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Who we are

Albany Mennonite Church was formed following a 1999 merger of two Albany Mennonite Churches (Bethany Mennonite and Albany Mennonite).  Our theological peace tradition calls us to follow Christ as peacemakers in our hearts, families, church, community and world.

Though our Mennonite tradition is often connected to our Amish faith “cousins,” you’d have a hard time telling the difference between us and any other North American Christian on Sunday morning.  Though they’d be eagerly welcomed, you’ll not find any horse-drawn buggies here.

When we gather to worship on Sunday mornings there are about 120 of us.  Looking around the tall wood-framed sanctuary you would find a variety of well-seasoned retired folks, young families, teachers, nurses, business people and children straining to climb under the pews.  We rejoice with members who have just celebrated their 100th birthday, young families welcoming new babies, and youth who are making their first commitments to Christ.

In the summer of 2006 we completed a facility addition project and you may sense an air of excitement as not only is the church fully handicapped accessible, but there is also more space for community, youth, fellowship and outreach ministries. We are eager to see what God has in mind for us!

Sunday Worship

On Sunday morning we worship God through song, dramas, prayer, readings, sermons and silence. You'll receive a bulletin from an usher as you walk in the sanctuary and the service will follow the order printed there. Any changes (for example, standing for a hymn rather than sitting) will be made clear beforehand. Worship is lead by a lay member of the congregation. You'll notice we enjoy hymn singing without a lot of additional instruments.  At the same time it is not unusual for someone to pull out a guitar, mandolin, trap set, mountain dulcimer or flute to add musical seasoning.  Don't worry about your voice, our individual musical talents range from tone deaf to glorious. We're just glad to sing to the Lord and have your voice join ours!

For worship people wear everything from casual to business attire.  Please dress comfortably while remaining respectful to God. In the summer, men typically wear slacks or khakis and a casual shirt. In the winter, expect to see dress shirts or sweaters with slacks (and even a few suits). Women often wear pants or skirts and blouses or dresses. For teenagers and youth, jeans in the winter and shorts in the summer are pretty common.

What We're Up To...

We’re excited about God building us into a congregation of many generations.

A staffed nursery is available for children ages three and below during Sunday morning worship time (an usher will be happy to help you find the well-stocked toy room).  Children’s activities include Sunday singing times, stories in worship and weekly Christian Education that makes use of the Mennonite Church USA’s award-winning Gather 'Round curriculum.

Middle School and High School students meet for weekly Sunday school education as well as youth group activities that invite them to be part of service projects, Bible studies, church conferences, mentoring relationships and lots of just good time together.

Transitions are important in all our lives so you’ll often find us celebrating a child-dedication, milestone of entry into middle-school, a “quilt wrapping” at High School graduation, an 80th birthday party or blessing as a beloved member dies and we remember the light they allowed God to bring into the world through them.

Adults of all ages gather for education on Sunday morning as well as small groups that meet during the week.  Studies range from Bible survey classes to topical discussions and offer different groups for different interests, ages and stages of life.

A quick glance at the monthly calendar at Albany Mennonite would reveal men’s and women’s breakfasts, prayer groups, youth group meetings, a Spanish Bible study, quilting days, ministry planning groups, potluck meals and opportunities to hear about one member’s work with Mennonite Disaster Service in the Gulf, another’s experience caring for survivors of the Asian tsunami or another’s work with Christian Peacemakers Teams in Iraq.

Our Pastor

Meghan Good is a graduate of Duke Theological Seminary and this is her first pastoral job.


Looking for More?

Our church is part of the Pacific Northwest Mennonite Conference ( a regional conference of the Mennonite Church USA (

If you are interested in what Mennonites believe, the three most helpful places on the internet are the Mennonite Church USA site listed above and…

The 3rd Way Café ( - a creative site with lots of information about Mennonites, where they come from and what they believe

Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective ( - is the central statement of faith that guides our church’s belief and ministry (if you don’t want to read the whole thing you can see the “cliff notes” version at

And of course you can always drop come for worship, give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll be happy to help or answer any questions.



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