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Under The Light, Abiding in The Light

Under The Light, Abiding in The Light

Only Independent Fundamental Baptist Church in Belize City, largest city of the Country of Belize.


The Pastor and Membership of Bible Baptist Church are very thankful for your visit to our new web-site. We hope our site will be a blessing to you. Bible Baptist Church Is an independent, fundamental, just old-time, Bible-centered, Christ exalting, local church. We offer singing that lifts, preaching that lives, fellowship that lasts and active programs, for any dedicated born-again believer.

We uphold an unwavering stand and loyalty to the authority and inherrancy of the Holy Scriptures, Salvation by grace through faith in the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ as the Only Way to heaven.

Bible Baptist Church was started in 1979 by BBFI Missionary Wayne King and his family in the basement of their home. Many were won to Christ. A church building was built in 1980. Two National Pastors were trained and called by the church in 1983. Bro. King is now Pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church, a growing church in Florida. The Lord continues to bless the Bible Baptist Church and at present we have out-grown our present church building. We are getting ready to built a new building and ask your prayer. Needed land and finance for our building project has been slow in coming but we are trusting the Lord to provide these needs.

If you are ever in Belize you always invited to join us in any of our services. Any question you may have concerning our doctrines and practices can be directed to our Pastor, who is always ready and willing to give an answer about the hope we have in Christ Jesus. We hope to be blessed by your presence again, before the last trump, sounds.

For Bible Baptist Church Pastor Curt Bradley

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