Anglican Parish of Avon Valley
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A Warm welcome awaits you at any of the 5 churches in our parish

all saints St Andrew's Church, Hantsport
All Saints', Leminster           St Andrew's, Hantsport

st georges
St. George's, Falmouth

st thomas st michaels
St. Thomas', Three Mile Plains          St. Michael's, Windsor Forks

Please Note: As of 1st November 2012, the two parishes of saints Andrew's Church, Hantsport, and Avon Valley amalgamated so as to pool resources.   It was decided to retain the geographic name of Avon Valley to describe the wider unit.  The Parish of Avon Valley now has five churches: All Saints' Church, Leminster; St. Andrew's Church, Hantsport; St George's Church, Upper Falmouth; St. Michael's Church, Windsor Forks; and, St. Thomas' Church, Three Mile Plains. 


All Saints Church
(652 New Ross Road, Leminster, NS)

St. Andrew's Church
(57 Main Street, Hantsport, NS)


St. George's Church (652 Sangster Bridge Road, Upper Falmouth, NS)

St Michael's Church (4321 Highway 14, Windsor Forks, NS)

St. Thomas' Church (4771 Highway 1, Three Mile Plains, NS)


All Saints Church Guild Roast Beef Suppers, 11th July and the 22nd August at the Vaughans' Fire Hall, 4 - 6 p.m.  Adults, $12, $6 for children, under 5 free.  Dinners include homemade rolls, tea/coffee, and pies for desert.  Homemade baked goods for sale.  

St. Andrew's Church Old Fashioned Sunday School Picnic, Hantsport Memorial Community Centre (a.k.a. Churchill House), Sunday, 12th July, 2 - 4 p.m.  Picnic, ice cream, games for all ages.  

All Saints Guild is also selling Tupperware as a fundraiser from May until August.  Catalogues will be available at our dinners and you can order / pick up a catalogue early by contacting Theresa at 902-798-3876.   

St. Andrew's Church Community Hymn Sing and Open Discussion, Where will we be 25 years from now?, Sunday, 20th September, 7 p.m.  

Parish of Avon Valley Italian Supper, featuring Spaghetti and Chile, Saturday, 26th September, 4 - 6 p.m., Windsor Community Centre.  

An Evening of Gospel Music, presented by Jeff Bezanson, Tina Mumford-Kehoe, and Todd Macumber, St. Michael's Church, 4th October, 6:30 p.m.  Good will offering.  

Rector's Vacation.  The rector will be on holidays during the last three weeks of July and the last week of August.  While he is away, Father David Curry will be priest-in-charge.  In case of pastoral emergency, please contact Father Curry at 790-6173 or one of the wardens, Roy Martin at 684-0824, Serena MacNeill at 798-4245, or Shirley Ward at 798-5618.  Father Henderson will be covering at Christ Church during the first four weeks of August.  The Reverend Everett Hill will cover for a service at St. Andrew's Church in mid-August.  

Worship Schedule 

Sunday, 20th December, the Fourth Sunday in Advent (Blue or Purple)

8am                    St Andrews Church (BCP)

9:30am               St Michaels Church (BAS)

11am                  St Thomas Church (BAS)

Monday, 21 December, the Feast of St. Thomas (Red)

 7pm St. Thomas Church (BAS)


Thursday, 24th December, the Feast of the Nativity (White)

2pm                    All Saints Church (Holy Eucharist, BAS)

4pm                   St Andrews Church (Holy Communion, BCP)

4pm                   St Thomas Church (Holy Eucharist, BAS)

7pm                   St Georges Church (Holy Eucharist, BAS)

9pm                   St Michaels Church (Holy Eucharist, BAS)

11pm                 St Andrews Church (Holy Communion, BCP)


Sunday, 27th December, the First Sunday of Christmas

10am                 All Saints Church (Lessons and Carols)


Thursday, 31st December, Ecumenical Worship Service

2pm                    Windsor Elms



Sunday, 3rd January, Second Sunday of Christmas (White)
8am St. Andrew's Church (BCP)

9:30am St. Michael's Church (BAS)
11am St. Thomas Church (BAS)

Wednesday, 6th January, 2016, the Epiphany of the Lord (White)
6pm Eucharist & Social at the Rectory

Sunday, 10th January, First Sunday after the Epiphany-Baptism of the Lord (White)
8am All Saints Church (BAS)

9:30am St. George's Church (BAS)
11am St. Andrew's Church (BCP)

Sunday, 17th January, the Second Sunday after the Epiphany (Green)
8am St. Andrew's Church (BCP)

9:30am St. Michael's Church (Annual Meeting)
11am St. Thomas Church (BAS, Annual Meeting)



 2016 marks the 150th anniversary (sesquicentennial) of St. Michael's Church in Windsor Forks and the 230th anniversary of St. George's Church in Upper Falmouth. The Parish will be hosting special commemorative events throughout the year. Stay tuned for announcements.









Also: The Parish uses both the contemporary BAS (Book of Alternative Services) and the traditional BCP (Book of Common Prayer) with an emphasis on one or the other depending upon the church community.  St. Andrew's Church has a BCP service weekly while the other churches use primarily the BAS with periodic BCP services, as noted.

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