge himself.

So he will turn against the fortresses of his own land, but he will stumble, fall and never rise again.

In his place will rise another who will send a tax collector to despoil the Glory of his Kingdom, but he will be overthrown within a few days, though neither with arms nor in battle.

In his place a contemptible man will rise to whom royal dignity has not been given, but he will intervene

unexpectedly and will gain possession of the kingdom by intrigue.
The enemy forces will be completely routed and utterly destroyed by him, and the Prince of the


covenant, too.

He will act with cunning, making good use of the pacts concluded with him, and with a few men, he will

grow strong. He will invade the richest provinces and will do what his fathers or his grandfathers had not done. He

will divide the plunder, the booty and the riches among his friends. He will devise plans against fortresses, but up to a certain period only.

He will direct his strength and courage against the king of the South. The king of the South will go to war with a great and powerful army, but will not be able to resist, for conspiracies have been plotted against him.

Those who ate from his table will ruin him, his army will be disbanded and many will fall dead by the sword.

The two kings will not think of anything but to do harm and to deceive each other while sitting at the

same table. But they will not accomplish anything, since there is

still time before the appointed moment.

The king of the North will return to his land with great riches and will devise plans against the Holy

Covenant. He will act against it, then he will return to his land. In due time he will return again to the South, but in this second time, things will not be as before.

The ships of Kittim will come against him and he will have to abandon his plan, but he will vent his anger against the Holy Covenant, and will again favor those who have turned away from the Holy


He will send some of his forces to profane the Citadel sanctuary, to suppress the perpetual sacrifice and there to set up the Abominable Idol of the devastator.

He will corrupt with flatteries those who violate the Covenant, but the people who know their God will stand firm. The most intelligent among the people will teach many, but they will fall by the sword or be burned or

exiled or plundered of their goods for some time.

And when they fall, they will receive little help; but many will join them in deceit.

Some among the learned will stumble, but this will be so as to prove them, to purify and cleanse them

until the end which is to come at its appointed time.
The king will act according to his whims, becoming conceited and exalting himself above all the gods,


and he will speak outrageous blasphemies against the God of gods. He will prosper until the Wrath is

filled to overflowing, for what has been decreed will be fulfilled. He will pay no heed to his fathers' gods, will not mind the favorite god of the women, or any other god,

but will exalt only himself as greater than them all.

In their place, he will worship the god of fortresses, a god unknown to his fathers, and will honor him

with gold, silver and precious stones and jewels.
Trusting in a foreign god, he will attack the fortresses. Those who adore him will be given great honor,

they will have authority to divide the land as a reward.
When the end-time comes, the king of the South will confront him. The king of the North will attack him


with chariot cavalry and many ships. He will enter his lands, invade them and pass through them. He will come to the Beautiful Land where many will fall; only the people of Edom, Moab and the best of

the Ammonites will escape. He will stretch out his hand to many countries, including Egypt. He will seize the treasures of gold and silver and all precious objects of Egypt. Libyans and Ethiopians will join him. But reports coming from the East and the North will worry him, and he will set out in a rage, determined to utterly wipe out and destroy many.

He will set up the tent of his military camp between the sea and the Holy Mountain of the Beautiful Land. Then he will come to his end and no one will come to his aid.



At that time, Michael will rise, the Great Commander who defends the sons of your people. It shall be a

time of anguish as never before since the nations first existed until this very day. Then all those whose names are written in the Book will be saved. Many of those who sleep in the Region of the Dust will awake, some to everlasting life but others to eternal horror and shame. Those who acquired knowledge will shine like the brilliance of the firmament; those who taught people
to be just will shine like the stars for all eternity.And you, Daniel, keep these words secret and have the Book sealed until the appointed time of the end.

Many will wander looking here and there. Wickedness will go on increasing."

I, Daniel, looked and saw two others standing, one on either side of the river. One said to the man clothed in linen who was upstream, "When will these wonderful things take place?"

And I heard the answer of the man in linen who was upstream. He raised his hands to heaven and

swore by the One who lives eternally: "Everything will be fulfilled within a time, two times and a half a

time. When the holy people is completely crushed and without any strength, then these things will be


I heard but did not understand. Then I said, "My lord, what will be the outcome of these things?"

He said, "Go, Daniel, for these words are secret and sealed until the appointed time of the end.

Many will be purified, cleansed and proved. The impious will go on doing evil, none of them will understand anything, only the learned will understand. From the time the perpetual sacrifice is suppressed and the Abominable Idol of the devastator is installed, there shall be a thousand two hundred ninety days. Fortunate is the one who waits and reaches a thousand three hundred thirty-five days.

And you go your way until your end. You shall rest and then rise to receive your reward at the end of time."


Appendix Ia. New FoundLand TimeLine.2008-2012

This period is marked by the events discussed above in parallel- this is a neighboring facet to the

Diamond Word of God which His, the History Maker’s, Light passes through; It is Daniel 11:22-24 in effect.

. "Now" Upon New FoundLand (since 2008), even as it occurs upon the Planet Earth, the Great Depression and resulting End Time Mark and Tribulation looms near; the final North king of New FoundLand, behind who is the same Anti-Christ spirit which is behind the current and final North king of Planet Earth, is Presidential Prime Minister Herbola, an Evil Tyrant akin to President

Ahamadinejad in every detail. This false prophet is already in place to Orchestrate the Governments of his planet to each undergo financial surrender into his country’s evil plans.


Nuclear fall out – the "Perfect Storm" Falls upon Gerar of New FoundLand. Even as Obama, the penultimate South king of the Planet Earth, commits great error, so will his "double" upon New Found Land- He is "Gerar" or by Descent which is by name also, Herbola II, and will fail to stop the first nuclear "Fall" bomb (to go off in his own country). He will then blockade Herbola I, the final North king, and enforce a treaty- During his country's great financial collapse. The Illuminati there (the "Machinest") will rejoice, but only for a short while, for their end, in Hell, will Come.

Valley of Decision (2011)

As leaders, monarchs, presidents, prime ministers and government officials meet to discuss a One World Governance, headed by Iran, with a One World Agenda with a Cashless Society and Single World Government Religion, in the Valley of Jazreel in 2012, a similar such meeting will occur upon the same day (2011) in the "Vale of Decision" in "Death Alley" as it will be known upon New FoundLand. Alien "Greys" will "head-up" the meeting, as the resident super power, but being Alien, will submit to human decision regarding the Illogical Cashless Society- A cashless system for mankind upon their world, not Alien-Kind. Some Greys already plan to receive the Mark- to aide their own ends in support of their so-called Christian or else non-Christian human Masters. The Greys will Separate their own Economy from that of the Human Populace, and Demand Slaves to Pay Interest upon the Agreed Interest. Materially speaking, the agreement is forced. The debt of the Humans is off-scale, going beyond that the Interstellar and Even Intergalactic Peace and Trade Duties of the Interstellar-Intergalactic Commune can withstand.


Slaves will be taken of Men- all who Oppose the One World Government and will not receive the Mark, which is the Digital Angel Technology with the Attached Curse of the Angel of Death, Michelivius, Prince of Greece, that Evil Hellion, also Enforced upon the Earth.

[Upon the Earth, men and women, and children over 16, who refuse the Mark, will be Sentenced to death by Imprisonment or "torture", else subjected to Insane Asylum Incarceration, or Corporal Punishment.] Upon New FoundLand fewer Blood Martyrdoms will result from this End Time clash of Good vs. Evil, than upon Earth or planet ElseWhere. HOWEVER, from 2012+, upon the New FoundLand planet a similar Great Martyrdom will occur. Slavery will be the more common result for a Saint than Martyrdom - with some wider spread chaos and destruction as a result of refusal to submit to the Mark and/or enslavement.

The Saints will never deserve Incarceration, and are not Insane- rather, as It be Written; "the Sinner accuses the righteous of his or her sin[:Iniquity/Error or Insanity]". Therefore, the pagan of New FoundLand, as elsewhere, bring false witness and accusation again and again against God's People.


Alien slaves, taken of the Alien populace belonging to God’s People, are treated horrendously for without Faith (being non-human) they require the Faith of Men to protect them- and Men are too busy, at first, to Save them as well as the Alien who betrayed them by not warning them as the holy prophet Marek and others like him, have and will do.

2012-2018 (especially)

In all the worlds of Man (including Terra) many Great Witnesses and Miracle Filled Testimonies will take place- this is for the Saving of they yet to come in, supernaturally through the resonance of the Gospel in the Spirit, or even Naturally by Private Witness.

It is further that the Flesh of every Saint be Crucified to the World, and the World to it. The Three States or nations,; firstly the anti-Body’s so-called believer men and women, secound the government's authorised people, and finally family, one's own blood, will Seek to Kill the Saints.
But they will fail. Many Elect will Survive- Existing in Psalm 91’s Protection. Revelation and Preparation, are key.


The final North king known as Gerar Junior, Herbola I, he’s true identity as both Herbola I and Gerar Junior having remained hidden even till his eventual demise, is finally assassinated by a prophet’s sword of Honour. Even as Ahamadinejad will die, so will Herbola I; he will die between two mounts, near the local ocean, in the Canaan of New FoundLand, assassinated from behind.

The assassination will be done by a Christian Trained Assassin- He will die, his throat slit, just as the North king will die by the blade of a Catholic Warrior Ninja, upon the Earth.


The final South king of New FoundLand, backed like Gerar by the hidden True Prophet, is Herbola II's Grandson, Michel; Already Michel, like the final South king of Earth, is in place to rise up from within a neighboring holy land to defeat the Evil North king. Like the final South king on the Earth, he will be Anointed to be king by a hidden End Time Prophet, in January of 2012, local time 03:00 hrs (at the moment of Sunrise, 03:01, New FoundLand time, both Anointings will be complete).


Praise be to God.


 ELSEWHERE – Sub Appendix to TimeLine for New FoundLand.

2010-2011Gt Financial Distress. Alien Grey diplomacy becomes apparently Evil, seeking the fall of their Babylon Economy, to a "cashless" society. The Men of Free-Will, a Pagan Political Party, Seek "UNITARIAN" religioun. The godless Alien Grey, together with the robotic and cybernetic "creation" of them, begin to Annihilate all true Christian believers from amongst them.


Awful paradox; Reject "life" or receive "Life Eternal" begets many of Evil. BUT the Gt. As well as the Little Awakening inclusively sweeps up many of the planet of them- the ElseWherians. Local aliens, albeit less intelligent beings than the Grey who impose illicit means to steal the gold and platinum away from they world bank of they, are of little to no hindrance to the Alien Grey, performing what so ever is computed by the little brain of them- which is the will of Satan via the spirit of the Beast that lay hold of they. The surrender of vast tracts of Land have led to destruction of the Many for the Sake of the very few.


A Few- an ‘Elect’- having Faith in the Messiah- Jeshua- and FAITHFULLY WALKING IN THE FAITH OF JESHUA, are instantaneously ‘translated…’ They are ‘hid’ from trouble.

Interplanetary W.A.R. (Wisdom And Revealing) concerns whose propaganda will best win the hearts and minds of Men of both New FoundLand and Planetary Bodies such as Planet ElseWhere with the Machinest Societies Agenda. The propaganda machine goes into over-drive, in 2012/3, establishing a rapor with every Evil Citizen with Every Evil Citizen for the destruction of all that is Good and in Harmony with God’s Creation. Christian Men and Wo-men are hunted. The Elect, amongst they, escape long, and well fed, and well supplied- like their Christian Ancestors before them who re-colonised much of ElseWhere in its devastation, so do these receive in turn for their Gifts of Faith to GOD Abundant BLESSING of SUPPLY. The cashless society goes on, despite the plague of Boils, and fiery meteorites, which fall from the sky upon them- and the varied other End Time Plagues all of which smite the godless of Terra- ALL of them, of Mystical Babylon about them.

BUT the persecution of Old & New Testament of Christ Jesus believers is not for too long. IN 2015, a rescue comes to the Christian ElseWherian Populace- the anti-christ War Lord who leads the One World Government of planet ElseWhere brings Chaos only for too long- for then his downfall is built for he- Christ Says from Afar; "his own sin overtook he…"
2018 sees Herbola II will come to their rescue, as Michel- with their planet’s one world anti-christ governmental system in overthrow.

Late 2018-May 22nd, 2021

Peace. Prosperous Peace. The dictatorship of the One World Government, "the Fabist Regime", is OVER. Finally, they can get back to earning some real money- not just the fakery that for a time represented MONEY. Gifts of GOD are ‘Tithes’ to GOD’s House. They are Gift Gifted into the Kingdom. The ‘Hail’, The ‘Quake’. The Three Days of Darkness. End of May, 23rd- to 25th, over ‘Golgotha’ as it be symbolically represented, the minions of the enemy upon ElseWhere do Battle with God’s Armies of ElseWhere. Finally, the Battle ends- with the Resurrection of the dead, then they who follow the dead. The ‘rapture’ is re-tenting, with glorified anatomy, of the Elect, by way of the ‘Rapture Perfect’- a Resurrection. ALL portal through the Mount Zion there- in the New Jezreel City, to ‘Earth’, and Encounter the Risen LORD as the One who Redeems, the White Rider, in the Clouds There.


 Appendix II. A Prophetic Revealing Regarding Genesis 6- Sons of God vs.

Aliens or Angels.

In Genesis 6:1-8, the following verses (from the Amplified ) may be found;

" WHEN MEN began to multiply on the face of the land and daughters were born to them,

The sons of God saw that the daughters of men were fair, and they took wives of all they desired and


Then the Lord said, My Spirit shall not forever dwell and strive with man, for he also is flesh; but his days

shall yet be 120 years.

There were giants on the earth in those days--and also afterward--when the sons of God lived with the

daughters of men, and they bore children to them. These were the mighty men who were of old, men of


The Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination and intention

of all human thinking was only evil continually.

And the Lord regretted that He had made man on the earth, and He was grieved at heart.

So the Lord said, I will destroy, blot out, and wipe away mankind, whom I have created from the face of

the ground--not only man, [but] the beasts and the creeping things and the birds of the air--for it grieves Me

and makes Me regretful that I have made them.

But Noah found grace (favor) in the eyes of the Lord."


Speaking of this, the LORD Jesus Christ of Nazareth has Said, to me at my Enquiring of He who be Wisdom made Manifest in the soul of we who Ask and Receive Wisdom of He ;

I will never permit an Angel trans-racial inter-breeding! Whoever said an Angel may have off-

spring, LIED. Cherubs be born of Me, I Create they- in this manner do I Create they; As I

Created Men, ALL who forbade I, even I, from Creating FLESH for they that they may FULLY

be in I, as I in the Father, rather than Circumvent Free-Will I DID this; I let they die and come

back again in I, with spirit, and not FLESH. For every Man, who chose FLESH, in the Light, to

be Made FULY in WE, the Holy Trinity, Flesh after My Flesh, Spirit After My Spirit, Hidden

Inner Most Being in Attachment before Time Began and Free-Will Choice Began in I to the

Hidden Root System of the Mount of GOD. BUT before all this, this Creatidom – which is past,

present and future Creation – began, there WAS I, the Alpha, yet to Omega, till GOD the Father

Uttered I at Creation where it lay, Formless and as of yet, still Void without I.

AND so I Entered, with every Free-Will Conception of Man, woman opposite man, for each

chose his or her spouse before God Spoke I, every Free-Will Man, Wo-Man and Angel wrapped

up in I. The MEN, Conceived Without Sin, before I permitted to Test them, and those who would

not fall, born of the Saints Amongst them, did not Begin Life as Fallen Men because I hated

them- Far more did they not loose Heaven’s Grace, just because in My Image I, We, Did not

Create them. Rather, every Angel who Fell, from Lucifer’s disgrace downward before Time in

Creation Began, went into Hade fully knowing the full consequence of Heresy – Lie is damnable


THE MEN of Genesis 6, referred to as "Nephillim" which translates in some language as

"Great and Mighty" as well as "Large or Tall" or in Hebrew My Original Tongue as "Huge,

Gigantic even" are not the product of Angel and Human Union. I Created them. From

Deconsecrated soil, many of them, but I Created they. I Did not let mere matter be manipulated

by Men to produce them. They are My Creation - I did never permit Angels to contaminate the

genes of Men by Infiltrating their own germ, spirita, sancta (holy) or surea (unholy), into Men’s

spirits from which come their Flesh through the full life cycle of Conception (Body), re-

conception (spirit), pre-re-conception (soul and body) and conception (soul, spirit and body- a

myriad reflection of My Glory in which are Made they, a Single, Manifold Conception..) again –

Even if I did, which I never, the DNA in Man’s soul will Infiltrate ALL and re-establish his

genetic line. BUT, the LIE of Satan did afflict Man’s soul, and thereby, he’s DNA, in many a

soul, till this day. BUT, never, I say never, did I Permit the Particular Abominable Evil of an

Alien Grey [as some attempt to "claim"] as the result of an Afflicted Human SOUL. Never.

THE Giants, men of renown, the "Scourge" as they were Called by Me and those who Heard of

Me through they as Instruments of Chastisement of the Almighty, were deadly, evil, terribly

gigantic to terribly evil, Men. Men – Aliens and other races, no. BUT Men. Descendency of these

Men came from Adam, but for the Sake of Eve’s Womb, and for the Sake of Pressure in Carrying

so many within her, I did NEVER Permit they to Come forth of her.

again and again, I took of her seed and re-planted for her – AS did he, the husband of her, arise

from the "earth" a mere human son of We, the Holy Trinity, so did the Nephillim, and many

normal sized men (and women) besides they.

AT first, I Tell thee, it was a surprise to find babes born to they! For though they foresaw ALL,

they knew not it all! They wondered- why not straight from the Earth, made of Clay, such as

YOU and ME? AND I Laughed, and Explained all to they – SO NEIVE! THE babes born to they

were a special treasure- first men, to who I gave of the rib wives from the earth such as the

foremother of they (in that Eve was similarly taken from the rib and made of Clay, from the

Breath "Aham" Life Gift Endowed at Once from the rib to her) – and then – shortly thereafter –

daughters did I bear forth of her Womb for I.

When Men, of the earth, found daughters born to the wives of their rib, from earth, I Gave they,

they Married their daughters at high price to Men of Renown as well as ordinary sized Men. I

Forsook many of they for this great iniquity, for Men of Renown were meant to be honoured

Giants, guarding against the ferocious and terrible giant monstrous beasts of Earth! But in their

corruptive nature, Fallen Men Chose Evil rather than Listen to what I had to Tell.

For Each Man should have the wife I made from the rib of him, not another!

AND besides which, would I really Make for a Ten Foot Man, a giant amongst Men, a normal

size teenage girl? Will I have anything else to Say? They did not consult Me, but considered

rather what their carnal, concupiscence ridden, demonised senses had to say! For this I

Gathered My Rage, My Anger of Righteous Behaviour, My Chastening Adore, for the Great

Waters I would Bring Crashing down upon them.

THE Nephillim, born of the earth, were Adam’s men, from he, but by virtue of the nature of their

"birth", sons like he.

The Angels, holy, never tried to "inter-breed" with they, but warned they and fought against Evil

The Demons, Fallen after the manner of Lucifer, in the pride of they, sought all Evil- but only a

little, for the greater good, did I permit they.

"Adultery" includes this; interfacing with a angel, a fallen, rather than Me.

III. A Key – A Road Map to God’s Heart is Prophecy, Fulfilled in the Resurrection for All Past, Present and Future Time.

Abba the Father Speaks; Have I not Said, from Time Past Reckoning till time Past Remembering, in the heart of fallen men, why I "terrorise" they and beleaguer they with a constant onslaught of trouble for they?

Paths of righteousness and paths of foolishness. Life is full of they. WHO can tell, whither or hither, they Say? THIS WISE MAN, CAN!

LISTEN to what I have to Say;

If a Wise Man has anything to Say, it is what I have to Say.

If a Wise Man has anything to feel, it is what I have to feel.

If a Wise Man has anything to seal, it is what by My Blood Oath I Already Doth SEAL with hot

WAX on the paper of My Oath – WHO can say, what I already have to Say? DO Wise Men Say they have ALL that I have to SAY? DO they not say, "Surely, as the God of Heaven Lives, I have nought to say, unless its God who has something to Say?"

Surely such a man will Live- For I will Say; Has he not Gifted the Poor, who lacked My Saying, with his hearing, which is My Ear in his humble and contrite ear? Does he not pleasure in seeing the humble and contrite prosper?

Will not he see all of his children, and his children’s children, prosper?

WHY therefore, WHY oh why, do you bother? With Eon after eon, of endless bother? It would be far simpler to regret, stop, and re- consider.

Will you not consider your path, why it is still early? Consider your path, regret your error, turn and return to Abba, your Father, your Creator.

The Devil is the Foster-Father of the Evil, ALL which is not of I be Evil.


Bring your heart’s journey – and all you have to Ask – to I.

Let I re-set and re-plan I.

For History am I.

True Photons of Light am I – Living Word AM I- Created EVRYTHING, including the humble natural photon, DID I.

COME to I, Begotten of I.

JESUS is My SON, the ROAPMAP is HIM. Stand inside His Sphere of Light, Let Enter in you I, and Stand in Heaven’s Gate do YOU (the Righteousness of Me as YOU made Perfect for the

Only Begotten Son of I) AND I.

This is the road map – Christ, the True History. This is the Key – Me the Perfect Adore of He, from which Originated Each and Every One of thee.


Does the rower, passing down the river, note how the river turn hither or wither? If he but turned, if he, or she, but returned, back up river!!! How GREAT would the Heaven’s Reward BE!!!!

BUT I Send, after her, the great fallen river, MY RIVER, an IMPOSSIBLE to AVOD RIVER, which doth never take the course of "life’s true river", but runs Infinitely Smoother!

If you wonder, why the course of life’s river does not run "true", as the forbidden song calls it, or at least run smoother then trouble you no further! Pull over! Re-consider!

Appendix IV. Prophetic Word Concerning a

Dream from Sept’ 09’, Concerning Nov’ 09’ to end of Jan 2012I have the description of a vision, and a related experience concerning Great Britain and the World - Remember Prophecy Serves the Purpose of Encouragement (in knowing GOD is in "charge", is Sovereign, and YOU can rely on He, and not be involved in the End Time destruction which WILL sweep away ever so many…). Fear of anything but GOD is infact unholy- rebuke fear, Fear God alone.

At the centre of the financial storm, and of the entire World Storm, in the Eye of the Storm, is our Messiah (Luke 8:22-25). Drew close to He, and no matter the storm clouds about you, He will keep you – rebuke the storm clouds and the sea of doubt and fear by remaining in Covenant with He and Indwelling Peace may He give into your Inner Man, your soul, spirit and body..

Now for the Prophetic Vision, the Interpretation of which I pray will Come to you;

BANK NOTE 2009 -2012

The Bank Note, I sew with a morning sky background, like the Sun rising- the note was a 5 GBP bank note. The woman (about 40, quite thin) on the front in the print of the paper was a saint, with European British Victorian style clothing (I See the title "Queen Victoria") - she seemed to, in her spirit, want to shake the living daylights out of the currency holder (not me, but the miss-user); but she be in Heaven, far from where she can be of physical help for me- God bless her and her prayers for we, however!!

I Sew that it [the 5 Sterling note] was being stretched, and would become, in short time, utterly ripped at the edges, then dirty stripes down it, then more and more damaged and ragged till it, in 2012 January of, was but three fragments, as if struck in 3 by the same judgment as will fall upon the Great City, held between the thumb and index finger of future me (for later fixing); and then the ruinous, below-roar of I, a Lion king of THE LION KING, of Judah, and all who receive light in the reflectance of and from the Perfect Mirror.. Loss. Great loss, it [the lion’s pain soaked below] seemed to foretell the emotion of LOSS. As the vision went through, I asked GOD when the economy downturn would stretch like rubber the bank note- and I Sew Nov’ 2009. The economy is on a linear downward trend from then to Jan’ 2012, with false plateaus everywhere. I Sew Gold and precious metals climb continually, however- this may be a place to hide finance and lessen the blow of the Government’s Illuminati run Banks.

The bank note stretched amazingly, like thick rubber, BY GOD’s GRACE-


Then, by early 2010, it begins to severely shred up. By 2011 it barely seems to be a 5 pound note. I Sew in early 2010 the note have the picture of a rising sun in it, representing the Coming Messiah, and the doom of the Babylonian Currency in it- and the writing on the paper became Chinese- which seemed to sustain it a bit further- BY late 2010 I See the Saint in the paper, the Victorian era Saint, would reach out and literally shake by the shoulders violently the paper note holder- but to zero avail- what must be must be, only the saints of the Most High will, it felt, Fear God and look to the Redemption of Israel. And finally, 2012, the sun risen in the note fully, the writing all Chinese, but for a "U.S." in the top left and a picture of Benjamin Franklin there, and "E.U." on the right became another Benjamin Franklin after the Victorian Saint bowed her head in despair- and was gone from English currency altogether..

God bless her and have mercy on her- She tried, from Heaven, GOD Bless her. The Benjamin Franklin wasn’t really the original Benjamin, but a counterfeit form of- the spirit of it is Totalarian and Evil, though it appears like a Franklin, its not. Franklin was saved, but the one they replace him with in his image is Satan.

That’s Jan’ 2012’.

The Mark of the Beast then will come into operation.

2010 – I See John Paul Jackson, who said "I told you so"- His Prophesied Perfect Storm in effect in America. The fear of the godless, as in Great Britain, will permit it and drive it- if they but remained in Covenant with God, they’d Avoid it. If they protected Israel, not attacking it so to honor their foe, Muslim men and women, they’d not suffer the Chastisement which is coming up on it. If they kept Christ’s Church in Government, and Officialdom, they’d had survived. As it is, they will be destroyed, along with the rest of it, Mystical Jericho – but a remnant will survive all of it, the End Time Rising of the SUN of GOD, over this next 12 year (from 2009) Unspilling of God's Full Vented Wrath on sinful back-slid Mankind...


The Interpretation: I See the decline of the economy, and only gold and precious metals rising (till Jan' 12', at which time they are of zero value in the UK and Europe, and steadily climb, but far less radically, elsewhere). Nov' 09' - as the lie of Unitarianism with a pro-Islamisation edge and anti-christ agenda, already much present in the UK and elsewhere, is intensified, who will buckle? I Pray not all, and not a single of you all!! The Babylonian Economic System is Coming Down! GOD's First Judgment is upon this - the economy of Mystical Jericho City which is Babylon in Mystery- the Lion of Judah Economy, Based of Giving and Receiving, in Love, will Exist with Christ's entire people, from 2018/9 to 2021.

This will be a heyday, but first the vision above- complete removal of currency- making way for the cashless society.


Luke 21:36; Keep awake then and watch at all times [be discreet, attentive, and ready], praying that you

may have the full strength and ability and be accounted worthy to escape all these things [taken together]

that will take place, and to stand in the presence of the Son of Man. [Amplified, Bible].

Rather, as they, Eve together in Union with Adam the Perfect Husband of her, Conceived yet for they.

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