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Question: What is Anglican Catholic Christianity?

Answer: It is the apostolic tradition of the Church of England and its sister churches of the Anglican Communion, which faithfully preserves the essential deposit of the Christian Faith from Apostolic times.

This tradition is called Anglican because it was passed down through the Church in England and has continued in the other national Churches founded by it. It is called Catholic Christianity, meaning an authentic or universal form of Christianity, because, being passed down through a continuous line of bishops ordained by the apostles, it it contains the teachings of the earliest Christians and the Fathers of the Church. It is hoped that this page will provide useful resources about this tradition, especially its doctrinal statements from the Period of the Ecumenical Councils, the Anglican Reformation and the Catholic Revival in England. Non-Anglican links have also been provided in order to serve as an Ecumenical resource about the various churches which have Apostolic Succession--Or rather those churches that can trace the succession of their Bishops back to the Holy Apostles and which share deeply in the wellsprings of the apostolic Faith.

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