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Service Adventure

Want to make a difference with your life but not sure how to do it? If you've got more questions than answers, it may be time for a new challenge and a fresh perspective. Service Adventure participants take a break from the beaten path to serve others, build supportive relationships and live in community under the direction of a unit leader. Most importantly, they give themselves time to see what God wants from their lives.

Service Adventure is a program run through the Mennonite Mission Network and invites participants ages 17-20 yrs. old to live together as a group with a unit leader for 10 months and serve their community through local agencies.

In Albany, Ore. the Service Adventure unit is nurtured spiritually by its connection to Albany Mennonite Church, serves in agencies such as the local Boys & Girls Club, Mediation Services agency, and Mennonite Village retirement community, and enjoys endless opportunities for adventure ranging from hiking and camping to trips to the beach and snow, as well as occasional visits to Seattle and San Francisco.

For more information see or call Albany Mennonite Church at (541) 926-1443.





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