Differences in Organic Search Engine Optimization Services

Summary of “Differences in Organic Search Engine Optimization Services”

SEO deals with improving a website’s standing with search engines and it is a hot topic right now…well, for several years now.  There are many companies and programs that offer organic search engine optimization services, however, not all SEO services are created equal.  SEO can mean something different to everyone, so you need to be clear on what the SEO company is actually providing for you.

In this informative video by Mark and Kurt Steinbrueck at OurChurch.Com, you can learn what makes a great SEO and the key questions to ask a company before you hire them.

Here are some of the things you might find out on the web being referred to as SEO:

1. Not Really SEO: A website host may tell you they provide SEO, but in reality they are just providing you with the bare basics. If all they mean by SEO is that the site is able to be crawled, and possibly provide automatic meta tags, then they are not really doing anything extra for your site.

2. Barely SEO: In this category, the service is providing you with meta tags, but they are not doing any keyword research.  The Meta tags may provide a little help, but without the keyword research or any work on the content of your website, they are not optimizing your site.

3. Decent SEO: The company is providing you with on page optimization, meta tags and keyword research, so your site is actually being optimized! Keyword research is very important because it determines what keywords your site can rank well for at the time.  It also determines what keywords people are using when they are searching about your topic.  Knowing both of these will help you target the good keywords in your niche increase traffic to your site…and a gut feeling does not substitute for keyword research.

4. Real SEO: This is when you are getting the on-page optimization, Meta tags, keyword research and also link building.  By using link building, your site is gaining authority, which is how a search engine determines how competitive the keywords are for which your site can rank well.

5. Great SEO: Great SEO not only does the on-page optimization, Meta tags, keyword research and link building, but also provides content creation.  This is done by posting to blogs, making videos, sharing images, and basically creating anything that you can share on the web which people will find valuable or entertaining.  When they find your content valuable or entertaining they link or share your content and that makes your website more authoritative in the search engines. With this type of service you are getting a full organic search engine optimization service.  Plus, you get the added bonus of traffic coming to view your new content!

Mark and Kurt also share the 4 key questions to ask a SEO company before you hire them, so this video is a must watch for anyone thinking about adding SEO to their website!

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Kurt Steinbrueck is the Director of Marketing Services with OurChurch.Com. He also serves on the leadership of Family of Christ Lutheran Church in Tampa, FL. You can find him on Google+ as .

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