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Finding Spiritual Truth

This web page is dedicated to all those "out there" in the world that seek the truth, that ask not only how but more importantly why are we here?
These questions may seem foolish to even attempt to present an answer to. Yet the path of the person that chooses to seek, is the only one I believe that can lead them to peace, to true freedom.

These pages present honest accounts of some of my spiritual "entanglements" on my journey to Truth, and surviving in the light of that Truth. These experiences have been recorded after often years of meditation and discernment (Inspired and by my own thought) of their meaning.


Faiths & Related Religious Experiences

Some of these links are in the first draft stage only...

  • Paganism (e.g. Wicca faith).
  • One God? Who? e.g. As pertaining to Judaism, Islam and Christianity.
  • Demonism (e.g. Satanism).
  • Atheism (e.g. Scientism).
  • My personnal spiritual journey could not have been complete without intent study of the Prophetic Word. I will shortly link here to End Time Prophecy concerning this current End Time we are moving through. 

    My Little Say on How an Individual Should Seek the Truth

    May my explanations and experiences cast Light and Truth for some, questions that will find Jesus the Revealer Given Solutions for others! Amen! For some, I hope, they may help explain their own experiences and where to seek remedies to unanswered questions.
    Firstly, seek the truth not for yourself, but merely for the sake of Truth itself. For as the Holy Spirit speaks; "The Time Has Come To Find Me In Jesus's Name"
    When you go to pray, clear your mind of all knowledge, past and present, pertaining to religion (or as best you can). Dig deep. Think of your most desperate moment. Whom did you cry out to? Deep, deep in your self, beyond reasoning and words. Who did you pray out to?
    Ask God for that presence that has in it power, presence, fear and yet joy- this is that of God.
    If you wish, you can write to me at the email address "" to ask me to pray for you, or go to the prayer request forum at either of these sites;
    The Catholic Charismatic Center
    or else,
    Circle of Prayer
    Not wanting to be suggestive in my writings, after doing this, click here: prayer.


    A Word on Christian Denominations

    There are many Christians, within and outside of the Catholic Church, that seek to do good works out of the love of their heart, as well as out of love of God. I have heard some comment Christians do charity out of fear of God. It makes sense to fear the Almighty, who has power to throw the body into Hell- Yet, (as described by St. Paul in Corinthians 1) to move a mountan without love, is for nothing. Christian worship and good will done out of belief driven fear, rather than upon the compulsion of Obedience to the Compulsion of the Holy Spirit working by Faith, or lack of good will, is hollow. Go to a Christian URL, and judge them by their fruites, by what they do, by their deeds. One can find how some denominations devote themselves to works of charity, and others to merely recruiting new members. Compare them similarly to the works of other faiths. Do any, seriously, do charity and justice and love to any but their own? By how much? Judge them as a whole, not by the works of an indiviudal. My studies have yielded very great favour in the direction of the Catholic Church. This is one reason (albeit amongst many) for why I become a Catholic! I discuss the Catholic faith on the following page "On the Catholic Church".



    Baptism in the Spirit


    To be Baptised in the Spirit is a powerful way of receiving Jesus- He calls all of us to be Baptised in Water and Spirit- and to receive Him- to receive His very body, flesh and blood. Ask in prayer the Lord Jesus to teach you concerning Baptism in the Spirit.
    The Lord says; The Church is that body of believers that, Baptised in the Spirit, is focused and centered on Christ Jesus.
    Peace be with you...

    Baptism in the Spirit and by Blood and Fire and Light - The Lord Bless you with all these, in Jesus's Name. Believe you receive.


    Upon the following page (click on "Holy Spirit Writing" below), please find linkage into a web page concerning a Holy Spirit writing, regarding the Fall of NYC in winter 2008, and then onward, untill His Coming, in 2021, and beyond, in a realm of prayer and thought, not the physical, natural realm of "earth";
    "Holy Spirit Writing"
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