Search Engines, The Gift that Keeps Giving

video-39MARK: Hi, I’m Mark Steinbrueck, and this is Kurt Steinbrueck. We’re with our OurChurch.Com, and on this video we’re going to talk about the Search Engines, the gift that keeps on giving.

Most marketing stops producing when you stop the actual marketing initiative, but SEO or search engine optimization is quite a bit different from that. Why don’t you talk a little bit about that, Kurt?

KURT: Sure. Like you’re saying, with most marketing initiative, most marketing strategies, when you’re done, you’re done. So if you do an Adwords campaign, as soon as you stop that campaign, that’s it. You’re no longer in the search engines, you’re no longer getting that benefit.

Same thing if you’re doing advertisements or something. When you’re done with the length of time you’ve paid to have those advertisements up, they’re gone and you’re not going to be getting any more traffic from that.

But with SEO, you still have the benefits.

  • You’re still listed in the search engines,
  • You still have those rankings, and
  • You’re going to still keep getting traffic there.

It will eventually start to go away, because this is a race, this is a competition. So your competition will start to overtake your rankings, but you will still be getting benefits from that. So it’s the gift that just keeps giving, even if you have to pull backward or stop for awhile.

MARK: I think that something else that you pointed is that most marketing isn’t cumulative, but SEO is. You kind of touched on that. Why don’t you talk about that a little bit further?

KURT: Sure. With a lot of marketing, you do it and you’re instantly getting some results from it, but that’s about what you’re going to get. With SEO, it’s a process. You’re earning your way into the search engines. You’re earning the authority and the trust of the search engines. So as you build that up, you’re getting more results, better and better results, from that, more traffic. And it’s just going to keep growing.

So if you’re doing link building, you’re producing content, you’re getting social shares, all of that kind of stuff, that’s going to keep building up your site so that you’re getting better and better results, which means in the long-term, you actually are getting more bang for your buck with that. You may still be spending the same amount on your marketing program, but you’re getting two, three, four times as much traffic as you were before.

MARK: So you’re going to be spending a lot less per visitor to your site or per conversion, per sale, than you were before.

KURT: Absolutely. It just keeps growing.

MARK: “Warning: competition can force you out.” What do you mean by that?

KURT: That was kind of what we touched on before, where we said if you stop, eventually your competition will take you over. This is a race. This is a race against other websites. This isn’t just you’re trying to meet a standard set by the search engines; they’re comparing you to everyone else. So like in a race, if you were to stop running, everyone else is going to start passing you. It may take a little time to get there, but they’re going to get there, especially if they’re running that race.

So you have to be careful. You don’t want to stop because you will lose what you’ve – you won’t lose what you’ve done, but you will start to fall behind in comparison with the other websites.

MARK: Sure. Because you are competing against other websites, you can’t stop completely and expect just to coast through the finish line, because there isn’t a finish line. It’s a continual process, and if you stop doing what you were doing, and other websites are continuing to do SEO and link building and things like that, then they will overtake you and you’ll just continue to fall.

KURT: That’s right.

MARK: So in summary, the reasons that we say:

“The gift that keeps on giving” –  is the search engines is that it is a form of marketing that if you do stop or you do slow down, you’re not going to lose all the effect of what you already gained.

But you don’t want to stop completely, because if not, your competition will force you out. And it is a cumulative process, and so just like building a snowball and pushing it down the hill, it’s going to get bigger and bigger and bigger, and so the effects of it and the cost per visitor, the cost per sale, the cost per conversion are going to continue to go down as you do that.

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