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State Women's Department Cabinet

State Women's Department Cabinet

And we beseech you, brethren, to know them which labour among you,
and are over you in the Lord, and admonish you; 1 Thessalonians 5:12

Jurisdictional Supervisor

Mother Mable Gibbons
Jurisdictional Supervisor,
International Women's Department Examination Board Secretary,
National Special Projects Committee Member
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Bishop's Wife

 Mother Fannie M. Williams
Bishop's Wife,
First Lady of Greater Friednly Temple COGIC,
Bishop C.D. Williams Scholarship Committee Chairperson,
International Special Mission Promoter

State Women's Department Cabinet

Evangelist Maxine Henry
Assistant State Supervisor,
Many Apparels of Women’s Conference Coordinator,
State Coffee Sip President

District Missionaries

Evangelist Wanda Peel
South Central District Missionary,

District Missionary Seal
Pastor Wives 

Evangelist Arlene McCormick
First Lady of New Jerusalem COGIC,
First Lady of Greater New Hope COGIC,
Admin. Assistant/Superintendent's Wife,
State Chaplin,
National Prayer Warrior

Evangelist Alice Snow
First Lady of Center of Hope COGIC,
Admin. Assistant/Superintendent's Wife,
State Home & Foreign Missions Chairlady

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Lady Robin S. Willis
First Lady of New Antioch COGIC,
State Financial Recording Secretary,
State Women's Chours Directress

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Evangelist Linda J. Ratcliff
First Lady of Calvary Community COGIC,
State Secretary,
State M.A.L.T. Instructor,
State Adjutant Lead Sister,
National Adjutant-Floor Ministry Supervisor

Evangelist Barbara Baldwin
First Lady of House of Prayer COGIC

Lady Anita McCormick
First Lady of First Church COGIC

State Chairladies, Presidents, & General Officers

Deaconess Missionary La'Shawn Singleton
State Y.P.W.W. Chairlady, (Young People Willing Workers)

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Deaconess Missionary Desiree Thurman
State Field Representative, Sunday School Department

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Evangelist Doris Sanders
State Elect Lady, Evangelism Department
State Y.W.C.C. President, (Young Women Christian Council)
Evangelist Velma Miller
State Chaplain

Evangelist Onetha Hawk
State Treasurer

Evangelist Cynthia Burgess
Supervisor Gibbons' Personal Adjutant

Evangelist Wilma Neal
State Women's Chours President

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Evangelist Sandra Ward
State M.A.L.T. Instructor
State Prayer & Bible Band President
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Deaconess Missionary Julia Rogers
State Hospitality President
Deaconess Miss'y. Linda Allen, Assistant President

Mother Mary Welch
State Sunshine Band Presidnet

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Evangelist Netta Kelly
State Overcomers Unit President

Deaconess Missionary Shirley Durman
Assistant State Recording Secretary

Evangelist Joan Magrum
M.A.L.T. Dean

Evangelist Alvina Quarles
State Deacon's Wives Unit President


Purity Class President
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Business And Professional Women's Federation President
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State Advisory & Examination Board

Evangelist Maxine Henry, Assistant State Superviosr
Evangelist Christ Hayes, District Missionary
Evangelist Wanda Peel, District Missionary
Evangelist Velma Miller
Evangelist Oneatha Hawk
Evangelist Alice Snow
Evangelist Arelne McCormick
Evangelist Emma Avery

State Finance Committee

Evangelist Maxine Henry,
Evangelist Fannie Williams,
Evangelist Alice Snow,
Evangelist Oneatha Hawk,

Bishop C.D. Williams Scholarship Committee
Evangelist Fannie Williams, Chairperson,
Evangerlist Maxine Henry, Co-Chairperson,
Evangelist Alice Snow,
Evangelist Linda Ratcliff,
Evangelist Wilma Neal,
Evangelist Joan Mangrum,
Mother Laura Newton

Special Projects Committee

District Missionary Wanda Peel
Evangelist Joan Mangrum
Deaconess Missionary Linda Allen

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