Anglican Parish of Avon Valley
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A Warm welcome awaits you at any of the 5 churches in our parish

all saints St Andrew's Church, Hantsport
All Saints', Leminster           St Andrew's, Hantsport

st georges
St. George's, Falmouth

st thomas st michaels
St. Thomas', Three Mile Plains          St. Michael's, Windsor Forks

Please Note: As of 1st November 2012, the two parishes of saints Andrew's Church, Hantsport, and Avon Valley amalgamated so as to pool resources.   It was decided to retain the geographic name of Avon Valley to describe the wider unit.  The Parish of Avon Valley now has five churches: All Saints' Church, Leminster; St. Andrew's Church, Hantsport; St George's Church, Upper Falmouth; St. Michael's Church, Windsor Forks; and, St. Thomas' Church, Three Mile Plains. 


All Saints Church
(652 New Ross Road, Leminster, NS)

St. Andrew's Church
(57 Main Street, Hantsport, NS)


St. George's Church (652 Sangster Bridge Road, Upper Falmouth, NS)

St Michael's Church (4321 Highway 14, Windsor Forks, NS)

St. Thomas' Church (4771 Highway 1, Three Mile Plains, NS)

Worship Schedule (December-March)

Sunday, 21st December, the Feast of St. Thomas, the Fourth Sunday in Advent (Purple & Red)

8 am St. Andrew Church (BCP)

9:30 am St. Michael's Church (BAS)

11 am St. Thomas' Church (BCP)


Wednesday, 24th December, the Feast of Nativity (White)

2 pm All Saints Church (HE, BAS)

4 pm St. Andrew's Church (Childrens Nativity)

4 pm St. George's Church (HC, BCP)

7 pm St. Michael's Church (HE, BAS)

9 pm St. Thomas' Church (HE, BAS)

11 pm St. Andrew's Church (HC, BCP)


Sunday, 28th December, the First Sunday in Christmas (White)

10 am All Saints Church (Lessons and Carols)


Sunday, 4th January 2015, the Second Sunday in Christmas (White)

8 am St. Andrew's Church (BCP)

9:30 am St. Michael's Church (BAS)

11 am St. Thomas' Church (BAS)





Also: The Parish uses both the contemporary BAS (Book of Alternative Services) and the traditional BCP (Book of Common Prayer) with an emphasis on one or the other depending upon the church community.  St. Andrew's Church has a BCP service weekly while the other churches use primarily the BAS with periodic BCP services, as noted.

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