Angel of the Lord

“By looking at the Angel of the Lord we’re in some definite way looking at God...God in His wisdom does use the word “angel” to identify this particular manifestation of Himself in these passages...Or---since the Angel of the Lord appears to be both distinct from God in heaven as well as identified with Him, and seems to possess His Deity---is it possible that this could actually be Christ? Did God the Son, the second person of the Trinity, come and walk on earth centuries before He was born a baby in Bethlehem?...Christ is God in our sight. Christ is seeable and touchable and knowable. And the Old Testament ministry of the Angel of the Lord seems consistent with what we know of Jesus. Some of the phrases spoken by the Angel of the Lord to Gideon remind us of what Christ tells His disciples in the Gospels---”Am I not sending you?” (Judg. 6:14). “I will be with you....” (6:16) “PEACE! DO NOT BE AFRAID....(6:23)
Dr. David Jeremiah, from “What the Bible says about Angels”

I praise God that He revealed this deep truth to me as I studied His word. As God shows me deep things in the word, I do searches to confirm if others have already discovered these deeper revelations. The truth concerning the pre-incarnate Jesus as the Angel of the Lord and Captain of the Host in the Old Testament and undoubtedly as well as being the first and ancient High Priest of Jerusalem: Melchizedek, have been revealed in detail to much more devout and scholarly men and women than myself. Many Christians have a terribly shallow understanding of just who Jesus is. Some see Him as some sort of "Created Being," who was in cosmic limbo before He became a man, when Jesus is actually the Eternal God who has always existed with the Father and who created all things. Some do not understand that the only embodiment of God is Jesus, the Second Person of the Trinity, (God the Father is Spirit) who pre-existed His incarnation as Messiah and is revealed in the Old Testament as a Personal God who is intimately involved in the salvation and welfare of His people. The entire Bible directs us to this Personal God and Savior who comes to be known to us later as Jesus Christ. Not every angelic appearance in the Old Testament is this special Angel. Pre-incarnate, Old Testament appearances of Jesus are known as 'theophanies' and 'Christophanies' by scholars. There is great blessing in getting to know this awesome Angel!

This website is dedicated to revealing more glorious attributes of our Lord Jesus as found in the scriptures. The Lord's identity, pre-incarnate character, and the divinity of the Second Person of the Trinity appears at the most critical junctures for Israel. The Angel of the Lord came to protect His own Seed and lineage in the Old Testament and reveal His own endlessly magnificent attributes and His gracious and loving desire to have man worship and fellowship with Him.

The Lord's own New Testament proclamations about Himself and that which was revealed to the Apostle Paul confirm this blessed revelation. God the Father called Him "the Angel in whom My name is" (Yahweh). This same 'Angel of the Lord' appeared to Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, Gideon, Daniel and several other important Old Testament leaders. Jesus appeared at several integral times as the Angel of the Lord in the Old Testament. Known by scholars as a 'theophany' or 'pre-incarnate manifestation', Jesus IS Alpha & Omega (Begining and End), He who pre-existed and created everything- everything that exists.

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